Paramavatar Shri Krishna 17th June 2019 Written Episode Update: Kanha and balram fight.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 17th June 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with all men asking forgiveness from radha and saying we are not worthy of being called fathers, we shouldn’t have done this with our daughters! Forgive us radha. Radha says kaka, you all understood and realized your mistakes, that is enough. Radha says this all happened because of the dhumra that roamed around in brij mandal, it happened because of the black fog and so I had to end it.

Dhumra is angry and says I will not leave anyone, I will kill all the people because they have dared to stand against my black fog, now everyone shall die. Dhumra goes.

Kanha and balram say to rishi durvasa, rishi var we are here to serve you and so whatever you shall ask from us, we will do that for you! just command us. balram says yes rishi var, rishi sandeepani told us to take care of you completely and not let you feel anything is less. Durvasa thinks, I will make this smile disappear from their face, I will test them. Durvasa says I understand, but now I want to test you both kanha and balram. Durvasa says I shall test what combat skills and weaponry knowledge you both have, so you have to fight each other to pass my test.

Dhumra is in barsana and radha says dhumra, forgive me for whatever happened to you but your black fog had affected all the villages and people were suffering so I had to end your black fog. Dhumra says you will regret it, I will kill you all because you don’t know what my dhumra can do to you. dhumra attacks black fog and all people suffocate and fall down unconscious. Radha is shocked and angry. Dhumra says they all will die, and so will you.

Durvasa insults rishi sandeepani and says he will be called a failed rishi since you both didn’t stand true on your grounds of what sandeepani taught you. Balram says if anyone insults my guru, I cannot tolerate it and for that if I have to fight kanha, I will. Kanha says yes rishi, even I shall fight brother balram.

Narad muni says prabhu, what is happening? 2 brothers fighting each other and this can break the love between kanha and balram. Lord Vishnu says that is true, but kanha and balram have to fight to defend their guru, rishi sandeepani and his teachings.

Kanha tells durvasa, whatever adharma will happen in this battle, you shall promise that you will be responsible for it. durvasa ties a red string on kanha’s hand and promises he shall be responsible and take the sin of whatever adharma will happen in the battle. Kanha and balram go to get ready for the battle.

Radha remembers gargacharya telling her daksh prajapti has not yet got salvation since devi sati killed herself and so she has to take help of brahma dev and give salvation to prajapati daksh. Radha prays to brahma dev.

Kanha and balram say sorry to each other as they are forced to fight each other and truly don’t mean any harm. Balram and kanha start fighting each other and are equally strong and tactical, intelligent in combat. Durvasa thinks, these kids know a lot but still I will find a way to make them lose against their guru’s teachings. Kanha and balram complete the battle as both are equally strong and take blessings of durvasa.

Radha goes to the cave to find dhumra dev and she notices dhumra inside the cave, radha says dhumra stop whatever you are doing. You have been suffering here for years and I know it, don’t kill innocent people as they have done nothing to you. dhumra says girl, you came here to die, you don’t know how powerful I am. Dhumra takes different forms and surrounds radha and attacks her. Narad muni says to lord Vishnu, it is time for devi radha to take her new avatar.

Narad muni goes to help radha and tells her it is time for her to take her new form of dhumra devi, the form born to kill dhumra. Radha understands and she meditates and prays, then she comes out with her divine light and takes a new form of Dhumra devi. Dhumra devi stands tall and all the attacks of dhumra on dhumra devi fail. Dhumra devi then retaliates with her powers and blows black fog and black spells on dhumra, dhumra gets burnt from all the fog and he bursts and is killed. Daksh prajapti appears and thanks devi radha and her new avatar dhumra devi for giving him salvation.

Durvasa tells kanha and balram to carry his chariot all the way for the pilgrimage. Durvasa thinks I am sure they will fail this task. Kanha and balram get ready for the pilgrimage and then start carrying the chariot of durvasa.

Precap: Radha comes to barsana as all people wake up from unconsciousness. Kanha and balram carry the chariot with durvasa on it.


Update Credit to: Tanaya

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