Paramavatar Shri Krishna 26th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha kills varahasur.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 26th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with varahsur running behind kanha. Kanha runs but stumbles and falls down. Varahasura comes and laughs, he says get up paramavatar, wont you protect your cows? Kanha says it is not easy to kill this demon, I have to use my brains. Kanha runs and varahasur follows him.
Narad muni says mata laxmi, what demon is this? Even my prabhu’s power is not working on him? laxmi says kanha cannot kill varahasur in this form. Varahasur is the son of hiranyaksh, for whom prabhu had taken the form of varaha to kill him. narad muni says then how did he get a son? Laxmi tells the story and says when hiranyaksh died, rishi shokracharya came. In flashback, shokracharya comes and picks the mud and says Vishnu you killed hiranyaksh and he got combined in this mud, I have attained the

knowledge of sanjeevani vidya, I will make him alive and you wont be able to kill any demon again Vishnu. Shokracharya uses his knowledge and brings back hiranyaksh in the form of varahasur. Varahasur rises and says pranam gurudev, I am alive but that Vishnu he will kill me again, do something such that not only Vishnu but no one can kill me. Shokracharya says okay, I bless you that you yourself can be the reason of your death but no one else can kill you. narad muni says then how will he die? Laxmi says kanha can kill him devrishi.
In vrindavan, balram says kanha, listen a demon is evil and he can take anyone’s form, even yours. Kanha says brother, how can any demon take my form and come in front of you? balram says that is true but.. kanha says now you doubt me, tomorrow mother and then baba, listen to me and stop thinking of demons because you are doubting everyone, don’t kill any demons and stop doing exercise as well and leave your mudgal for some days, you will be fine. Radha goes in kanha’s form. Balram says kanha can tell me to stop thinking of demons but he told me to leave mudgal? A demon will do this if he is scared of me, I am sure this is not kanha because even that day he said kanha has gone to save cows, this is some stranger. Radha sees from a pillar in kanha’s form and is shocked, she goes and hides beind a box, balram comes and says where are you hiding stranger? Balram finds and radha goes and hides under the bed and then goes behind a box. Balram sees the peacock feather and goes there slowly and takes the peacock feather. Radha is hiding behind the bed. Balram goes.
There varahasura laughs as h stands in front of kanha and says what will you do now? this is my maya lok. You cannot go anywhere from here. kanha says you think like that but there is a solution to each problem in the universe. Varahasura says paramavatar, only I can kill myself, remember this swamp, you killed me here, I am the ansh of hiranyaksh. Kanha thinks I have to take my varaha form again.
There balram comes in his room and says stranger kanha, you must have cheated with my kanha, I will not leave you alive today. Balram goes in kitchen and says where did he go? yashoda is there. Kanha goes from behind balram and yashoda says kanha what are you doing? Balram looks at kanha and says I wont leave you today stranger. Kanha runs his room and says I am not stranger brother. Balram says wait stranger, I wont leave you today. Kanha says I am not kanha but I am also not a demon. Radha says see there a demon. Balram says where? Radha runs out and balram says you cannot fool me and runs behind her.
There kanha says your death is certain varahasur. Kanha prays and he walks in the mud and sits on a rock and prays. Kanha says om namo bhagvatey vasudevay namaha and he takes varaha form. Varahasura takes varaha form and both kanah and varahsur fight each other. Kanha throws varahasur behind and then they fight and hit each other with horns. Bot jump and kanha uses the horns and puts it in the stomach of varahasur cutting it. varahasur falls down in his normal form and is in pain. Varaha form comes near the rock where kanha sits praying . mahadev, brahma dev and all gods do pranam and say after many yug we are honored to get the darshan of varaha avatar.
There radha runs in village as balram follows her and says stop stranger kanha. They both run and balram says stop stranger now I have found your truth, where are you running? the people see and are confused. Radha thinks I cannot run and also face your mudgal, dau! People say what are we seeing? Balram is running to hit kanha?
Radha runs and goes to old kaki’s house and says save me kaki. Balram says come here stranger, I wont stop. Kanha says I will come in front of you when your anger calms down. Balram says that wont calm down. Radha runs out and balram follows her.
Kanha there sits on rock and says mother is right, if we have patience and belief then we can face any problem, because of this varahasur is dead. Kanha says now I have to get out of this maya lok. Kanha sees light and says this must be the way out.
There balram runs behind radha who comes near some rocks and hides behind it. balram says where is that stranger kanha? Balram finds around. Radha thinks if I had known brother will run behind me then I would never be kanha. Balram says these are 2 ways, one goes to vrindavan and other to Yamuna, that stranger must have gone to Yamuna, balram goes.
Nand and all people find the cows and nand says where have the cows gone? Damodar says if kanha has not found the cows then I don’t think we can, I think we should get back to…. Nand looks at damodar and damodar says we should not go back to vrindavan but we should find them. Everyone start finding.
There kanha says I got the way to go out but how do I take so many cows out? Kanha says yes and he prays om namo bhagvatey vasudevay namaha, he becomes very huge in size and says mother cows, I request you all to climb on my hand. All cows climb on kanha’s hand and he goes out from the light.
Balram there says stranger come out or else I will find you myself.
Nand and all people are finding and nand says our cows are not here a well, where are they? Suddenly they hear the sound of cows mooing and nand says its our cows. There kanha is huge and he puts down the cows and takes normal size.

Precap: kanha comes back with cows. Balram attacks kanha thinking him to be stranger and hits him with mudgal. Rishi’s tell kanha if by evening our problem is not solved then we will have to leave vrindavan.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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