Manmohini 18th November 2019 Written Episode Update: Sunanda feels Mann’s presence around

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Manmohini 18th November 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Shiv gets the flashes of Mohini as Sunanda enters the police station. He was at once restless and felt she was somewhere around. The lady inspector calls Sunanda and asks what she is looking for. Sunanda request the lady to leave her daughter Sunanda, she was stuck here. She will pray for her and a mother’s wish always come true. Ananya goes after Sunanda. Shiv jerks the thinking away and thinks this is Banaras, the city of Mahadev. A witch like her cannot survive here.

At home, Dadi was crying that Sunanda has played some magic over her children. What if Sunanda took her Ananya as well? Ketki calms Dadi as Ananya will be right there. Rekha’s husband asks her for some money as fare, he would go on an auto and bring Ananya. Dadi pays him the money.

Outside the house, he makes a call that he would reach soon.

Sunanda requests the police officer to spare her daughter, she didn’t commit any crime. Her respect and grace will be at stake if she is caught in jail. The officer tells her that Ananya can only be taken on bail. Sunanda senses Shiv’s presence while he pass right from the door. She felt Mann was around somewhere, and takes the seat. Ananya was tensed for her mother. She tells the officer that according to CPC 1973 Section 46, a girl cannot be arrested in the evening without a lady constable. She will take the matter to the press and they will be sacked off their seat. The officer allow her to go home. Outside the office, Sunanda asks Ananya how she came to know about it. She was worried that had her father known about it, he must have killed them both.

In the lockup, Shiv requests the Hawaldar his phone for a few minutes. He will have to call someone for bail purpose. Sunanda was attracted towards him, and walks back into the police station. Ananya takes her back home. Shiv was allowed to make a call.

Sunanda and Ananya were leaving the police station when Rekha’s husband was brought there. He had his face hidden under a cover, and thinks now he will be able to control the daughter in law, Sunanda as well. Shiv wonders where he got stuck.

Sunanda and Ananya come home. Dadi comes beating Sunanda as she took Ananya along. Sunanda says she wanted to treat Ananya’s birth chart defect and took her to temple. Dadi asks why she didn’t inform anyone. Sunanda takes the thaal and goes inside with Sunanda.

Outside the police station, Shiv thanks Pramilla and the lawyer. Pramilla says he must live with them in the PG. Shiv says he will never forget her favor.

Sunanda comes to Ananya’s room and place her hand over her head. She asks Ananya who that guy was, how she was trapped in all this. Ananya says she left in anger, hit his scooter and fought with him. Then, some goons tried and harass her, so he fought against them for her. Sunanda now inquires about the temple incident and the Gathbandhan. Ananya says it was the same guy there, and tells her the whole story about the ritualistic wedding. Sunanda asks her to introduce her the next time she meets the guy, she wish to see who he is. She turns the lights of the room off when Ananya lay to sleep. Outside the room, Sunanda thinks there is something for sure; as all these coincidences can’t take place at a time. She has a generation’s long relationship with him, and now sense his presence around. She makes a call, so as to meet and track Mann. She was determined to find answers to everything.

One of the customers was insulting Kamal’s sweet. Ananya walks out of the house. She goes watching the Kaka frying Khoya and goes to correct his ways. She now prepares the sweet and asks Kaka to taste her sweet. Kamal watches her click the photo of the sweet, and sends it with Kaka. Kamal watches her there. He scolds her for being here and tells her to go inside. Kaka forces the complaining client to taste the new Barfi. The client was appreciative of the sweet now and orders 2 pounds of it. Kamal takes her into the corner and reads, ‘Panday and Sons Misthal”. He got this shop from his father because he was a son, but Ananya isn’t a son. Ananya says she is his only child. Kamal says this is what Ananya feels, not him.

Shiv had come looking for the sweets from Panday Misthal. He finds Ananya crying in front of the shop and wonders if this girl stalked him here as well. He turns to leave. Tears from Ananya’s eyes fell off the floor. Shiv could sense something and turns around to find her wipe her tears. She was unwillingly attracted towards Ananya.
Sunanda came from behind Shiv and stopped by his presence near Ananya.

Update Credit to: Sona

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