Papa By Chance 6th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Suchi helps Yuvaan

Papa By Chance 6th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvaan asking Naina not to take the kids. Yuvaan says its court orders, we have to take kids, where is the third kid. Dhoni and Ullu refuse to leave and run upstairs. Men run to catch them. Suchi asks everyone to have food. She compliments Gungun for her earrings. Gungun says its my mum’s earring. She cries and gets sad. She says my mum is no more. Suchi hugs her and says sorry, when Lord snatches our family, he sends an angel, I m sure you have any angel too. Harman gets gifts for them. Suchi goes. Gungun thinks I should talk to Suchi before Harman sees me. She goes to talk to Suchi. She says I have to tell you something. She gets a call and goes to answer. Ullu says I m calling from Bela’s phone, where are you, there is a big problem here, come fast. He tells everything.

She runs away. Her chunri falls there. Suchi asks her to listen. Suchi sees chunri and earring fallen there.

Suchi says this earring is special for that girl. Harman says leave it, its a simple earring. Suchi says I will give it to her. She goes. Amrit says I have seen a chance in Yuvaan, he is really caring for kids. Yuvaan says leave it, I won’t lose kids, I will call Kashvi and ask her to stop court orders. Naina says judge knows your old track record. Men catch Ullu and Dhoni. Naina asks for Gungun. She threatens to send Gungun to jail. Suchi follows Gungun and comes there. She says Amrit Nivas is Bela’s house, does this girl stay here. She sees Yuvaan arguing with Naina for the kids’ sake. Yuvaan asks Gungun where was she. Naina asks the men to catch Gungun. Yuvaan begs Naina. Suchi says my Yuvaan is living at Bela’s house. The kids beg Yuvaan to stop them, they want to be with him. Yuvaan says Naina, they can’t stay without each other, please don’t do this, I m trying to change, I m trying to become a responsible person, give me one chance please, you have enmity with me, don’t punish the kids.

Suchi thinks when did Yuvaan grow up, I feel my son has proved out to be responsible. Naina says I know you want to make your case strong by keeping these kids, to get property from Harman. Yuvaan says its my personal matter. Naina calls him selfish. Yuvaan says yes, I m selfish, every coin has two sides, I have to learn a lot to become a good guardian, whatever you think about me, I won’t let the kids get separated. Suchi makes a call. Yuvaan says I will see how you take them. He asks the men not to come ahead. Naina gets judge’s call. Bela prays for some miracle. Naina gets judge’s instructions. She says judge has said kids will live with Yuvaan for now. Yuvaan and everyone get glad. They thank Lord. Kids hug Yuvaan. Suchi cries.

Naina says remember one thing, I won’t let you live in peace, I will prepone the case, you can’t be responsible so soon, you will lose case to Harman. Yuvaan asks her to get out. He says like I won the kids, I will win case too. Naina leaves. Suchi thanks the person for helping and solving her son’s problem. She thinks I wish I could hug you and say how proud I m feeling now, I don’t want to come across your happiness, I will meet you when I divorce Harman, its matter of a day’s time, I promise, your mom will come to take you. She calls some kids and sends Gungun’s earring.

Dhoni does Yuvaan’s acting. Yuvaan and Kashvi smile. Yuvaan asks her to see her fan following. Kashvi says kids are impressed with you, you saved Ullu and got their admission done in school, you stopped Naina from taking them, I don’t think you will get away from them after winning case. He says no, I m doing this to give them a good life, I will go home and arrange a good place for kids, I won’t let them go orphanage, I will enjoy my life. He goes. Kashvi says whatever you say, my heart says you can’t be separated from kids after 6 months. Its morning, Yuvaan wakes up early. Bela asks him did he wake up for kids. Yuvaan says I couldn’t sleep, I know I won’t get up on time. Bela says great.

Amrit says you started making mistakes, you are already late. Yuvaan gets shocked. Amrit asks him to check kids’ school diary. Yuvaan runs to wake up kids. Dhoni asks shall we go to see Ram leela after school hours. Yuvaan says yes, just get ready. He makes them freshen up. Amrit signs him to see time. Yuvaan makes them ready. Yuvaan asks Dhoni to get his surprise. Dhoni gets beer bottle and thinks its orange juice. He does see the chocolate kept. Yuvaan breaks Ullu’s tie and staples to fix it. Gungun asks breakfast. Yuvaan gives them apples. Gungun asks what’s tiffin. Yuvaan gives the tiffin. Amrit asks what did you cook so early. Yuvaan says we have time, come. Bela and Amrit laugh seeing Yuvaan cleaning Dhoni’s nose. Amrit says good guardian. Yuvaan sends the kids. He says its tough to become parents, salute to all moms of the world. He enjoys his time and rests. Amrit shouts. Yuvaan asks her not to disturb him. He says I will keep beer in fridge. He gets chocolate and says Dhoni didn’t take this. He thinks did Dhoni take the beer can.

Dhoni gets a break and says I will drink orange juice. Principal sees can fallen and goes to pick. Yuvaan and Amrit look ok.

Update Credit to: Amena

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