Spoilers 15th December 2018

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Aadhya and Jai meet on a date. They share some good time. She is happy that Jai likes her. Aadhya thinks of the moments spent with Jai. She returns home and happily dances. She tells Shubhankar and Diya that happiness is going to arrive home. Shubhankar tells her that happiness is much needed in their house. Aadhya calls him world’s best dad. Aadhya has fallen in love with Jai. She is happy that Jai is reciprocating her feelings.


Ronak learns about Jaya, who is Sir ji’s second wife. He gets angered meet Sir ji’s mistress. He tells Jaya that second marriage isn’t legal in their society. He insults Jaya and threatens to kill her. He tells Jaya that he will not let his mother’s family break. He gets angry on Jaya. Jaya tells him how helpless she was when she had to marry Sir ji. Shalu comes ahead to save Jaya. Ronak gets shocked seeing Sir ji’s daughter. He doesn’t hurt Jaya after seeing Shalu. He angrily leaves from Jaya’s heart.

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Ishq SubhanAllah


Mariam Khan


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