Paramavatar Shri Krishna 23rd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Sudhama hugs a shudra caste man.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 23rd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with sudhama with his sister and brother. Sudhama’s siblings say brother, these brahmins are not treating us good, they also beat us, what do we do? Sudhama smiles and says siblings, don’t worry, our govinda is with us and the brahmins have told us to go and take blessing of at least 2 shudra caste people, only then we can get educated to become rishi. Sudhama goes and first he sees a man of shudra low caste with a stick, sudhama says kaka! The man says what happened? Sudhama says I wanted to tell you something. The man says how are you talking to me? No one even touches us as we are of low caste, what work do you have from me? Sudhama says kaka, I have respect for you and wanted to tell you that the work that you are doing cannot be done by everyone, you are a great man and you wear other people’s used clothes and do the work of collecting their garbage, the garbage that the high class people make and yet they think filth of you, you work in a graveyard and burn their bodies yet they ridicule you, I just want to take your blessings and hug you kaka. The man is filled with tears and joy, he hugs sudhama and sudhama takes his blessings and tell the man his name. the man says sudhama, you are truly a boy sent from god, I am mahadev’s disciple and mahadev has said, a person who thinks of everyone as his brothers and loves them is god himself. the man says sudhama, I wish you all happiness in life and if you need anything from me, ask from me. The man has tears and says sudhama, you are the only person I have seen that has given me love. Sudhama smiles and says kaka, everyone is a child of the god, and we should love everyone and be kind to everyone.
The 2 brahmins of rishi brahmanand follow sudhama and see this and say this kid got successful in his work, we cannot yet let him be of Brahmin caste, he is a disgrace to our caste!
In the village, all people sit and pondrik plays his flute. As pondrik plays flute, its sweet music mesmerizes everyone but at the same time putting them into pondrik’s trap. Kanha is angry as he sees this and he says pondrik you try and do anything but I will not let you succeed in your adharma! You have fooled the people but I wont get fooled from you.
Sudhama there goes to a man with a donkey and sees him sad. Sudhama says what happened kaka? The man says son, my donkey is not going ahead and it has become ill! I want it to become good again but I cannot move him from here. sudhama says don’t worry kaka, my govinda will make everything right for you, pray to him. kanha shows the statue of kanha. 2 men say who is your govinda? Show us too! The men make fun of the donkey and kick it. sudhama says don’t do that, in every animal my prabhu livs and he lives in everything, you are kicking god and god has said everyone is equal. Sudhama shows the statue of kanha and says he is my govinda, my prabhu, the men laugh and say he is your prabhu? What can your prabhu do sudhama? Don’t fool people around! Sudhama says I am not fooling anyone, I will pray to my prabhu and he will make even the donkey say the gayatri mantra, you tease everyone but you will see for yourself. A merchant sees all this! Sudhama prays to kanha and says prabhu, my govinda, your disciple I calling you as this poor man needs your help for his donkey, sudhama prays and thinks prabhu please keep your disciples respect in front of these 2 men. As he prays, lord Vishnu smiles and says a disciple’s true belief in his god can make him do miracles.
Lord Vishnu says the gayatri mantra and there sudhama touches kanha’s statue on the donkey. The donkey starts making hee-haw sound and also says the gayatri mantra in its own voice and sounds. The men are shocked and the merchant sees and says this is a miracle! The men say truly sudhama, you have done a miracle but you proved that god lives in everything. the merchant says I do pranam before you, you are a god and I want you and your siblings to have food at my house. Sudhama says kaka, I will be honored. Sudhama takes his siblings and goes to the merchants house.
The brahmins see this and say this kid is fooling everyone, he is of shudra caste and by touching the idol of a child to a donkey, the people think he has proved that miracles can happen, he is doing maya and we have to stop him lets go.
As sudhama and his siblings are served food, the brahmins come and say don’t feed them, they are liars and of lower caste. The merchant says what are you saying? They are just children and I have seen sudhama do a miracle. The Brahmin says no, he cannot live anywhere here as he is just making the city more impure, he is doing his maya and he is evil, he is insulting all people of this city and he will be thrown out from here. sudhama’s brother and sister cry and sudhama has tears and says brahman dev I didn’t do anything, I just did my bhakti in my prabhu, leave me. The Brahmin ties sudhama and his siblings and ties kanha’s statue with sudhama, they start pulling them off the street. Suddenly the shudra man comes with his friend and say stop this! Brahmin says who are you to stop us you low caste beggar? Get aside from my way, you all don’t deserve to live. The man says you brahmins think you are greater than everyone but mahadev said a person who protects the life of an innocent is a true human being and this child is innocent, sudhama is a good soul and you brahmins are just egoistic of yourself. The man says I will protect him. the Brahmin puts ahead 2 rishi’s to fight away the shudra man and his friend, they fight with sticks and beat the brahmins. The Brahmin lifts a stick to fight the man, the man takes his stick and says I will punish you, from now your rules wont work anywhere, the Brahmin runs away in pain. The man releases sudhama and says sudhama sit down, you are very kind and innocent, you have done something that not everyone would do! I will help you in your journey, there is only one place where no dharma works! It is the graveyard where only mahadev resides and no dharma or adharma lives there. Sudhama smiles.

Precap: kanha runs to save his disciple, sudhama’s life. Sudhama is in trouble in a forest with his siblings.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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