Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th July 2018 Written Episode Update : Gulfamkali gives divorce.

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 27th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tiwari asks vibhu for help and allow him hide,Vibhu agrees and says you will have to pay me,Hapu enters, Tiwari covers face and sits beside Vibhu,Hapu asks who is this woman,Vibhu says Anu, Hapu says how come she look wheat skinned and fluffy,Vibhu says yes she got tanned and gained weight,why are you here, Hapu says looking for Tiwari,if you see him please inform,and why is her face covered,Vibhu says she took a ooath to not see cheap men leave now.

Gulfamkali with Angoori,daddy and amaji, Daddy says i will convince her will speak to her in urdu,you guys wait out, Angoori says okay and both leave,daddy says c’mon Gulfamkali what will you take to leave, Gulfamkali says i promise I will leave if you dance for me,Angoori and amaji hear music and walk in,and see daddy dance with Gulfamkali, Angoori stop and asks what nonsense is this,daddy says thats her condition if i dance she will leave, Angoori says oh then please keep dancing,daddy ddance and says now im tried please leave now, Gulfamkali says oh you took that seriously i was just joking,bye now.

Vibhu orders Tiwari to get coffee and misbehaves, Tiwari gets coffee,Vibhu says its disgusting,and you will be punished,and removes his belt,Amaji daddy and Angoori walk in and scold him,and ask who this lady is,Vibhu says Anu, daddy says oh she has gained,amaji says and hasnt waxed too,daddy says and she has covered her face what’s wrong, Tiwari gets irritated and says its me, Angoori says oh god how are you,daddy says you i shall call the police,Amaji says dare you or i will kill you, A salesman comes in inspector uniform,daddy says arrest hin,He says im just a costume seller and i wore this from shop and Vibhuti you have destroyed my dress give me my money and throws the dress,Angoori says wait and recognise the dress and says it was you as baba,Anu calls Tiwari and scolds him,Tiwari says im innocent it was Vibhuti who did and tells whole story,Anu scolds Vibhu.Angoori asks Vibhu to fix things.

Vibhu disguised as a business man walks to Gulfamkali praises her and says i will take you to Italy, Gulfamkali says why not let’s leave, Tiwari walks in and says you can’t you are my wife, Gulfamkali says i will give you divorce, Tiwari says luckily im carrying papers too,she signs it and vibhu reveals identity, Gulfamkali leaves angry

Angoori says i was so scared,Tiwari says dont worry iim never leaving you, Angoori says i want you as my husband fir 7 lives,Tiwari thinks no iits bhabhiji in next,Angoori says i love you,Vibhu from window says i Love you too, Both give sarcastic look,Vibhu says actually i came here to apologise, Tiwari insults,Vibhu slips and falls in Pelus arms.
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Update Credit to: Tanaya

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