Paramavatar Shri Krishna 16th May 2019 Written Episode Update: Kanha confronts his classmates.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 16th May 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha’s classmates gathering in the forest with all the gold coins they get from rambh and karambha. The friends say, finally we have more gold coins now, now only a few days more we will praise rambh and karambha and they will keep giving is more gold coin. Another kid says yes, we will have enough gold without any hard work and then we will go away and live our lives, we wont have to even take education. Kanha comes and says I knew it, you had gold coins friends but you lied to me. The friends get scared and say don’t tell guru please kanha, please. Kanha makes them understand that it is not right to take something they don’t deserve without any hard work. Kanha says hard work always pays off and working hard and earning is the true way to live because without

any work, we gain nothing. The kids understand and throw the gold away and say we shall be honest from now kanha. The kids go back with kanha to the ashram.
Kansa asks gargacharya a way for him to repent and to come on the path of dharma. Gargacharya says I will tell you that but only if you want to follow kansa. Kansa says I will. Gargacharya says I have to go now. As gargacharya is going, kansa tries to stop him and says please have food with us. Gargacharya doesn’t stop and says I have food only with my students. Alaxmi uses her powers on gargacharya such that suddenly he starts feeling very hungry. Gargacharya tells kansa he will have food as he is too hungry. Kansa and bhadraksh arrange for the lunch and serve guru gargacharya food as guru var eats it. While gargacharya eats food, alaxmi uses her power on guru making him feel very sleepy.
Kanha and balram go to rishi sandeepani and tell him about rambh and karambha and how they are doing adharma by giving away so much gold to people so that they praise them. Sandeepani tells they should stop them. Kanha and balram go to find out the secret of so much gold with rambh and karambha.
In Mathura, rishi gargacharya takes time to rest as he feels very sleepy. As gargacharya sleeps , kansa laughs and says this was exactly our plan alaxmi and it has worked. Alaxmi comes and she uses her powers and erases a day from gargacharya’s life. Alaxmi says now gargacharya will think this is Saturday but actually it is a Friday, he will go to vrindavan and make people do the mahapeepal tree poja, because of that I will be established in everyone’s houses as I shall be invited by the people.
Kanha and balram go to rambh and karambha’s palace as they see everything is made of gold. They go deeper inside and see a closed room and enter it, they see rambh and karambha talking and saying we should this time bring more gold coins as our followers are increasing. Kanha says to balram, we will now know how they get so much gold from.

Precap: Rambh and karambha bring a red bag and using its magic they summon a lot of gold to them. Kanha and balram confront them.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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