Paramavatar Shri Krishna 17th August 2018 Written Episode Update: The demon takes sudhama in the cave.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 17th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with pondrik raining grains over vrindavan and says see I can do this for the people of vrindavan. Kanha gets angry and says people don’t believe him, he is no god. All people get happy and dance, they start picking the grains and say we wont ever have lack of food now. People start filling their pots and bags with grains.
Kanha and radha are annoyed. Radha says gwale, what do we do now? The people wont believe us whatever we do. Kanha says we have only one solution, rishi gargacharya can tell us what to do. Kanha and radha go to meet rishi gargacharya.
Sudhama is with the man and his wife and he says don’t worry, your husband will not die, I cannot see another son and daughter lose their father. sudhama prays to kanha and says my govinda, please give me the strength to save this man’s life. sudhama removes the man from chains and says you are free. The wife and children huge the man and the man says but son if no one is put here for sacrifice then that demon will kill everyone from our village, you should have let me die. Sudhama says no uncle, I will not let you die, my prabhu has said that if you save one life then god will save your life, I trust my govinda because he will save my life. sudhama puts himself inside the chains and says you all go, don’t worry for me, nothing will happen to me because my govinda will protect me. the man and his family go. sudhama stays tied to the chains for the demon.
There kanha comes to rishi gargacharya’s ashram. Kanha says pranam guru. Kanha says guru, a problem has arisen in vrindavan and a demon named pondrik has come, he is saying he is bhagwan pondrik and is the avatar of lord Vishnu, I cannot tell the people who I am but I also cannot let them think that pondrik is their god. But who is pondrik? Why has he come here guru? Rishi gargacharya says kanha pondrik is your disciple. Kanha is shocked and says my disciple? How is that possible? Because I don’t recall him praying to me or being my disciple. Gargacharya says Prabhu, in your previous avatar in last life, pondrik was your disciple and he had meditated and prayed to you for years, then prabhu Vishnu was impressed by pondrik’s prayers and he appeared to give him darshan. Pondrik asked for only one wish that when prabhu Vishnu would take his next avatar in dwapar yug then he should be born like him and should also look like him, so this life pondrik was born just like you as your form is! He looks the way you look and thus also thinks he is the form of prabhu Vishnu in dwapar yug. Kanha says no I understand why pondrik did all this, I will give him darshan soon, I will take care of what is happening in vrindavan. Kanha smiles.
There sudhama is in the cave tied and the demon comes growling outside, he picks sudhama and starts going back in the cave, he keeps sudhama down and sudhama sits peacefully as he looks at the demon. The demon sits finally my food has come, now I shall eat you for my hunger. The demon sharpens his weapon on a stone and then says you don’t look scared like the other people I bring here, they pray for their life but you are not. Sudhama says i am certain my prabhu will not let me die like this, my govinda will come for me, he will do something.

Precap: The demon is about to kill sudhama as he prays to kanha. Kanha goes back to vrindavan to do a new plan and to give pondrik darshan of his avatar.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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