Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd August 2018 Written Episode Update: Ganesh gets angry on chandra dev.

Vighnaharta Ganesh 23rd August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kartikeya taking ganesh out and showing him how the universe is nearing its end and destruction as volcanoes occur and planets collide, the water on earth dries up and even in Kailash all water dries up. Ganesh sees everything and understands the consequence of his curse to Chandra dev. Ganesh says brother I will come with you to father and ask for a solution from him, I will go and find Chandra dev and bring him back so the universe is saved. Kartikeya smiles and says yes ganesh lets go to father.
Ganesh and kartikeya come to mahadev who is with parvati. Ganesh says father, I have seen the pain this universe is taking and the destruction that is happening around us. Ganesh says i cursed Chandra dev and that is why this all is happening.
There bhom is meditating and his anger affects ganesh again! as ganesh speaks to mahadev, he gets angry suddenly and says now I have decided that I wont ever forgive Chandra dev at any cost! He hurt my mother and she had to go through so much pain, such a person doesn’t have any kindness from me, if I could then I will curse Chandra dev again because now, it is his fault again! He has gone and hidden somewhere because of which the universe is suffering such destructive calamities, I wont forgive Chandra dev at all. Ganesh walks away angrily. Kartikeya says what happened to ganesh? Right now he was calm and suddenly he turned so angry. Mahadev says ganesh has turned angry and he wont forgive Chandra dev, if this happens then Chandra dev wont be found and the world will be destroyed. Parvati says mahadev, you are not looking and thinking from ganesh’s side! Just think about him too. Parvati says ganesh has felt very bad because I was in pain, he could not see his mother suffer and that is why he is so angry on Chandra dev. Mahadev says uma, we have to do something, if Chandra dev is not brought back then the world will end with the universe as well.
There devi rohini is with all gods and she says I will pray to ganesh ji! With all my heart and ask for his help to bring back my swami, Chandra dev. Suryadev says I doubt ganesh ji is still angry. Parvati comes and says why do you think like that suryadev? Suryadev says no mata, I just meant ganesh ji felt bad about your suffering and he must be still angry. Mahadev and kartikeya come as well. Parvati says all dev gan and devi rohini, don’t worry, ganesh is sad but he will hear you. parvati says praying to pratham pujya ganesh for help, ganesh wont ignore, he will come to find Chandra dev for sure, we will all pray to ganesh. Rohini takes a Pooja plate and ganesh’s idol is kept, she starts doing the aarti as all gods, devi parvati, kartikeya and Mahadev join as they sing the aarti with devi rohini.
Everyone pray and sing aarti for ganesh to impress him. rohini says I will do my best to impress ganesh ji.

Precap: Bhom meditates and his anger affects many living beings around him. as everyone pray, ganesh hears the prayer and aarti, he understands and decides to appear.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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