Paramavatar Shri Krishna 18th November 2019 Written Episode Update – Krishna makes sudama dwarkadhish

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 18th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Krishna praising sudama by telling him this is called friendship & he tells Krishna for you I can do anything. Krishna tells him that you rest now & I have to make preparations for your dwarkadhish process to happen tomorrow. Sudama says in himself that Krishna I will listen to you now for everything & this will clear my hurdles as per your wishes I feel.
Krishna is searching Rukmini everywhere but he does not find her so he asks maid where can be Rukmini so she tells him she has gone towards yog bhawan so he is confused & goes to her while seeing her in shree form he asks why this form & she explains him that you are making sudama lok-parlok swami then I have to leave you so he asks her you are my wife & how can you do this then she tells him I now can’t be Rukmini as she can only be with hari & now as you are donating sudama the lok-parlok then I am divided from my hari & Krishna tells her I understand you & now if I am performing my promise then you your duty so I won’t stop you but she tells her I thought I will change your mind by this way & now I have understood that if women is in any form then too men won’t understand so I have to leave you. She prays him while krishna blesses her by saying all your wishes come true. She leaves while Krishna gets depressed. Krishna & Rukmini see each other finally & Krishna says I know you must be depressed by me but I had no choice but to donate sudama & you are leaving me which is hurting me a lot too.
Sudama’s dwarkadhish procession is underway while vishwamitra is saying guru garkacharya was thinking he will disturb my stubbornness but he does not know I can do what can change the whole world too. The process is on while Krishna looks smilingly towards vishwamitra.
Gurudev tells Krishna to dress sudama for dwarkadhish. Krishna provides the same in his hands so sudama gets ready walking with new clothes of dwarkadhish. Krishna garlands him while guru tells him to do aarti of him & krishna does. Krishna tells sudama that my promise is completed & now you are dwarkadhish while sudama gets emotional.
Dev rishi talks with Narayan saying this has happened now so Narayan tells him now viswmitra will understand what my prabhu is but dev rishi tells him but by this vishwamitra won’t get contended as he must be planning more in his minds.
Krishna explains vishwamitra everything has happened as per your wishes so now you are happy but he tells him that still my job is not completed as now you are not dwarkadhish too so he tells that you itself say that there is no difference in friendship so krishna understands saying what is mine is of sudama’s & what is sudama’s is mine so vishwamitra says then still sudama’s is still not your’s as your’s have become sudama’s that’s why i say your job is still not completed & krishna says I understood where you are signing & not to worry as this will also be completed.
Dev rishi says to Narayan what I was scared that only happened & may be this a new plan of vishwamitra by which a new problem may arise.
Krishna explains dwarika about now I won’t be your dwarkadhish so from now onwards you have to accept sudama as your dwarkadhish & dwarika tells Krishna that you will always be my dwarikadhish but whatever you advice tell will be adhered & will help sudama in all sorts of things.
Krishna starts with dressing in sudama’s way to go to his village while all people & gurudev are depressed seeing krishna’s condition. Krishna prays gurudev while he asks what is this new game of your’s & he explains gurudev while gurudev understands but tells him I can’t accept this truth & he explains all of you have to accept & will be answerable to you all but to keep doing your duty for sudama like you use to do for me & he takes leave from them.
Gurudev thinks I had written about my prabhu who is all three loks swami then what kind of reason is behind this of my prabhu’s decision which I have to search.
Dev rishi tells Narayan what is this happening so Narayan explains that there is some other reason or game of his deeds behind. So dev rishi asks Narayan that I think you know what reason is behind because your smile is showing so Narayan tells him to listen & Narayan says today Krishna accepting beggars life to make sudama dwarkadhish is his promise itself given to sudama & is of those days when they were studying in gurukul.
Sudama in childhood is chanting prayers under a tree & kanha praising him telling him to open eyes as he has brought food sent by mother so delicious so eat fast sudama tells him & he feeds kanha while kanha says I forgot that without giving me first you don’t eat & kanha tells him now you eat but sudama tells him I can’t eat this

Precap: Gurudev explains sudama that Krishna has taken form of beggar & leaving dwarka now. Rukmini sits in front of krishna’s statue telling Krishna that wife’s duty is if her swami has sacrificed & then I too will sacrifice my this position. Sudama asks Krishna that what punishment are you giving me & Krishna explains him I have chosen this life so let me lead this.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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