Paramavatar Shri Krishna 23rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha convinces kansa that parhsuram lied.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 23rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kansa saying yog maya, you know why I came here, right? Kansa smiles and says of course you know that, tell me the truth of devki’s 8th son, tell me who is vishnu’s form on earth. Kanha says how will devi yog maya know that? Kansa laughs and says she knows it nephew, she knows everything, but look at your protector she is not coming to protect you people. Kanha says mama kansa, you are wrong, devi yog maya has always protected us, she has protected us from all troubles.
Kansa says then why doesn’t she come now? Why doesn’t she come to protect you all? Kanha says but where is the threat? Kansa says kanha do you want your mother to lose her child? Kansa goes to yashoda and says yashoda don’t worry, I wont kill kanha, but yog maya look at your disciples, look at their fallen and sad faces, come to protect them they are calling you. Radha says but if there is no threat then why will devi yog maya come? Balram smiles. Kanha smiles. Kansa says so you don’t see the threat little girl? Bhagwan kansa is here and the people are thinking there is no threat here, which means even yog maya you must be thinking that there is no threat here, then let me show what the threat is.
Kansa says pralapt and janur now these people shall be killed. Everyone gets scared. Kansa takes a vrindavan villager and takes him in front of yog maya’s statue, he says yog maya I will kill him, come now and tell me the truth. Kansa removes his sword. Balram says I will destroy kansa, he understands only kicks and punches. Kanha stops him and says no brother, here we need to use intelligence and stop kansa. Kanha goes and says mama kansa! Wait, you are right. Devi yog maya you are not our protector, you are nothing, please tell kansa mama the truth and please come here, at least save us all this time. Kansa smiles. Kanha says devi yog maya, mama kansa will not spare us. Kansa says how such change of mind nephew? Kanha says not change, I have started to feel scared from you, who knows what you will do next and who will be killed. Kansa leaves the man. Kanha says kansa mama, who told you devi yog maya knows the truth? Or even this time you just made this up and came here. Kansa says nephew, I never go without proof, bhagwan parshuram told me that yog maya knows the truth of vishnu’s form. Kanha says but how do you know bhagwan parshuram said the truth? Kansa says bhagwan parshuram never tells a lie. Kanha says mama, who is your greatest enemy? Kansa says that Vishnu! kanha says and as much as you hate him, you know about all his forms. Kanha says what was lord vishnu’s first form? Kansa says why? Kanha says I will only tell, the first form was Matsya! Kanha says what was the 2nd? Kansa says are you testing me? Then listen, 2nd form was kashyap, 3rd was parah, 4th form was narsimha, 5th was vaman, and 6th… kanha says remember, what was the 6th form? Kanha says bhagwan parshu,…. Parshuram! Kanha says yes, bhagwan parshuram is the form of lord Vishnu and you believed your enemy, mama kansa you wont get anything here but at least before going take the food made by people of vrindavan. A gopi brings food. Kansa is shocked for some time, gopi gives him the plate. Kansa throws it down angrily and says Vishnu you cheater, you have cheated on such a level, I never thought you would lie and become an adharmi but now even you follow iniquity like me. Kansa says Vishnu I will take revenge for what you have done. Kansa goes with pralapt and janur. Everyone is happy and they say kanha because of you we got saved. Everyone pick kanha and say jai kanhaiya lal ki.
Kansa is going with pralapt and janur and janur says bhagwan even if bhagwan parshuram was lying but kagasura told us about devi yog maya talking with Vishnu and yog maya also made that aakash vani about vishnu’s form. Pralapt says and yes bhagwan if yog maya doesn’t know anything then why was Vishnu stopping us all the time and bringing obstacles? Kansa stops and then he presses the neck of pralapt and janur and holds them at the edge of the mountain. Both plead and say bhagwan please leave us, please spare our lives once. Kansa leaves them and smiles, he says for the first time in your lives you have said something smart, bhagwan kansa is impressed from you. Kansa says yog maya I will know what you are hiding.

Precap: kanha makes a boundary circle around the mountain and makes a shield. Kansa is thrown out by the shield. Kansa says now I will destroy this mountain and the dham of yog maya. Kansa becomes huge and picks the mountain with all people of vrindavan on it.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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