Paramavatar Shri Krishna 29th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Holika traps radha in a tornado.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 29th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with bhadraksh, hiranyaksh and hirankashyap disguising to enter the village of vrindavan and find kanha. Bhadraksh says maharaj, we have to go to nand’s house, there you can play your plan. Hiranyaksh takes the disguise of a black buffalo and they go walking in the village. Damodar sees them and thinks who are these people? They look new in vrindavan, anyway I have to go and do Pooja of cow mata! Damodar goes.
Bhadraksh and hirankashyap go with hiranyaksh as buffalo at nand’s house. Nand says you seem to be new people in vrindavan? Bhadraksh says yes nand ji, we have heard a lot about you, which is why we came at your house. Nand says what happened? Have you lost your way? Bhadraksh says no nand baba, we came here to exchange our buffalo for a cow from vrindavan. Nand says oh yes, I see. Nand looks at the buffalo and says it looks sturdy for sure but I really don’t require a buffalo because we don’t have much use form buffalos, we have cows and we are cow herders. Nand says but don’t worry, since you people have come from so far to our village for a cow, I shall rather gift you a cow, you can keep the buffalo for you. bhadraksh thinks this nand spoiled the plan, hiranyaksh could stay here as buffalo and kill them all but no, he spoilt the plan.
In the forest, kanha and all friends are finding the cloth thief, radha stands near a tree. holika sees the kids and says they are trying to find me but I will teach these kids a lesson. Holika creates a tornado using her powers and puts it behind radha. Radha sees the tornado and runs and says help me kanha. Radha is then pulled in the tornado as she screams for help. Kanha sees radha get engulfed in the tornado. Holika laughs and says I will kill everyone. Kanha says I have to save radha. Kanha sits and prays to lord pavan, he says the mantras and prays to lord pavan to stop the wind and save radha. Lord pavan appears and says prabhu, I will be grateful to save devi radha and help you. lord pavan uses his powers and stops the tornado, radha comes back safe. Kanha thanks lord pavan for his help. Lord pavan goes.
Holika says what happened? Who stopped the tornado? How did this happen? holika is angry and she goes.
Bhadraksh brings hirankashyap near the village end, hirankashyap says who is kanha tell me. bhadraksh says you look at him, he is a very mischievous kid, he has stopped all demons and he is not even sacred from kansa, that is why I have been warning you. kanha is coming near the village. Bhadraksh says see there, kanha came, bhadraksh points out at kanha but hirankashyap is unable to see kanha as kanha goes into the village.

Precap: Holika uses her fire and starts burning the people’s bodies from inside. All people fall down and suffer from the heat inside their body.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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