Paramavatar Shri Krishna 25th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Kanha promises Radha her gift.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 25th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with radha saying I want kanha and kanha only. Kanha is there and he looks at radha smiling. Everyone is smiling. Radha says if I don’t get kanha then I will not stay here because where people don’t care what I want, I don’t stay there at all. Radha says come on jatila mausi! Kanha says radha, I am the son of my mother yashoda and she is the one who makes decisions for me. Yashoda comes to radha and says radha you want kanha? But he is my son, if you take him what will I and nand ji do? Radha says my father has 1 lakh cows and I am radha, I want what I want, if I don’t get it then I will go back to barsana. Kanha smiles. Lord Vishnu looks at laxmi. Narad muni says prabhu this is a tough choice today, see devi radha is going, don’t let her go, if she goes then she will never come back to gokul and kanha and devi radha will stay away from each other forever, how will love be established then? Lord Vishnu says dev rishi, you only see, this is such a difficult wish devi laxmi has asked from me, lord Vishnu looks at laxmi and says what devi has asked is not right, she is trying to keep a son away from her mother, how is that right then? Laxmi doesn’t say anything and dev rishi remember this, prabhu promised to give me what I would ask and he has to give me, if he doesn’t care about me and this shows he doesn’t love me then staying here is not right for me. Laxmi is about to go. there as radha is going kanha says radha wait! Radha stops and turns back. there lord Vishnu says devi pleas wait! Laxmi stops and looks at lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu says devi, I have always been yours and you know that, no one can keep me away from you but for you I am going to be yours again, today! There kanha says radha looking at your stubborn love towards me, I like you and I love the attention you give me, kanha puts his hand forward and says radha I promise you that I will always be yours from today. Radha smiles and keeps her hand on kanha’s hand. There lord Vishnu says I will always be yours devi and puts his hand forward, laxmi puts her hand on lord vishnu’s hand. There everyone is happy but yashoda look sadly at kanha.
There in Mathura, akrur has laid the map of the under pass from kansa’s palace. Rohini is there and some akrur’s soldiers are there. Akrur tells rohini that this pass leads directly to maharaj vasudev and devi devki’s jail room, we can take them out from there and they will escape. Rohini says akrur ji we have waited for this for years and now we will help them escape at any cost. Akrur says maharani lets go to that cave, they all go.
In the jail, devki has tears and says I saw my son, I long to meet him. vasudev says devki, there will be the time when prabhu Vishnu will help us meet our son again, do not worry because the end of kansa has just started, he will die!
In gokul, yashoda is putting jewelry on kanha and says kanha don’t talk to me. Kanha says mother why are you angry? Don’t be so angry, I did not do anything. Yashoda says you so easily promised radha that you are hers, what about me then? I am your mother and you will leave me? Kanha says mother i will always love you as you are my mother, why would I leave you? yashoda says don’t lie kanha, what if someone from Mathura tomorrow comes and says kanha is mine, I will take him? kanha says no mother, Mathura is so far and who would possible come from there? Kanha says mother I promise to you, I will never leave you, I will always live with you. radha comes inside and says kanha, I am radha and my fathr has 1 lakh cows, I don’t find anyone, people come and find me but I have to find you, and you are sitting here? radha says kanha you promised me that you are mine, now come with me. Radha takes kanha with her outside. Yashoda sees and is sad. Nand sees yashoda. Yashoda says radha has just come yesterday and she took kanha from me, I will go and take kanha back. nand says yashoda wait, she is just a child, don’t spoil their play, they are children, she is not really going to take kanha from you.
There balram says to shridhar that brahman ji, you took a long time to come here. shridhar says I don’t stay here, my ashram is very far where people cannot reach easily. Balram says brahman don’t say this in front of kanha, there is no place where kanha hasn’t gone and if he hasn’t gone to your ashram then he will come there too. Balram walks ahead. Shridhar thinks I have come to know the truth of that kanha only.
Kanha and radha are outside and radha says kanha I was finding you everywhere. Radha says see you promised me that you are mine so you will do what I say. radha says I have heard that all the women of gokul like to do your shringaar(putting jewelry). Kanha says yes they do. Radha says why? kanha says because I like shringaar. Radha says but why? are you a gopi? Kanha says no radha, my mother yashoda does my shringaar. Radha says okay then, even I want my shringaar to be done. Kanha says wait here I will call my mother, she does very good shringaar. Radha stops him and says no kanha, you will do my shringaar today, only you.

Precap: kanha does radha’s shringaar, he puts all make up on her and jewelry. Kanha says go and tell everyone that I have done your shringaar. There balram brings all the rishi”s for brahman bhog. Shridhar is there, yashoda serves shridhar food but he says no nand devi, I cannot accept this. Kanha is shocked.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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