Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th January 2019 Written Episode Update : Vibhuti breaks his leg.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 30th January 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhu walks to Prem and scolds him, for the arrangement of fare, Prem says he is a smart man i want to do business and dont worry your stunt will be block buster if not whole function, Vibhuti says stupid person I’m scared of bikes, save me or esle this friendship ends here, prem says okay I will back off.

Angoori says Tiwari im happy you took this initiative,i will enjoy a lot, vibhu walks in with prem, prem says im walking out as my astrologer asked me not to do business with someone named with T, Tiwari says okay i will change my name then, Angoori says dont, Tiwari says okay fine i have an sponsor Aggarwal so you can walk out and whole Kanpur knows about it, i wilo earn a lot,prem says look Vibhu i earned the bet, im still in with the business,vibhu says there can be loss, Tiwari says also you can die while performing stunts.

Boys Angry over hapu hitting them, Tilu starts cursing Hapu hears him,tilu sees him, and tries to make excuses, teeka asks why did you hit us yesterday, we had done nothing, hapu says forget about yesterday, hapu sees commissioner and slaps them again, commissioner asks whats happening why slap them, hapu says these boys messed with Aggarwal’s car,boys say he is lying, hapu slaps them again, commissioner says good job continue and leaves.

Master walks to Tiwari, and says i have a wish and it is get me a screw of running train,not possible okay try this one, Tiwari says enough what you want, Master says you showing kids biking stunts thats not good, if kids start imitating it, it’s not safe,im protesting against this, Tiwari says but this show is free for teachers and his family, Master says okay see you at the show.

Tiwari walks to Vibhu and asks where is bhabhi, vibhu says I’m not ber secretary so don’t bother me, Anu walks and says Tiwari asks Vibhu did he pay bill,vibhu says tell her that she needs to give me cash, Anu hands tiwari half bill and says ask him to pay remaining cash,Vibhu says he ate half breakfast then, Anu says Tiwari tell him i made a mistake won’t happen again, Vibhu says Tiwari ask her to wash her clothes on her own then, Anu says ask him to get his own soap, Tiwari keeps interrupting them,Vibhu and Anu ask him to behave and leave.

Boys at tea stall call Bansi kaka and says we aren’t staying in Kanpur anymore please make arrangements for us, kaka asks for 5 crore, malkan says none of our relative’s are helping but this hapu keeps whacking us,malkan says he isn’t bad person we must have done something wrong thats why he is whacking us, hapu walks to them, boys apologies to him, hapu kisses them and says stay happy no need of all this, hapu sees commissioner and slaps them again,they troubled Mishra, commissioner says sad, deal With them and leaves.Hapu takes them aside and whacks.

Laddoo throws fake lizard over Tiwari and scares him, Angoori and Laddo make fun of him, Tiwari scolds him, Angoori scolds Tiwari from scolding him. Vibhuti walks in with Gupta in a plaster on leg,Vibhu says i was practicing and fell of the bike while saving an old man and broke my leg.

Pre cap: Vibhuti says this will save me from the stunt show.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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