Paramavatar Shri Krishna 14th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanha starts building a boat.

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Paramavatar Shri Krishna 14th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with kanha stopping all people from leaving vrindavan. Kanha’s friends say kanha we will help you in saving brij mandal, just tell us what do we have to do? Kanha says okay I will explain it, kanha says brother balram kalkey is soon going to bring a great flood in vrindavan so we have to build a huge boat in which everyone can stay alive and all animals too, for that we have to start from now as guru gargacharya told me that we have to build the boat soon. All friends and balram say lets go kanha, we will all build the boat together. Kanha and everyone go near the river side. Everyone start geathering huge logs and sticks to build the boat, kanha organizes the team and says friends, first we have to build the base and once that is done we will build the rest of the

part of the boat. Everyone ay yes and get to work.
Kansa is with kalkey and kalkey is thinking. Kansa says what are you thinking kalkey? Bring the flood. Kalkey says I can bring the flood anyhow but in satyug when the flood came, Vishnu was hiding in the palace of manu in the matsya avatar, kansa says and you are worried that what if he already takes the matsya avatar and hides? Then you wont be able to find him right and kill him? kalkey says yes, then even this time it wont be use of bringing the flood. Kansa says then there is a simple solution, you go and prepare yourself, all the fish in brij mandal have to be killed so by doing that if Vishnu takes matsya avatar you will recognize that avatar and it will be easy to kill him. kansa says you go, I will kill all the fish. Kalkey goes. Kansa sits with bhadraksh and says now I will kill all the fish using my million arrows, kansa attacks the arrows and bhadraksh says bhagwan I will go in the river and see all the fish die in torture. Bhadraksh jumps and swims in the river as the arrows go in the river to kill all fish.
In vrindavan, kanha and his friends finish doing some part of the base. Balram says kanha today we did a lot of work and we are happy, now we will do more. Kanha says brother actually we haven’t done much work, we have to do more and soon because we have to build this boat soon. Balram says then lets get to work fast. Everyone start working. As everyone work, kanha hears someone saying save us prabhu save us. kanha says who is saying that? must be a hallucination. Kanha hears it again and then he goes to the river bank and he sees matsya raj. Kanha says matsya raj you? what happened? Matsya raj says prabhu, kansa is going to kill all fish in brij mandal and now we are not safe anywhere, he has attacked all arrows to kill us. kanha says then I take the responsibility to save you all, kanha blesses and makes a puddle and says take all the fish and you jump in this water. Matsya raj says but how will we all fit in such a small puddle? Kanha says trust me matsya raj. Matsya raj says okay and he and all fish jump in the puddle. Matsya raj and everyone reach in vaikunth and matsya raj thanks lord Vishnu and says prabhu we are grateful to reside in your kshirsagar.
Bhadraksh goes and tells kansa, bhagwan it seems all fish have disappeared because I could not see any fish in the river dead or even swimming. Kansa is shocked and gets angry, he says this is all that vishnu’s trick again.

Precap: kalkey attacks in the clouds to bring a great flood. Kanha and his friends continue working on the boat, kansa summons a fire demon to destroy the boat.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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