Paramavatar Shri Krishna 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 11th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with yashoda taking Krishna home and everyone on the streets are looking at Krishna and smiling. Putna is there amongst the people and she looks at Krishna and thinks who is this kid? Krishna looks at her and smiles and goes with yashoda home. putna thinks I will kill him, why is everyone smiling looking at him? putna thinks I will kill the kids in gokul today itself, what if he is the one I have been finding for 5 years?
In jail, kansa says devki I cannot see you live like this, unfortunately you have to die as you wished for. Kansa gets up to go, vasudev says kansa! Devki is not dying anytime sooner, she will not die, she will live to see your death first because her 8th child is alive. Kansa says yes I will die, but only when I have killed your child, kansa goes.
At night as Krishna is sleeping beside his mother yashoda, he hears his cow making sounds in the yard. Krishna is not able to sleep and gets up slowly and goes out to check his cow savri. Krishna stands beside his cow and says savri what happened to you? don’t make so much noise otherwise mother will get up, what happened to you? savri makes more sounds of moo. Krishna says what happened? Are you hungry? Maybe you are hungry. Krishna then says I am not able to sleep and even you must not be able to sleep like me, if we both make noise both our mothers will wake up.
In heaven, narad muni says Narayan. Narad says look how cutely Krishna is talking to his cow, he yet doesn’t know he is a god. Narad muni says what is this maya my lord? Your form doesn’t know he is a god and is talking to a cow? Lord Vishnu says this is no maya narad muni, I shaped myself into a small normal kid and that will define krishna’s childhood. Laxmi smiles.
There Krishna says I will bring you food savri. Krishna goes in the kitchen,
There putna is in a cave and has a bowl, she says to kill that boy I need the kaal vish of all snakes. Putna says all the snakes, come out of your homes and give me your poison now. the snakes don’t come. Putna says don’t forget when years ago you were attacked, I saved you and gave you this life, I can also kill you, come out and give me your poison. All snakes come out and give their poison to putna in her bowl and then go. putna goes to gokul.
There Krishna finds food and then sees jaggery and says savri loves this, I will take this for her. Krishna goes taking jaggery for savri. As he is going out of the house in yard, he walks past his father nand and even damodar is sleeping down. Damodar hears sound of payal and Krishna hides behind pillar. Damodar says who is that and wakes up nand and says I heard someone with payal, there is a thief in the house. Nand says what thief? There are no thieves in gokul, everyone sleeps with their house doors open. Nand says just sleep damodar. Damodar says maybe I was just dreaming, he sleeps. Krishna says so mother put this in my legs so that the sound could wake anyone up if I was going anywhere. Krishna goes slowly to savri, then he feeds savri jaggery.
There putna is hiding outside the house.
There in palace, kansa is sitting angry. Kansa says years ago I did not kill bakasura and putna. His soldier advisor interrupts and says yes bhagwan kansa, we know it. kansa says when a god talks, you just listen. Kansa says I would have killed bakasura but he said he had a good sister who would serve me and do anything I wished, I sent her to kill devki’s child and she has not returned for 5 years, I should have killed them both. Kansa says if that child was killed who the gods said would kill me, the gods wouldn’t stay quiet and the clouds would thunder and there would be lightning in this world but that is not happening and I want that to happen!

Precap: putna comes as a village woman and says to nand to send his kids to her house to eat kheer as she has made it. Krishna says kheer? Putna says yes, you will come right? Putna goes, Krishna looks at putna doubtfully.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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