Nimki Vidhayak 23rd December 2019 Written Episode Update: Dadi hides from Ganga

Nimki Vidhayak 23rd December 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Dadi sees Ganga in her house. Ganga comes to Mai and says how is Nimki? Mai says Nimki wears Babbu’s sindoor so they are fine. Minto comes there. Ganga says I came here to meet Mai. Rekha comes there and greets her. Ganga leaves from there. Dadi hides from her. Ganga sees her silhouette and thinks who was she? She goes to check but Dadi hides from her. Ganga leaves.

Mahua slaps Tunee and says how can you bring such a dress? Nimki says we didn’t ask you to wear this in college but the swimsuit is allowed in the competition and they all have to wear it, what will you do now? Mahua says I am ashamed. Nimki says what about the traditions? These people give you a character certificate on the basis of your clothes, if you have to move ahead in life then get over your shame and be confident. Try it once. Dumri says but. Nimki says stop it. She asks her to say sorry to Tunee, he is supporting you, he is a good person. Mahua says sorry to Tunee. Tunee says it’s okay. Dumri laughs.

Minto brings the refreshments. Pishko and his friend tease him about becoming Nimki’s husband. Minto says stop it, I had to do it for Mai. Dadi comes there and is tensed.

Scene 2
Mahua wears a sleeveless swimsuit. Nimki and others clap for her. Mahua is shy.

Dadi hugs Minto and says did Ganga say anything to you? He says no. Mai asks Dadi to leave Babbu, Ganga came to meet me. Rekha says she is a big leader. Dadi says she won’t come here anymore. Mai says why not? This is my house. Dadi asks Minto to not bring any politician in their house, you promised me. Minto says I remember my promise.

Ganga recalls seeing a particular person in the chawl and then Dadi with a small kid. She gets tensed. Parag asks what happened? Ganga says nothing, she says once I get the power then I will put everyone in place. Parag says we have to plan. Ganga says you are right.
PRECAP- Nimki asks Mahua to remember that she is a queen. She sends Mahua off for the competition. Otherside Mishra tells Ganga that we should take revenge from Nimki.

Update Credit to: Atiba

  1. So shattered, so confused due to falling trp? Bra-burning is neither women emancipation nor empowerment. Swim-suites and cat walks have their place, but they don’t enhance women power or dignity all by themselves either symbolically or significantly. To sum up, Mahua cannot enhance your trp by wearing swim suites or. This is simple b*t*hiness, let the queen b*t*h Nimki justify it, and misguide people.

    1. So true. The makers have become so desperate that they would now use Mahua in swimsuit to earn trp, and that too, in the name of woman empowerment. And who is giving the motivational speech? It is our extramarital, murderer, sinful b*t*h Nimki! Down with the makers, down with the serial.

  2. Tune Sahib, how long would you continue living at others cost and mercy. Stop being a psycophant and a stooge to Nimki, and now Mahua. You would continue getting slapped otherwise. Have some self respect. Leave them. Better still, quit this useless serial.

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