Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Lord Ganesh is born!

Vighnaharta Ganesh 25th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with parvati very angry and her anger starts creating thunder lightning in the world. Lord Vishnu is worried and now brahma dev and his wife and lord vishnu’s wife devi laxmi appear. Lord Vishnu says sister don’t be so angry, calm your anger as the world wont stand your anger and it will be destroyed. Parvati is still angry, brahma dev says devi parvati you are the mother of this world and your anger will destroy it, please calm down. Laxmi says devi, don’t worry lord Shankar will come back. lord Vishnu says sister I promise to bring mahadev back from gajasur because no one can do anything to mahadev, he is the father and destroyer, but he is bound by his promise to grant a wish. Laxmi says devi if your anger will destroy the world then what is the use of lord Shankar coming back? you have to calm your anger as prabhu hari has promised to bring mahadev back. parvati finally calsm her anger and has tears. Lord Vishnu says as I have promised sister, I will do as I said. Parvati smiles. Laxmi gives parvati a chandan powder and says devi you have to rub this on your body while bathing. Parvati takes and smiles.
There in the clouds gajasur rides on his mayavi horses with lord Shankar as shiv ling in his stomach. All gods are there in the clouds. Gajasur says indra, I will take all of you captive and now win the 3 loks. Gajasur attacks with the power of mahadev and takes indra dev captive, with him he takes other gods including vayu dev, agni dev, surya dev, Chandra dev, captive! indra dev says gajasur you have defeated us gods but I am warning you, too much greed will lead you to defeat and that is going to happen for sure. Gajasur laughs and says indra, you all gods are no match for me, you will see what I do ahead.
Parvati is near the bath sitting and her friends say parvati let us rub the paste on your body. Parvati says no friends, it is okay I will do it myself. Friends go and parvati starts rubbing the paste on her body and smiles. Parvati remembers lord Vishnu and mahadev promising her that she will have a son for sure who will listen only to her and will have the traits of all the tridev. Parvati starts making an idol of her son as she pictured him before, she makes it with the paste rubbed on her body. As parvati makes she says I wil give you eyes to see your mother, a mouth to eat the sweets I make for you, ears to listen to me and legs and hands to walk and talk, and a heart to know the love I have for you. parvati makes the idol and keeps it, she says I will come now. parvati goes. The statue is given power by all gods and it arises to life, it is ganesha!
Parvati is in the room and son comes and says mother! Parvati sees behind, he says mother again. parvati is happy ad amazed to see her son. She comes to him and looks at his cute face. Ganesh says mother, I have come here to serve you and to live with you. parvati is happy and smiles, she has tears of happiness. Ganesh then hugs parvati. Parvati hugs him but then remembers about lord Shankar and is sad. Son sees this and says mother please tell me what happened? Why are you sad? Parvati tells everything how she lost kartikeya and mahadev too. Son makes parvati sit down and says mother do not worry, I am here for you always, I will never leave you, your lap is my world. Son keeps his head on parvatis lap as she smiles. Parvati then hugs him.
There gajasur is in his palace and demons say jai gajasur ki. Gajasur comes and sits and looks at the captive gods, he laughs. indra dev says don’t laugh gajasur, your end is near, you will not live long. Gajasur says shut up devraj indra, you all gods think too much of yourselves, you think you are greater than anyone but I defeatd you and have taken the tri lok under my rule. Indra dev says gajasur, you may have defeated us, but you are no match for the tridev, you are nothing to the tri dev’s. gajasur gets angry. Indra dev says the tri dev can defeat you easily. Gajasur says when I defeated you all why didn’t the tri dev come then? Gajasur says but I will defeat them too, I did not attack brahma dev because he is old and I respect him but that Vishnu! I will defeat him, you will see.
In the room, son is giggling look at something and parvati smiles and says what is it son? Son says mother you are the most beautiful face in this universe but what I have can make you look even more beautiful. Parvati says what is it? give me! Son gets up and gives parvati jewelry to wear in her hair. Parvati wears it and smiles. Son says you look beautiful now mother. Parvati says come I will make food for you, son says we will not go unless you wear a payal. Son says I have the payal and I will tie it in your ankle mother! Parvati gives her ankle and son ties the payal in parvati’s ankle.

Precap: lord Shankar comes back with everyone behind him. nandi and everyone follow lord Shankar. Parvati’s son is guarding the door of the palace and lord Shankar says we have to go in! son says no one can go inside, I am the guard here.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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    Happy Birthday Lord Ganesha in Show also
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