Paramavatar Shri Krishna 24th April 2019 Written Episode Update: Kanha goes to lanka.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 24th April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with radha in barsana as brij bhanu prepares for the Panchami and for the Pooja of all wives in the village. Radha is excited and she prepares the Pooja plates for all men and women of the village.
Kansa is in Mathura and gajasura arrives. Gajasura says I will kill radha and laxmi’s form of griha laxmi, I have waited for revenge for a long time. Gajasura goes to barsana. Kansa says now all people will fight amongst themselves and then gajasura shall kill griha laxmi. Kansa laughs.
Kanha leaves the ashram as balram stays with rishi sandeepani. Kanha says now what do I do? Where do I go to learn the vimla kala? Who knows vimla kala apart from rishi sandeepani? Kanha then sits under a tree and starts meditating. Kanha says show me the way to the knowledge of vimla kala. Devi utkarshini appears. Kanha does pranam to devi utkarshini and says devi, I need your help please help me. Devi utkarshni says prabhu, to save rishi sandeepani you have to learn the vimla kala, the art of immortality! But there is only one place where you will gain the knowledge of vimla kala, that is in Lanka. Kanha says lanka? Devi utkarshini says yes prabhu, head towards Lanka, there you will know where to find the knowledge of vimla kala and amritva. Kanha thanks devi utkarshini and heads towards lanka.
In barsana, all the preparations are going on. Gajasura takes the disguise of a sage and he enters the village. Gajasura finds brij bhanu with some men and he goes to them. Brij bhanu and all men do pranam to the new rishi and say who are you rishi var? how can we help you? Gajasura says I have come here after I heard about the Panchami tradition being brought back in barsana. Gajasura says I brought divine offerings for the men and wives of barsana, so that after the Pooja you shall consume it with your wives. Brij bhanu and all men thank the rishi. Gajasura goes as he watches from a hill.
In barsana, all people get ready for the Panchami festival. Everyone gather at brij bhanu’s house for the festival. The Pooja starts as the men start doing the Pooja of their wives. Brij bhanu does the aarti and Pooja of kirti as radha watches happily. As the Pooja is over, the women feed the men sweets that were given by gajasura. As the men eat the sweets, suddenly an evil overcomes them as the evil force inside their body turns them into angry men, with red eyes and demon force run through the veins. The men get angry and women are shocked. Brij bhanu and all men throw away the plates of Pooja and sweets. The women are shocked to the sudden change of behavior. Radha is confused as she seems to trying to understand what is happening.
Kanha is going to lanka. Balram is with rishi sandeepani and he says rishi var, stay alive kanha will soon find a way to gain the vimla kala and save you.

Precap: Kanha is flying to lanka. The men start fighting and arguing with their wives in barsana. Radha is bound to take the avatar of griha laxmi.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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