Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi Kahi 11th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Tejaswini gets down taking her bags and after greeting everyone tells Dharam that she want to say something. He nods okay. She says Prem did not call her mother and call came from a landline 10 km away from Rajpipla. Dharam says Prem must have asked someone to call. Sarla asks Prem not to lie so much that people consider his truth as lie. Tejaswini says she made a mistake by doubting Prem, even they should not, he loves family a lot. Dharam pampers Prem. Tejaswini says she will leave now and takes Dharam and other elder’s blessings and walks out.

At hotel, mamaji asks Sharda to rest. She says she will not until Tejaswini comes. Tejaswini returns and says she brought her belongings and asks to tell truth now why she wants to take her away from here. Sharda reminisces Dharam killing her husband, but does not say anything. Tejaswini says she sacrificed a lot for her studies, so she should let her stay here. Sharda agrees. Tejaswini happily hugs her. Sharda asks her to promise that she will not stay in Dharam’s house, she does not want her daughter to stay in goon’s and lier’s house. Tejaswini promises.

Prem sitting near pool reminisces Tejaswini taking her side. He imagines Tejaswini coming there. He looks into her eyes. Priyal wakes him up from sleep and asks to go in and sleep. He says it is she. She asks who else then and smiles. Prem then goes for a bath and hears Tejaswini knocking door to come out soon. He gets happy hearing her, but then gets sad hearing Sarla’s voice. After sometime, he again images Tejaswini and says she does not know how much he is happy. Maid asks why are you smiling Prem baba. Prem realizes it is his maid and thinks Tejaswini always tried to unite him from his family, but he misunderstood her.

Tejaswini tells mamaji that she is worried about mom’s promise not to meet Dharam’s family, but they are so good, she will convince maa to let her meet them.

Precap: Prem clashes with Tejaswini in college and happily says good she is here, he wants to talk to her. She says she says it is better they forget what all happened till now, they are strangers from hereon.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. Wow finally the story will be lyk ruk jaana nahi

    1. Fanficwriter

      Oh wow, Polly di?!
      I didn’t know you watched ADDNK too…nice to see you here?

  2. tejaswini has the right to know about her father’s death.sharda should tell her the truth before its too late.


    I think either sharda is mad or making plan to make prem and tejesvini relation mad. Longer time she will take, teju and prem will fall in love and later she will do bomb blast.

  4. I’m happy that writers have taken baby steps towards introducing feelings between Prem and Teja…too heavy scenes would have looked unreal. Now that he’s seeing Teja from a different angle, it would be interesting to see how Prem confronts his growing attraction towards Teja and how this growing love matures him. Now
    we are starting to see something interesting. It was a huge step from mahaepisode to last night’s one….i was beginning to think all was lost but last night episode gave me hope. I hope we see good romance between these two and it doesn’t become destroyed because of family issues, although we all know that’s
    going to play a major part in their relationship…

  5. Khadeejah gerawa

    I really enjoy today’s episode. I think prem has fallen in love with teja??

  6. Khadeejah gerawa

    I really enjoy today’s episode. I think prem has fallen in love with teja?I just hope they are not separated

  7. Why are the episodes so damn short???

  8. Yes Naz,…definitely huge improvement compared to Saturday’s episode particularly when we were beginning to think that there were no hopes of revival.Anyways ,all of us are happy to see that Prem is lost in the pleasant memories of Tejaswani, a stepping stone to falling in love and in today’s episode he looked young and attractive with that smile on his face and a distant faraway look in his eyes,for the first time no hatred and no animosity.As for Teja ,she knows now that Prem has a softer side to his personality and certainly has some values that his parents must be proud of:So sooner or later ,she is going to reciprocate Prem’s feelings but what about Dharamsingh Rathore.,Friend,I think he is really a fascinating character,a don by reputation ,a messiah by deeds and a ruthless murderer to Teja’s mother,What a combination!I I can not wait to know the truth about this intriguing character who has all the traits of a gentleman but still called a don ,who happened to be the killer of a sincere police officer.

  9. yeah naz and lakshmi that was a nice episode, ha i agree with u naz some where unreal scenes that prem was illusion on teja’s appearance. of course lakshmi this episode was stepping stone to start of preja love moments, and we have to wait to reveal the secret behind teju father’s murder.

  10. nice episode……but prem dressing style is not good…like villan

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