Paramavatar Shri Krishna 16th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Kansa calls Kagasura to find Yog-maya.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 16th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with parshuram ji telling kansa the truth of yogmaya. Parshuram ji says kansa, you have done a sin for which you have to be punished and I will punish you. Parshuram ji takes the saran dhanush and then says you used the saran dhanush for adharma and to kill millions of innocent people. Parshuram ji breaks the string of the bow and then says kansa now this bow shall stay with me, it will never answer to you and the person who will tie the string back and to whom the bow shall answer, that person will be the one to kill you, only he will be able to wield this bow and arrow, this is my aakashvani. Parshuram ji goes as there is thundering. Kansa is shocked and says okay, the entire universe can be against me, but I am bhagwan kansa, no one can kill me.
There in vrindavan, everyone is happy as the destruction has stopped. Kanha goes out of vrindavan. Parshuram ji goes to kanha and then says kanha, you were always right, I was wrong in recognizing you. Kanha smiles and parshuram ji sees the reflection of lord Vishnu behind kanha. Parshuram ji smiles and says prabhu, you are great, I am grateful to get your darshan. Parshuram ji says but prabhu I have to tell you, I had to tell kansa the truth of devi yog maya and that only she knew where you have taken birth and your real identity, kansa is going behind yog maya and you have to protect her before kansa reaches to devi yog maya. Kanha says I understand what you are saying bhagwan parshuram, I have to do something.
There kansa stands in his palace balcony and he screams loudly, kagasur! Come here, bhagwan kansa demands your attendance. Kagasura, a huge evil demon crow comes flying inside the palace. Kagasura takes his human form and says bhagwan kansa, what happened? You called me! Kansa says kagasura, I have an important task for you, I want you to go back in time, to the very moment when yog maya appeared here when I threw the 8th child of devki, go to that moment in past when yog maya came here and did her aakashvani, follow her and see where she lives, I have to find yog maya. Kagasura says as you wish bhagwan, kagasura flies and flies and then he goes back in time. Kagasura then comes in past when the aakashvani by yog maya was made. Kagasura says now yog maya must be going back where she lives, I have to follow her. Kagasura sees a ball of light and says yog maya turned into a ball of light to travel to her destination, kagasura follows this ball. Yog maya lands in revat forest, kagasura comes and hides behind some trees. Kagasura says yog maya, I have found you, now you will tell the truth o vishnu’s form on earth. Kagasura sees, yog maya walks a bit ahead and lord Vishnu appears. Kagasura hides and listens. Lord Vishnu says devi yog maya, I am very thankful for your help, you have done a great contribution to the birth of my form. Devi yog maya says who can be more grateful of being assistance to you? Prabhu you made my life. Lord Vishnu says from now on, from this day devi yog maya, you become my sister and the world shall know you as my sister. Yog maya says dhanyavaad prabhu. Yog maya goes. Kagasura thinks, I shall see where yog maya lives.
There kanha is in his house where all people have gathered. Kanha says to yashoda and nand, mother and father, we have been troubled by kansa and his demons for a long time now. Kanha says every time we are in a problem, it is because of kansa but I also believe it is because we haven’t visited our kul-devi for a long time. Kanha says we haven’t prayed to our kul-devi, devi yog maya for a long time and I believe her blessing is not on us now, so we should go and pray to devi yog maya in the revat forest. Yashoda says kanha is right, we have to pray to our kul-devi, she will protect us from any upcoming dangers. Nand says it is right, we will go to revat forest today itself, all people agree.

Precap: kanha says to balram, brother, we have to save devi yog-maya from kansa as apparently kansa is behind devi yog-maya and he will torture her. Balram agrees.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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