Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd May 2018 Written Episode Update: Ekaksh attacks swarg lok with his demon army.

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Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with all demons saying yes we will attack swarg lok, we want swarg lok. Ekakash’s commander, nandak says maharaj, look at the health of our demons, they have been hungry for so many days and they don’t have any power in them and strength left, if they are not fed then we will lose against the gods. Ekaksh says you are right nandak. Ekaksh says all demons, listen to my order, we don’t have anything on our lok, to fight against the gods we need strength, from now you will all make your women your food instead of your children, then we will fight the gods and take over swarg lok. All demons look at the demoness who are scared. The demoness start running as all demons go behind them. All demons kill the women demons and eat them.
Nandak says why did you give that order? Ekaksh says that is because one woman demon who betrayed us was daruka and because of her betrayal and adishakti’s bhakti, our demons got killed.
Ganesh says ekaksh was very cruel, just because of daruka he killed his own people and made them food. Mata kali says ekeaksh was even more cruel and destructive than daruk! He took his armies and went to swarg lok.
In swarg lok, indra dev sits in court with all gods discussing about the universe and its safety and earth! Suddenly a voice comes loudly, indra! Indra dev gets up as all gods do. Indra dev says no one staying in swarg lok will talk to me like that, who is that? All gods go outside the palace.
Ekaksh is standing and he says wow, swarg lok! Indra, you and your gods live here! This swarg lok is so beautiful. Ekaksh looks at everything and says amazing, very beautiful, it is filled with everything. Ekaksh says I want to live here in swarg lok. Indra dev says who are you evil demon? Ekaksh says oh my god, I am scared! Ekaksh then says you gods live in such royalty, you get everything and all the pleasures of your life, we demons have to live in harsh conditions, my demons without food have died and we have struggled but now we will live in swarg lok, you gods can go and live in rasatal lok otherwise you will die. Indra dev attacks his lightning, suddenly a rock hits the lightning and indra dev’s attack is failed. All gods are shocked. Suryadev says evil demon, you have been given your own planet according to you character and behavior, you cannot stay here. Ekaksh laughs and his 2 commanders come. Nandak and other commander both laugh and they show their powers, nandak thrusts his horn into the ground and it cracks. Indra dev gets angry and says you demons will die. Ekaksh and his commanders attack the gods, they use their powers together and attack ekaksh and his commanders, the demons fall back. Ekaksh laughs and says now the rules will change, for one god there will be thousands of demons to fight. Suddenly thousands of flying demons come down from the sky and lands. Indra dev and all gods are shocked. The demon soldiers attacks the gods, indra dev and the gods use their powers and attack on the soldiers, these demons stand together and run towards the god, they fall down but come back alive. Indra dev says we have to use more power. All gods use more power and throw some demons and kill them, some get up again and fight. Indra dev’s armies fight the demon armies, the demon armies have victory over the gods army. Indra dev says gods, we are losing, we have to escape otherwise everything will be in danger. The gods go. ekaksh laughs and says see demons, I told you we will win.
Mata kali says this way ekaksh won the battle and took over swarg lok.

Precap: ekaksh is sitting on the throne when suddenly a lion roars and ekaksh and his demons fall down. mata chinnmastika appears on her lion.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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