Badho Bahu 16th August 2017 Written Episode Update: Become your own hero!

Badho Bahu 16th August 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pinki says Rana ji will use his strength to defeat Lucky ji himself. Komal apologises to her if she felt bad of what she said. Don’t talk of all this and create disturbance in the house. Pinki tells her to face it now. She tells Rana it is about her respect now. If you care about it then you will challenge Lucky right away. Lucky says championships happen only when necessary. This is no reason to get into such a challenge! Pinki replies that she knows the rules. Rana ji can challenge you anytime for a fight as per the rules. She asks Rana if she will do so. Komal tells her not to stretch the matter but Pinki stays put. He angrily asks her if she is done. I know you are angry but it doesn’t mean you will say whatever comes to your mind. I am not going to challenge Lucky! Lucky and Komal advise Pinki to have rest and join them in evening with a fresh mind. Komal and Lucky leave. Rana too goes angrily. Pinki looks upset.

Komal tells Lucky about what Suman had told her. I am thrilled. Lucky nods. He thinks I cannot tell you how happy I am of the fact that you are happy because of this.

Som is preparing CD’s. Bharpayi comes to return him his book. She asks him what he is doing. He shares that he has become DJ for evening party. She is impressed that he knows so much. I came to return you this book. He asks her if she understood anything. She nods. It is similar to my story. I felt like it was Bharpayi’s story only. She used to spend her entire day in household chores. One day, a prince came and took her with him. But there is no prince in my story. He points out that this is the change that has come today. you don’t need any prince to free yourself. Study hard and become your own prince. Did you ever think you will learn English? Where there is a will there is a way. Journey of a long road starts with one step. You will have to take that step yourself.

Lucky is looking at the sample for poster when Bua joins him. She advises him never to leave his wife’s side. I know you dance better than her but just stay by her side in every condition. I want to see you both together. he assures her about it. She compliments the poster. Dint you like it? He says I feel something is missing. I don’t know what it is but something is indeed missing.

Kamla ji shows the sample poster to Rana. He likes it but she dislikes it. There is so much free space which needs to be filled.

Bua says Komal will like it. Just print it. It will be fine. Lucky is still hesitant but she sends him to get them printed. She wonders if whatever she is explaining to him if creating a positive impact on him or not.

Rana is unsure if his father will like it. Kamla ji says your father gave me the responsibility of elections. Get it printed the way I told you to. I will see how it will turn out!

Kamla ji and Malti ji love the decor. Kamla ji and Malti ji address each other as famous heroines. Kamla ji suddenly shouts seeing Som’s changed looks. Malti ji asks him who he is. Som says it’s me only. Kamla ji asks him what he is up to. He explains that he is the DJ for tonight. He explains the concept of DJ to them. Chotto Bua, Bharpayi, Raghubir ji and Kailash ji also come there. They love the decor too. Bua asks for Badho and Pinki.

Som welcomes Rana and Pinki. Rana has become SRK while Pinki has become Kajol. Kamla ji stares at Pinki. Bua points out that she only advised DIL’s not to cover their heads. It is the night of competition. Kamla ji acts to not mind it. She moves closer to Rana and pinki. She gives a threat to Pinki. Pinki says no one can make me lose today. Kamla ji is relieved.

Som welcomes Lucky and Komal next. Malti ji compliments him. Som asks for Komal who comes just then. Lucky and Komal are dressed as Salman Khan and Madhuri Dixit. Lucky looks at her sweetly. Lucky tells Badho not to fly. You look beautiful tonight. This saree suits you very much. She is all smiles. Really? He nods. Bua is pleased that her magic worked.

A guy brings posters to Ahlawat House. Lucky happily shows the poster to his family as it has Komal’s name as a special contributor in the elections. Komal is touched. She asks him in gestures if it was his idea. He nods. Malti ji asks Lucky why he gave Komal’s name as special supporter. Lucky says today he did what he felt was right. She did so much for this house. She spoke to everyone, put her ideas in the elections, and even stayed up entire night to fix the broken diya’s. She went to every house to light it. Can we not do this much for her? Badho is the live example of Babu ji’s idea. I started it by giving her a place in the elections. If it wasn’t for her then we don’t know what we would have done in elections. Bua seconds him. Now I understand what you thought was missing in the poster. Badho wasn’t there. He nods. It is no use if we don’t implement what we preach. He asks his father if he has any problem with it. Raghubir ji denies. I am feeling proud hearing what you said. If every son of this country begins to think like you then the day isn’t far when the world will become a better place. Komal thanks Lucky. I was happy thinking your photo would be on the poster. I dint expect it. He sweetly tells her to stop crying or he will take her photo off. She smiles. On the other hand, Sangram Singh’s name is mentioned on Kailash ji’s poster.

Precap: Komal suggests Lucky to show their hands to one another on the count of 3. They have written each other’s name on their hands. Komal is pleasantly surprised. They give soft drinks to everyone together. Bua dances on Bole Chudiyan. She points out that Lucky and Komal’s dance is due. Malti ji tells Komal to win the competition at any cost.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Both lucky & komal luk awesome together and I am llking som bharpayi jodi also. I think choto buas part is over now it is time for triangle. Malti lucky & Komal


    Kamla or malti ka alg hi election game chal raha hai… hadd hai… ?????
    But finally Lucky started Komal to value and even care her for her smile..????

  3. Nice episode..

  4. Vishwa pratap Singh Rana

    This show is the best among all daily soaps, it is always full of teachings,and how women empowerment can be done is best described in this.Plain and simple storyline no added flavours,I think that’s the biggest strength of the show.

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