Paramavatar Shri Krishna 28th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Bhadraksh disguises as a rishi.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 28th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with narad muni and kanha dancing and playing veena in front of shankasura to lure him out of the shell. narad muni disguises as a beautiful apsara and he dances as shankasura looks at him and joins in to dance as well. Kanha laughs and plays the veena and tells narad, devrishi you have to take shankasura out of this shell so that we can defeat him. narad muni says where did you trap me prabhu?
There bheem says these watermelons look very delicious and I am going to eat them. Arjun says what if they have been kept here by hidimb or his sister? Bheem says I don’t know that, but I will at them. Yudhishthir says why are you taking that risk bheem? Why are you supporting those demons? Bheem says I am not! I am just hungry that is why I am keen on eating these watermelons.

Bheem sits and starts eating the watermelons. Kunti says it is right sons, if anyone has kept food for us or offered it to us, we should not deny otherwise it would mean disrespecting them. Everyone sit and start eating watermelons. Hidimba sees this and she is happy, she says bheem by eating my watermelons you have accepted my friendship. After eating the watermelons, kunti says lets go sons we have to reach Mathura. Everyone get up and hidimba follows them.
There narad muni dances and shankasura goes to grab him. narad runs in the form of the apsara and shankasura follows him. kanha goes behind them. Narad muni dances and then steps out of the shell. shankasura goes behind narad and kanha and also steps out of the shell. narad muni comes back to his original form and stands with kanha. Shankasura comes out and says where is that apsara? Narad says who apsara? It was no one! Kanha says shankasura! This was a trick done by us to get you out of this shell because I need the panchjani shell. shankasura laughs and says what did you think kid? You can pick such a huge shell anytime and take it away from me? That’s not happening! Kanha says shankasura, you do anything today and use all your brains and your strength but you wont be able to stop me. Shankasura starts walking back in the shell. balram comes and says stop shankasura! Inside the shell you were being too smart, now fight me. Shankasura says do you think I lost my powers after coming out of the shell? balram jumps on shankasura and beats him with his mudgal. Shanksura screams in pain, balram keeps beating shanksura with his mudgal.
There kunti and her sons reach the end of a hill and kunti says find our way sons, where to go from here? hidimba comes and everyone says you? hidimba says yes, I came to help you all. Arjun says we don’t need your help, you are our enemy. Kunti says my sons will figure out the way hidimda. Hidimba says mata, I think of you all as my friends now because you spared my brother, trust me I am not your enemy, let me help you. bheem says mata she is right! Kunti says okay hidimba. Hidimba walks ahead and shows the pandavas the way, they all follow and get down the hill. Bheem and everyone thank hidimba and hidimba says mata, I shall help you all again if need be. Hidimba goes.
As the pandavas go ahead, bhadraksh comes disguised as an old rishi with his ashram behind. Bhadraksh says everyone of you, you look tired come to my ashram for rest. Kunti says rishi, thank you, they all go behind bhadraksh in his ashram and sit inside. Bhadraksh says I will bring fruits for you all. Bheem says what is your name? bhadraksh says it is rishi makhan! Bhadraksh goes out. The pandavas say what a weird name it is, rishi makhan?
There bhadraksh goes out with a basket of fruits and he summons some snakes and says my snake friends, put a taste of your poison in these fruits. The snakes bite the fruits and put poison in it and go. bhadraksh laughs and says now those pandavas are sure to die. Bhadraksh takes the fruits and goes to the ashram.
There shanksura takes the form of kharasur and he flies and then holds balram in his claws. Balram screams to kanha for help. Narad says do something prabhu. Before shankasura enters the shell, kanha prays to the panchjani shell and says my shell, if you accept me then come to me. The shell becomes small and comes in kanha’s hand.

Precap: Arjun and the pandavas meet kanha.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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