Paramavatar Shri Krishna 17th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Kansa’s plan works.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 17th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with gargacharya waking up, he says what is it today? It seems I was asleep for a long time., kansa says yes guru you slept for an entire day because you had eaten too much. Gargacharya says it means it is Saturday today, the Pooja of mahapeepal in vrindavan has to be done, I have to go. Gargacharya goes.
Alaxmi says now it is time when people shall pray to me because gargacharya will help me in my cause. I shall be in the houses of all people now, laxmi shall fall.
In vrindavan, as people are doing preparations gargacharya comes and sees people doing their daily work, he says even today they are doing their routine work when it is time for dhan laxmi’s Pooja. Damodar and some men come and tell guru, why do you look so worried? Gargacharya says I will be worried

because people are doing their daily work when it is time for dhan laxmi Pooja today. Damodar says but guru you told us the day for Pooja was tomorrow. Guru says I thought people make fun of you but you really forget everything. Damodar says but you said guru. Guru says do you know or me? Damodar says you know gurudev, gargacharya says go and tell all people to gather for the Pooja.
Kanha and balram go behind rambh and karambha to find out the secret of the source of their gold. Balram says we should ask them straight away. Kanha says no, they wont we have to act with patience otherwise we will fail in our goal. Kanha and balram go.
Yashoda says to gargacharya, have we done a mistake? Gargacharya says today is dhan laxmi’s Pooja and you all haven’t prepared yet. Yashoda says but the Pooja is tomorrow. Gargacharya says what has happened to you people? You are neglecting the Pooja, clear your doubts because the day for Pooja is today for mata dhan laxmi. Yashoda says if we do Pooja today, then mata alaxmi will come. Guru says don’t you all trust me? If it is that then do what I tell you, but remember if you do mahapeepal Pooja tomorrow then alaxmi will live in your houses. Yashoda stops gurudev and says we will listen to you because we trust you guru dev. The people get ready for the preparation.
Kansa, bhadraksh and alaxmi watch and kansa says as we thought, the same happened. Guru dev proved today is Chaturthi, not tithiya. Kansa says go alaxmi, live in peepal, people will do your Pooja and summon you, you have to end dhan laxmi from this world. Alaxmi says yes asura raj, I shall get my right now.
Kanha and balram watch as rambh and karambh remove a red bag and pray to it, by keeping it on a rock. They summon more gold coins as they want. Kanha understands their secret and then kanha and balram confront rambh and karambha about their bad deeds.

Precap: Rambh and karambha get angry at kanha for interfering with their business. People get ready to pray to mahapeepal tree for dhan laxmi, alaxmi comes and stays within the tree.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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