Paramavatar Shri Krishna 23rd December 2019 Written Episode Update – Krishna goes to ask help from hanuman

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 23rd December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with asoor kalke disturbs mahadev’s meditation so mahadev shouts him saying you have done this wrong then he says I wish you should do war with me then mahadev tells him you won’t get this opportunity but I will send you to pataal then he says how you will send me so he calls devi kaalratri & tells her to send him to pataal so he tries to attack devi but she kills his army & also him & sends him to pataal.
The brahman explains Krishna that this is what happened as due to mahadev kaalratri is ruling pataal. Krishna says how did she became evil so he tells krishna due to asoor raja who impressed her & started doing evil things. Brahman says hanuman’s son makad is devotee of kaalratri who is raja.
Makad is asking help from kaalratri & she blesses him.
Dev rishi explains how makad was immerged as hanuman’s son due to questions of gods were asked as hanuman was brahmachari then how come his son.
Hanuman was killing ravan with his tail creating fire around his lanka to bring mata sita from his clutches.
Dev rishi explains all gods how hanuman’s blood was gulped by a fish & brought son of hanuman while he was going to shri ram taking sita from lanka & he is explaining how hanuman’s son became naresh of pataal lok later but then Krishna will find out how son of hanuman is operating in pataal lok.
Krishan comes to pataal lok while devi kalratri tells him to stop so krishna talks with devi & she feels blessed so krishna tells her I wish to take life of those children’s along with me so she explains why she did this due to pataal loks raja makad who was booned by me then krishna tells her you did your work but now you should help me so she tells him children’s are safe with me & if raja allows me then I will definitely give you so krishna explains her I have promised their mother that I will bring them back so she tells him there is only way that to ask from raja makad so he tells he to take me there.
Rukmini comes to village of children’s mother bringing food for them so the woman says how can I have food losing three children’s then Rukmini explains her to have food for your children’s so she pleads Rukmini & Rukmini blesses her to keep faith in shri Krishna.
Makad raja tells Krishna you came as I was waiting for you then Krishna asks him doing all this you made to come here is this right as you have done evil then makad tells him you are blamed for this then Krishna asks him how come so he explains of due to devotion my father towards you always so he was away from me so I also faced life without my father then Krishna assures him I will solve your problem but till then handover children’s then he tells him first let my father come to me then only I can do this.
Dev rishi explains gods this is how it has happened.
Makad is telling Krishna that till I do not get my father I won’t give their children’s. Krishna thinks saying makad I will resolve your problem as hanuman was my ultimate devotee.
All villagers are cursing Krishna while Rukmini is trying to stop them but all are leaving his dwarka due to safety of their children’s & Rukmini is praying Krishna to come fast.
Krishna is talking with hanuman while he is cursing his son but Krishna explains to see by eyes of father & enemy but hanuman says I can’t sustain this as this is my test of my devotion & will talk with my son in my language & take permission.

Precap: Hanuman is trying to attack makad while Krishna stops him explaining him to tackle with love. Makad understands & hugs hanuman with love.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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