Paramavatar Shri Krishna 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Kanha reveals his true magic.

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 16th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha playing the flute and its sweet voice goes everywhere in the world, it touches the oceans the mountains, the clouds and all animals dance and the people of gokul start waking up from this sweet voice. Lord Vishnu smiles. Kanha now walks towards his house playing the flute. The voice wakes everyone up. Kanha comes inside his house and the sound of flute slowly wakes everyone up, nand yashoda rohini balram and gurudev gardhacharya and everyone wake up slowly. Gurudev ses kanha playing the flute and he smiles and is amazed to see this. The voice envelops the entire universe and the galaxy looks like the feather of a peacock and a bright light shining in between is the place where lord Vishnu live. Narad muni says Narayan! Kanha has finally played the sweetest voice of this universe and has made it pure with this voice. Yashoda and nand see kanha and are surprised. The brahma rakshasa cannot bear the sound and says no Narayan! Narayan! Brahma rakshasa starts bleeding from the head then he dies and falls down a mountain. Yashoda says kanha! She hugs kanha. Kanha stops playing and hugs yashoda. Gurudev says that kesari tilak, the peacock feather and a sweet face playing the sweetest voice in this world and the naught behavior, these are all the traits of lord Vishnu. Yashoda says kanha, how did you save us all? Kanha says mother I only don’t know how. Yashoda says how did you play with this new instrument? Kanha says gurudev told me that the sweetest voice in this world would wake you all up and save you. nand says but kanha what is this instrument made up of? Where did you get it? gurudev comes and says kanha you made this instrument, now you shall name it too as it belongs to you. yashoda says where did you get it? kanha says mother I did not get it, this instrument chose me. Kanha says it is made of baas with a beautiful voice, and is surila too. Kanha says then I shall name it basuri(flute). Gurudev says basuri! Wow it is a beautiful name, the world shall from now know it by basuri. Everyone is happy. Kanha says mother because of that demon, the celebration has stopped, now what shall we do? Yashoda says don’t worry kanha, everyone start dancing again and the celebration starts as sweets are distributed. Kanha thinks when I was playing the flute, what was that voice I was hearing? Who was it?
Laxmi says pabhu, kanha’s identity has been established. Lord Vishnu says kanha is the savior of people and he will become their light in the future. Narad muni says but prabhu, what was the voice kanha heard? Why did he feel different? Lord Vishnu says even I don’t know dev rishi only devi laxmi knows that. lord Vishnu says devi laxmi tell me what is it that you are hiding? Laxmi says prabhu you never know what is in my mind, so don’t ask now, I will not tell and speak to you as you don’t know what I want. Lord Vishnu says but devi, if you don’t tell me then how will I know what you want? Laxmi says then don’t ask, I will not tell. Narad muni laughs and says this is the different love between you prabhu and devi! Laxmi says promise me dev, what I will ask I will get, lord Vishnu promises laxmi.
In barsana, women and kirti are running behind radha. Kirti says radha stop, please wear your dress we have to make you ready for the birthday celebration. Radha stops and says no mother, I am radha, I don’t listen to anyone, my father has 1lakh cows and I am even more naughtier than kanha, I do what I want. Radha sits down. Kirti says radha see this jewelry, wear it, it is for you it looks so beautiful. Radha says mother I will not come for my birthday and it will not be celebrated unless I get what I want because I am radha, I don’t listen to anyone and not to myself too as I don’t know what I want. Radha closes her room door and says my father has 1 lakh cows but I will not celebrate birthday unless I get a gift I want. Radha closes the door. later, brij bhanu and mavshi jatila come. Brij bhanu knocks the door and says radha open the door, he says radha tell me what you want and I will give it to you. radha says the door is not locked. Brij bhanu and kirti and jatila come in. brij bhanu says radha tell me what you want as your father has so many cows, I will give you what you want. Radha says I don’t know what I want. Brij bhanu says close your eyes and the first thing that comes in your mind will be whaqt you want. Radha closes her eyes and then in some time opens her eyes. Radha says kanha! Brij bhanu says kanha! Rahda says I want kanha as my gift.

Precap: laxmi says fulfill my promise now prabhu. Radha hears the sound of the flute and wakes up, she starts running towards gokul saying kanha.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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