Bepannah 24th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Zoya accepts her feelings for Aditya

Bepannah 24th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya tells Zoya that seems that this ring wants to stay with you only. It is my wedding gift to you. It will stay with you forever. Shall we? Zoya holds the ring dearly. Aditya holds her hand again and makes her sit down in her rightful place for the nikaah. Arshad looks on. Arjun is all emotional. Aditya begins to go but her dupatta gets stuck on his jacket. Both Zoya and Aditya are in tears as he steps back to free the dupatta. Everyone’s eyes are glued on them. Arshad’s father asks Wasim if he will say something or not. Wasim taunts Aditya for being shameless. Leave now if you have even a bit of shame left! Aditya only smiles a little for Zoya and walks away.

Roshnaq sits next to Zoya. Wasim asks Maulavi Sahab to begin. Arshad also sits down. Aditya is standing right behind Zoya. Noor

looks at him helplessly as he passes by from her. Noor goes to stand next to her sister.

Maulavi Sahab asks Arshad if he accepts the wedding. Arshad says Qubool Hai all the 3 times. Maulavi Sahab turns to Zoya next. Aditya stops at the exit. Everyone is waiting for Zoya’s answer. Maulavi Sahab asks her for the second time. Aditya’s words / questions haunt her. You are right Aditya. You matter a lot to me! Maulavi Sahab asks Zoya to answer. Do you accept this wedding? Roshnaq looks at Wasim. Arshad’s parents are tensed. Arshad wonders why Zoya is taking so much time to answer. Maulavi Sahab repeats his question. Zoya thinks of Aditya’s gift. Arshad looks at Zoya moving his sehra aside. Wasim asks Zoya to answer to Maulavi Sahab. Arshad shouts Aditya’s name just then. Aditya stops in his track.

Arshad walks up to Aditya while Noor stands next to her sister. Arshad makes Aditya look at her.

Harsh asks Anjana what has happened. Will you tell me something? She shares that Aditya’s phone isn’t reachable while Arjun isn’t picking my calls. The diya blew off in temple today. I feel something is going to happen. Do something. I want my both sons back. Harsh tells her to stop it. Let me try.

Aditya begins to talk when Arshad warns him not to utter a word. Till date you have been talking and I have been listening. Today I will be the one talking and you will listen. Roshnaq asks her husband to stop Arshad but Wasim tells her only Arshad has a right to throw Aditya out of the house!

Arshad tells Aditya he has never harmed him. I never plotted against you but you dint leave me. I only disliked you earlier but I hate you now! It is only because of you that Zoya cannot become mine! He raises his hand angrily worrying Zoya but stops himself. He removes his sehra and offers it to Aditya. Wasim looks shocked. Arshad says maybe she will be able to say (yes) now. Arshad’s parents question him as to what he is doing. Wasim also joins them. Arshad tells his parents not to intervene. i am doing the right thing. Maulavi Sahab asked Zoya thrice but she couldn’t say those 2 words which I was yearning to hear. She could not say Qubool Hai but I am handing over the sehra to Aditya now. I guess she will be able to say it now. He asks Zoya if he is right. His mother asks him if he is in his senses. Wasim also calls it a misunderstanding. Zoya might have gotten afraid of Aditya so she took time. It does not mean anything else! Arshad denies. I was in a misunderstanding since so many days. I have come to see things clearly today. Aditya was telling the truth all along. You and I have been wrong here. Zoya does not love me but Aditya! Wasim refuses it but Arshad shares that he thought he met his soul when he met zoya. It was the most beautiful day of my life. Being a doctor I see truth and pain everywhere but these eyes started dreaming after meeting Zoya. I thought we will have a house, a life together. Sadly, my dreams made me ignore the truth. The love that I saw in her eyes wasn’t for me. It was for someone else! Love had already knocked on her door. She is already Aditya’s. How can I make her mine? Wasim tells him he is getting emotional. Don’t take any decision which will hurt anyone later. Arshad reasons that his decision is for that very purpose. Wasim tells him not to say such things. Zoya has no feelings for Aditya. Believe me. I will just prove it to you if you don’t believe me.

Wasim walks up to Zoya and brings her to where Arshad and Aditya are standing. Tell the truth to everyone without any hesitation. Tell everyone what you had told me. Tell everyone that you want to marry Arshad and not Aditya. Let everyone know the truth. We will then complete the wedding. You do not have to worry. Zoya and Aditya look at each other. Wasim asks Zoya to say it. He kind of insists upon her and she looks extremely scared.

Aditya tells Wasim she wont be able to say this. She wont be able to say the truth as she will hurt you again if she says what’s in her heart. She does not want to hurt you again which is why she is lying to herself as well. Wasim angrily warns him to be quiet or he will slap him. Everyone gets tensed. Wasim adds that outsiders are not allowed to meddle in their family affairs. He again asks Zoya to tell Aditya she does not love him. Zoya is in tears. Wasim thinks she might not be able to say it in front of all these people. Say it through gestures. She looks at everyone’s faces. Say it that she does not love Aditya! Zoya ends up saying that she could not understand when or how it happened. I tried a lot but failed in front of my heart. Aditya’s eyes well up while Wasim is stunned into silence. Almost everyone else is in tears as Zoya repeats that she tried a lot. Wasim pushes Zoya towards the door. Aditya holds her in time. Zoya cries.

Precap: Aditya comes home. Anjana is happy to see Aditya. I wont let you go away from me forever. Is Zoya married? He keeps mum. She asks him to answer her. Aditya extends his hand and Zoya enters.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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  1. Finally zoya confessed💙 Great epi. 1 wicket down…waseem. Another wicket anjana psycho has to go down soon. Loved it when adi caught zoya at the very moment when waseem pushed her….hes always there for her. Now adi will strive hard to win waseem’s heart which will eventually increase zoya’s love and respect towards adi. Looking forward to adiya’s togetherness❤ Are they going to sleep in the same room 2mrw🙈🙈 omg
    thanks 4 d update yar 🙂

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Finally zoya realised her love for Aditya and most happy that arshad showed positive character rather negative. Though I know Wasim is just concerned about her daughter as he doesn’t want him to suffer again and same goes for Harsh and Anjana for aditya (though anjana killed pooja, yash, sakshi and unborn child, just because of mother possissve love) but they are unable to understand their children at all which we say generation gap.. And why suddenly mahi and yash mom character ended, they should have been in frame. And i hope arjun and noor doesn’t suffer due to coming storm in their lives.

    1. I feel anjana is main villain in this story..
      She is psyco I guess..
      Anyway I hate both anjana & waseem.

  3. Oh wow, This is the best day ever,but im worried cus of adi,s mom.she’s so evil

  4. Anju5u

    Thanku…..Pooja 😊😊
    1.Finally arshad understood the love he saw in Zoya’s eyes is for Aditya n not himself….🤣🤣
    2. Zoya ko faraq padtha hein 😎
    3.N wasim… dare u….😡😡..u can c him hurting Zoya….the way he was holding her hands….. tight…… dragging her. ..n then pushed her ……it’s just too much….👊👊
    4.N the way ….zoya was holding noor’s hand tight….when arshad walked towards adi….. sister love,..😊😊
    5.N…loved the way adi spoke up for Zoya …..when she couldn’t go against her abbu….n the way he held her when she was about to fall….😊😊
    6. Finally arshad out ( Tata bubye ,😝)
    7…N precap…..😍😍😍😍😍( Waiting for tomorrow)

  5. Neha1

    Finally Zoya accept her feelings Infront of everyone…🤗🤗👏👏👌👌😍😍
    But 2day really gr8 job Arshad… finally, he saw the reality… you’re right 2day Arshad… Actually he was dreaming After meeting Zoya and didn’t saw the truth… Before he enters in Zoya’s life, Zoya was already accepted Aditya, it’s just that she realised this now….
    And the best part was the last one, when Waseem asked Zoya to tell the truth…and she said that she couldn’t know when and how it would have happened… she tried a lot, struggled with her feelings but failed Infront of her heart..❤️ That time Aditya’s eyes well up while Waseem and everyone get stunned…😯😱😱😳 Waseem pushed Zoya towards the door but Adi hold her in time..👫👌😍😘😘
    One thing is still left in my comment, I find a glimpse of DDLJ when Adi was leaving and he saw Noor…they both looked each other and was sad both were teary eyed….and then just looked Zoya and again that eye contact said that :-
    1. (Adi- Sorry Noor, I tried a lot but didn’t able to make Zoya accept her feelings for me)
    2. (Noor- Sorry Aditya, I tried a lot to convince Appi but failed…I would be most happiest person if Appi accepts you love and you become my brother-in-law…)
    So these they share with their eye contacts….whereas..Arjun was so sad to seeing this but he too smile a bit when Zoya accepts her love for Aditya…
    Now coming to Precap, I’m not angry on Anjana as she did right by preparing the “Aarti thaal” in Advance for welcoming Newly Wed- AdiYa. What a timing…👏👏👏👏👍👍👌👌👌😍😍😍😘😘😘 Let’s Nacho💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃
    Eagerly waiting for 2mrrow episode..

    1. Neha1

      Eagerly waiting for 2mrrow episode just to watch Anjana’s reactions..Mr.Hooda looks already in Shocked 😯😯😱😱when Adi extend his hands and Zoya hold her hands and enter…..🤗🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍😘😘😘
      And Anjana will be like 😯😱😭👿 fuming in anger🔥🔥🔥

  6. Precap is awesome. Waiting for tomarrow to c anjana shock face…😢😢
    I think tomarow zoya will b seen crying.
    Anyway am happy that marriage got cancelled. Happy for aadiya😍😍.
    Am gona watch this episode 2/3 Times tomarow.

  7. Anju5u

    Poor …Arjun n Noor wonder….how their wedding is gonna happen…..🤔🤔 Now that Zoya n adi r gonna get married….again this waseem will go mad…..n will start looking for a groom for Noor ….poor Noor….🤔🤔

  8. So happy after a long time…no complaints…all I would say is episode was simply ‘awesome’!!!😁😁😁😁😁😃😃😃😃😃😃😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  9. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  10. My knees feel weak😎😍😘

  11. Neha1

    Eagerly waiting for 2mrrow episode just to watch Anjana’s reactions..Mr.Hooda looks already in Shocked 😯😯😱😱when Adi extend his hands and Zoya hold her hands and enter…..🤗🤗🤗🤗😍😍😍😘😘😘
    And Anjana will be like 😯😱😭👿 fuming in anger🔥🔥🔥

  12. Neha1

    So, friends going to sleep… goodnight will see you 2mrrow… Excitement was so high that I had posted same comment twice.

  13. Finally the serial is back on track.

    Let’s see what the psycho has in store for Zoya lol.

    Arch if you do cry today I know it’s because you’re happy 😀😀😀

    1. @Seychelle : I didn’t cry but was super excited…n after a long time i didnt have any complaints on the episode!!!😁😁😁

  14. Finally zoya confessed… Waiting for this moment for so long.But i was expecting little bit more dramatic confession. But who care. No mahi, mahi mom and yash but in name plate still written Arora..

    Jenny’s acting is treat to eyes…

  15. I wish anjana also kicked out adiya
    Otherwise she will do new plotting aganist zoya
    If they outside there will be happy moment at least in between
    Wasim anger justified as zoya again done same thing. First yash now aditya
    He will understand i think
    But anjana is psycho, intolerable

  16. in precap zoya holdin adi hand standin behind him afraid of anjana was nice…but i didnt see any sindoor or mangalsutra realy r thy married

    1. Ahh I noticed the same ☺

    2. The sindoor will be covered by the maangtikka…n Anjana asks Adi that ‘Zoya’s marriage is done right?’ …At that time he will tell Anjana…’Yes Zoya’s marriage over not with Arshad but me’ … n then they will move her maangtikka n show the sindoor…n probably also tell everyone how they took marriage vows in front of ganpati!!!

      1. N I don’t think Adi made her wear mangalsutra…N Zoya is Muslim so that Mangalsutra part is not obligatory!!!even I didn’t c mangalsutra so I think that way!!! Even when Zoya got married to Yash, he asked her if she wishes to wear mangalsutra n she said ‘yes’..Adi will definitely gift her a mangalsutra but may be later!!!

  17. Lovely episode. The one I had been waiting for since months <3
    Waseem, I was waiting for this exact reaction and face expression. You kept checkmating Adi and you became overconfident, but you forgot, that an overconfident person somehow ends up checkmating himself. Even if Zoya would have said that she doesn't love Adi, under your pressure, do you think the other people standing there were fools to not recognize the fear in her eyes because of you? And what sort of a father are you? You always said that all you want is your daughter's happiness, now that your daughter has confessed her happiness, you reject him (Adi) just because you don't like him. This shows your selfishness. You were always using Zoya as a puppet, so that she would do only those things that please you, and in name of fatherly love, you kept on emotionally blackmailing her. Your daughter are not your possessions or property, they are humans too. Zoya loves Adi and now, you know this. But there is your second daughter Noor. She too is in love, with Arjun. Is this how you are going to behave with her as well? But ArNoor are stronger than Zoya so I guess you will have a difficult time dealing with them. And I wish them best of luck. I can rant about you and Anjana the whole day, so, I do not wish to proceed further.
    And the moment Waseem pushed Zoya, Adi came and caught her. Something amazing struck me right then. The moment Adi catches Zoya, there are no tears in his eyes, and he looks dead-straight towards Waseem. This shows that now that Zoya has confessed her love, nothing matters to Adi. He can fight with the whole world for Zoya. Zoya is now his strength and his armour. All he needs to fight everyone, is to have Zoya by his side. This is his love.
    Arshad, you finally took the right step. I loved that when you backed off, you confessed your feelings and accepted your mistake of staying ignorant, that too without losing your dignity.
    Another thing that I loved was, that I kept on thinking, that if Arshad backs off, then there won't be a chance for Zoya to confess her love. But surprisingly, Arshad backed off and Zoya confessed her love too.
    Next, Zoya's confession was so sweet and so out-of-the-world. We all were expecting Zoya to run behind Adi in her bridal attire and all that crazy stuff. But now I think that this confession is better. It was so simple. , "Hume samjh hi nahi aaya yeh kab, kaise ho gaya. Humne bohot koshish ki thi, par hum apne dil ke aage haar gaye abbu." (I could not understand that when and how did this happen. I tried a lot, but I lost in front of my heart). You see, no stretchy, exaggerated dialogues, just few simple words and how deeply Zoya confessed her feelings. Besides Adi's expression was as if he finally found his sukoon (relief) after such a long and difficult battle with his feelings.
    Another thing that I loved is Arjun and Noor's face expressions when Zoya finally confesses her love. They looked so relaxed as if a big burden got off their chests. Noor looked so relieved and Arjun's smile looked so sweet. I sincerely hope that they patch up now.
    Finally! The big day comes. And we know that in tomorrow's episode Waseem will throw Zoya out of her house and Adi will console her and bring her to his house. Now, the actual track seems better than my story. My story was liked by everyone specially because it came up at a time when everyone was fed up of the track (Though I won't disagree that at the same time,it was a good story 🙂 )
    I want to see their first night. NO, not because I am expecting mushy or romantic scenes. On the contrary, I do not want any steamy scenes right now. I want a sweet and simple conversation between AdiYa. I want to see Adi consoling Zoya; I want to see Zoya smiling in Adi's arms, relaxed, not as a friend but as a wife; I want to see Zoya sharing bed with Adi without any hesitation; I want to see Adi sweetly putting Zoya and himself to sleep, with a sweet Good night and maybe even a sweet kiss on her cheek; I want to see Adi smiling, while looking at an asleep Zoya. This is what I want, a sweet simple and a beautiful Goodnight conversation between them on their first night.
    And I believe that Jenshad will carry out this scene perfectly. Because they are experts at performing simple scenes with so many emotions that even a very plain scene looks beautiful and divine. After all, at times all you need for a perfect scene, is a room with brilliant actors and some soft music, so, of course, how can I forget out show's beautiful title track.
    Bepannah makers, you yet again proved that this show is the best. Even though this was a cliche scene, it somehow looked original with all the actors brilliantly doing their job and Zoya's simple and sweet confession dialogue.
    @Arch: You were saying that AdiYa's engagement, mehandi, haldi, sindoordaan everything is done, only marriage is left now. But I would like to remind everyone that during that Virani drama, AdiYa's half the marriage was complete. And now with all of the other things done, they are already married. Only one thing is left now, i.e. registering their marriage legally and getting a marriage certificate 🙂
    Waiting for replies 🙂

    1. If is one thing I admire about your comments, it’s always meaningful.

      One thing I disagree on is Arshad i still don’t like him

      Too blind to be a doctor 😁😁😁

      1. Thank You Seychelle 😊
        Don’t worry, we won’t see Arshad anymore now👏👏

    2. @Evelyn : I didn’t count that half marriage bcos pheras were not completed…Adi completed his pheras but not Zoya!!! Yes now Adiya have to just legally register their marriage!!!Arjun would help them do it I guess!! Hope they do it fast else villains will try to prove they are not married at all n living together!!! N this will impact Zoya more!!!!

      1. Yes, somethings like pheras and wedding vows are not complete so I guess some things are still left. Maybe AdiYa will complete those few things infront of Ganpati😇🙏🙏 I am waiting so eagerly😊😊

    3. Neha1

      Wow Evelyn👍👌😍😘you’re amazingly described the whole episode with Fan’s felt after watching the episode…and agree whatever you write on your comment…

      1. Thank You Neha😊

    4. Anju5u

      @ Evelyn..😍😍🤔😍🤗🤗🤗🤗
      ..I just loved reading ur long long comment…I could reminisce….each n every scene in my mind while reading this….it’s so beautiful….n ya we want to c how adi consoles n becomes her pillar of support….n ya expecting the sweet simple conversations…n a hug n a kiss on her forehead…..that could be the best….🤗🤗

      1. Exactly my thoughts 🙂

  18. The Indian Television Industry has found three great actors.
    Jennifer Winget (Zoya), Harshad Chopra (Aditya), Shehzad Sheikh (Arjun)
    And Btw,
    Harsh (Adi’s father), I am speaking to you,
    You see this girl (Zoya/Jennifer) and you know her right? She is the same girl who killed you the last time(Beyhadh). So Beware! And don’t try to become like Anjana and don’t try to come between her love, because you know the consequences 😛 XD

  19. Jennifer Winget has already won an award for her role in Bepannah. Now it is Harshad’s turn. His portrayal of Aditya Hooda is damn more than perfect. Speaking from eyes and his at times heart-wrenching, at times sarcastic, at times funny acting has won every Bepannah watcher’s heart. Waiting for him to win an award. And Shehzad Shaikh deserves an award for playing Arjun Hooda so perfectly. He deserves a supporting role award.

    1. Neha1

      Yeah agree, that’s why Harshad’s fan following will increasing day by day…And I love Harshad more than Jennifer…Sorry….😛😜 loved both and other actors are also Gr8….Noor, Arjun, Mr.Hooda and everyone.👍👌😍

      1. Yeah! That’s why this show is great😀 A buch of brilliant actors working together😁😁

  20. can anyone tell me that anjana did murder pooja , yash n sakshi ? actually i haven’t seen it from arshad’s entry . . . so guys tell me is it true ?

    1. Rajvi_shah

      Yes Anjana killed Yash, Pooja and sakshi

    2. Neha1

      @Namirah, Anjana confessed before Sakshi that she killed Pooja, Yash and their unborn child…as Pooja was cheating on Aditya….had an EMA with Yash….and she later pushed Sakshi from the cliff…Earlier there were rumours revolving that Sakshi will be back to avenge Anjana…. but love track of AdiYa had shown till now….so, hoping that she’ll be back as untill now in the show, no one found her dead body…so, she might be back…we’re waiting that this mystery to unfold infront of AdiYa and everyone…!

  21. Guys do you realize that pretty much the same thing is repeating when the Virani drama took place. That time, Madhu threw Zoya out of the house, this time Waseem. That time, Adi took Zoya to his house and even this time. Forever with Zoya <3
    And Anjana will forever remain shocked XD

  22. Neha1

    Anjana will welcome Zoya but with evil intentions in Bepanaah…

  23. i hope they were married…fingers crossed for next epi to see their marriage

    1. Neha1

      I think it’s not true spoiler…I also heard this before but no confirmation yet about the spoiler

  24. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Awesome episode! I think most awaited episode of Bepanah. For the first time, I love Arshad’s reaction. Finally, zoya confessed her love for Aditya.

  25. It will be true …but how u know I feel the plot will turn :
    1. Anjana THINKS she killed Poosh.Sakshi is mostly alive. Sakshi is only aware of Anjana’s wrongdoings but completely oblivious of other culprits who may be involved.
    2.Wasim THINKS he killed Poosh. As per tellychakkar, this will get revealed in upcoming episodes..
    3.But, the real murderer will be a third person altogether n this is most likely Harsh’s other woman – a character that has not yet entered or his illegitimate son/daughter from her…Rajvir could be that illegitimate son and murderer!!!!
    But both Anjana n Wasim will be convicted of attempt to murder. When the real murderer will be exposed by Adiya they both will mend their ways n wholeheartedly accept Aditya n Zoya!!!!

    1. Neha1

      Yeah @Arch, that’s sounds too filmy but let’s see what makers show about Poosh’s murder….but right now Anjana is a camp and in negative character in the show….and Anjana accept her crime before Sakshi….so it would be difficult to think that the murderer will be someone else and that too related with Mr.Hooda’s illegitimate son/daughter….but can’t say anything right now…as makers have shown romantic angle between AdiYa and Poosh’s murder mystery Will take time to unfold…

      1. Neha1

        Not *camp… it’s Vamp…

    2. Hi Arch, I think you’re right about a 3rd person, even Harsh could be that person. You remember at the beginning he wanted Pooja’s diary so badly because she written a secret of his in it. There’s something about Harsh that he’s doing, that’s not right. When Adi came back and he was going outside toeet Zoya, he met Harsh wearing jogging clothes, at midnight. Where was he coming from? We thought he was responsible for kidnapping Sakshi but it turned out be Anjana.

      I still want to know why Rajvir was there, maybe we’ll never know.

  26. Neha1

    Funny…After watching the above link…and this one…Arjun was missed in Siddiqui’s house whereas AdiYa out of the house….
    Noor it’s perfect time you should also confess your love for Arjun and Waseem throw you n Arjun out of the house and It will be gr8 of both the couples would get married and enter in Hooda house….
    Hehehehe…Anjana will get Heart attack..🤗🤗🤣🤣😂😂

    1. Anju5u

      He he….that would be really nice….then all 4 can go to Paris… .n have a great time away from all this crap …😜

  27. Neha1

    Arjun and Mr.Hooda in police station… upcoming scene…why they are in police station…

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