Paramavatar Shri Krishna 22nd April 2019 Written Episode Update: Viralaxmi kills karnasura.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 22nd April 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with all demon forms of vrindavan people destroying everything. Damodar says I will burn everything and he attacks with his eyes. Rishi says mata vira laxmi, do something please.
Kansa says, for a second I thought vira laxmi killed karnasura but he resurrected. Now karnasura will kill vira laxmi and soon I will kill kanha.
Vira laxmi is fighting with karnasura and devi ila appears. She says devi vira laxmi, karnasura cannot be killed like that. karnasura says no god can come and give you any suggestion, I cannot die. Devi ila tells vira laxmi, karnasura can be killed by these karna kundal. Devi ila gives karna kundal to vira laxmi. Vira laxmi takes the karna kundal and turns them into a Chakra, she attacks it on karnasura. Karnasura is in shock as the chakra goes and cuts the ears of karnasura and then his head, karnasura is killed.
In vrindavan, all demon forms disappear and the people start gaining consciousness. Kansa is angry and shocked. All gods pray to vira laxmi. All people wake up in vrindavan and the other people tell them that they destroyed the village. Damodar says but why would we do that? I think we were affected by some demon magic and that is why we destroyed everything. Gargacharya tells all people that it is true and this was because of karnasura and his powers and now he has been killed. People say who killed him? radha tells mata vira laxmi killed karnasura and she is one of the 8 forms of mata laxmi.
Narad muni praises mata laxmi’s avatar of vira laxmi.
Kanha and balram come to the ashram and rishi sandeepani says with your intelligence and bravery kanha, you have gained the knowledge of devi ila and think of it this way, that you both have gained the ila knowledge so a huge problem has been solved. Kanha asks now what art will we learn? Sandeepani says I will give you the knowledge of vimla kala now.
In vrindavana, gargacharya tells everyone about the 8 avatars of laxmi and they start praying to mata laxmi and doing her aarti, pooja. All people sing prayer for mata ashta laxmi and do her pooja as they give Prasad and sweets.
Mata danu gets angry and says how is this possible? Kansa says calm down mata, so much anger is not right. Kansa says I never think about those who die, I think of those who are coming. Kansa says karnasura could not do anything but now that griha laxmi will be killed my demon, Gajasura. Kansa, mata danu and bhadraksh go to find gajasura. Kansa says it is time for gajasura to come back to this world. Kansa summons gajasura. Kansa tells bhadraksh to join the stones in a pattern. Bhadraksh does as told. After joining the stones, thundering and lightning occur and the stones appear together to form gajasura. Gajasura’s soul appears inside the stone statue and it comes to life as gajasura.
Gajasura says why have you summoned me? kansa says I know you are waiting for revenge from griha laxmi for ages now and I am here to give you a chance to take that revenge. Gajasura says where is she? I will end that griha laxmi forever.
Rishi sandeepani tells kanha and balram, from today they shall take vimla kala and the devi is griha laxmi. The kala represents amrit and those who take this kala, they get amrit!
Rishi says griha laxmi makes everyone’s life like amrit so that is why in this kala, griha laxmi is the goddess of amritva. Kansa tells gajasura that griha laxmi has not yet appeared in the world, he has to bring her form out or rather make her appear herself so that she will be killed. Kansa says right now, adi laxmi is in the form of a human on earth, a girl named radha living in vrindavan! She has to be forced to take the avatar of griha laxmi.

Precap: Gajasura goes to barsana to create problems in people’s households. Kansa attacks arrow on rishi sandeepani which hits him in the chest. Kanha goes to save sandeepani’s life.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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