Paramavatar Shri Krishna 29th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Balram fights shadow demons.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 29th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with radha and rishi gargacharya taking the newly-invented mangalsutra. Gargacharya says take it and make brij bhanu and all men wear it to their wives. Gargacharya says this will bind them from the tridev’s vision and no evil shall ever touch the love between a husband and wife. Radha says yes guru and she takes the mangalsutra and goes to barsana.
In barsana, all women are leaving the village but radha comes and stops them. Radha says mother, where are you going? Kirti tells radha how brij bhanu insulted her again and the men insulted their wives and have now punished them, they have forced us to leave the village. Radha says no mother, no one will leave the village, this is all wrong! Whatever is happening, is due to an evil that has come to our village. Radha takes the women back to all the men and brij bhanu and men say why have you all come back? We told you to leave the village. Radha says no father, they wont leave the village. Radha says your thoughts are being controlled by an evil presence, please stop doing this. Radha says I have brought mangalsutra with me, so that you all men tie it around your wives. The men say we will not do that, what is a mangalsutra?
Radha says mangalsutra has been made to redefine the bond of love, it is a bond of love that shall never let any evil touch a husband a wife’s bond. Radha says take it father, tie it around mother’s neck. Brij bhanu seems arrogant. Radha says all of you will tie it around your wives and then everything shall change, you will know it so trust me.
Kanha and balram are heading towards lanka. 2 demons wait for them to come and say we shall disguise and fool kanha and balram, we have waited for an age so that we could kill them. The other demon says they killed us by trickery in the treta yug but now we shall kill them. The 2 demons disguise as rishi’s and go to kanha and balram. Kanha says who are you rishi? The rishi’s say we live in this forest but you kids seem new here. Kanha and balram say yes, we are going to lanka to find amrit. The rishi’s say you are going to do a very holy work. Balram says yes rishi, we are also hungry, could you tells us if we could find any fruits around here? The rishi’s say come with us, we shall give you fruits while you rest in our ashram, we need to pluck them from the trees. Balram says no rishi var, it doesn’t seem good when we rest and you bring fruits for us, you take us to the trees and we shall pluck the fruits ourselves. The rishi’s say okay then. Kanha stops balram and says we should go brother. Balram says kanha, you wait here I will go with the rishi’s and bring us fruits. Balram goes with the demons in the forest.
The disguised demons show balram the trees bearing fruits and the rishi’s go. Balram sees fruits everywhere and also on the ground. Balram says there are so many fruits here? Balram tries to pick the fruits but they fly away, he says what is happening here? Balram then sees shadow demons appearing and he looks above him and sees many demons. Balram says so many demons? The demons attacks but balram fights them with mudgal.
Kanha is waiting and he hears balram’s voice saying help! Kanha! Kanha! Kanha says that is brother? He must be in trouble, I have go go.

Precap: Kanha and balram fight the shadow demons sent by kansa. Brij bhanu and the men tie the mangalsutra around their wives neck.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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