Paramavatar Shri Krishna 24th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Balram picks panchjani shell.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 24th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha and balram reaching the ocean floor. They walk inside the water and balram says how do we recognize the panchgani shell? Rishi sandeepani never told us about that. kanha says he told me, that the panchgani shell is different from all other shells, the most beautiful shell and also the most pure and holy shell ever, so we can recognize it. kanha and balram walk ahead and kanha says see there brother, it is shining, that is the panchgani shell.
There kunti and her sons run as hidimb follows them and says you cannot escape from me. Bheem says lets take rest for a moment and then run. Everyone stop near a tree and take breath. Hidimb comes and he uses some spell and traps kunti and her sons around a small prison made of wood sticks. Hidimb tells his soldiers

to capture them and tie them to a tree. the soldiers come and tie the pandavas and kunti to a tree. Arjun says bheem we shouldn’t have stopped for rest. Bheem says even if we hadn’t stopped, we would be caught ahead so it is better we got to take some rest at least. Arjun says brother yudhishthir, do something and ask this demon what does he want? Yudhishthir says asur hidimb, what do you want from us? Hidimb laughs and says kid I don’t want anything from you, maharaj aneshwar is the king of this forest and now he will eat you all for food. Hidimb calls maharaj aneshwar, please come. Hidimb and his soldiers leave. Bheem says who is this aneshwar? Hidimb and everyone left us alone here. Suddenly a demon tiger comes and roars at pandavas and kunti. Kunti is worried. The tiger, maharaj aneshwar comes near pandavas.
There kanha and balram wait inside the water for the sun to set, as the sun sets all the other shells disappear. Balram says kanha what if the panchjani shell also disappears? How will we find it? kanha says brother, the panchjani shell is so pure and holy that no darkness can hide it. as it is dark, the panchjani shell shines and is very huge in size. Kanha and balram see the shell and kanha says that is the panchjani shell. Balram says it is so huge, how will we both take it? kanha says I never knew it was so huge.
There aneshwar comes and kunti has tears and says don’t kill my sons maharaj aneshwar, eat me if you want but please leave them. Aneshwar heads towards kunti. Bheem, Arjun and yudhishthir say we have to save our mothere. They use their strength and break the rope tying them. Arjun goes to protect kunti. Bheem and yudhishthir free nakul and sahadev. Arjun attacks an arrow on aneshwar as it hits him. bheem and yudhishthir free kunti and bheem tells yudhishthir to take nakul and sahadev and mata kunti ahead as he will come back with Arjun. They all go.
Arjun runs and he hides behind a bush. Aneshwar comes finding him and Arjun fires an arrow but aneshwar dodges. Arjun then comes out but falls down and aneshwar comes near him, bheem comes and hits aneshwar with a gadha and aneshwar falls down and dies. Bheem says aneshwar and hidimb, you kill innocent people but now I will kill you hidimb, come out. Kunti smiles. Hidimb comes laughing and says you have done a great mistake by killing king aneshwar, now I will give you a torturous death. Bheem says I will kill you hidimb, you will die. Yudhishthir says stop bheem mata. Kunti says sons, you have to fight together and kill this demon. Arjun says we will kill this demon mata. Kunti says sons, bheem is your commander and you have to first look at how this demon fights, then help bheem in that way.
Bheem stands and then starts beating hidimb on his face, hidimb is in pain. Bhadraksh watches and gets scared and says these kids are also like kanha, what to do now? Who can stop them?
There kanha and balram come near the shell. Kanha says we will have to all shankasura to help lift panchjani shell. Balram says shankasura is a demon, if we call him then we will have to deal with him as well. Balram says and my name is balram, I will pick this shell. Balram uses his strength and lifts the shell with all his might. Kanha says keep it down brother. Balram holds the shell above his head. Kanha is amazed, suddenly balram’s leg shakes and he says the weight is increasing kanha. The shell falls and balram’s hands are trapped under it, he screams kanha!

Precap: Kanha and balram go in disguise and find shankasura in a forest.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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