Naagin Season 3 6th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Vishakha kill Ajitabh

Naagin Season 3 6th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone watches cctv footage and kuhu say that its true that house have naag 🐍naagin🐍 They again see cctv footage, and kuhu focus ring💍. Kuhu blames seeing ring that its Bela and blame her for all happenings. Vikrant/Yuvi get angry and slap kuhu. Mahir stop him and ask Bela, Vikrant/Yuvi try to stop but Mahir shut his mouth saying that I am talking to my wife, he ask again bela, but bela deny saying. Vikrant say that we were together at night, Mahir get hurt.

Ajitap say to Vish that something is really fishy as its for sure that bela is hidding something and yuvi is fake. He flirt with Vish by praising his beauty and vish sides him.

Bela confront Vikrant about his lies said to Mahir and infront of family. Vikrant say sorry to her as he was unable to bear her insult and say

I said because I thought you killed anu.

Vikrant do his over acting infront of adi and hold his neck in anger. New naagin/Naag🐍 come and he greet it. Ajitaph and vish come and vish meet vikrant and acp get confuse.

Ladies console family and ask bela to be strong. Mahir goes inside room. He try to remove his shirt but bela help him. She tell him to trust her but he deny saying you can’t feel anyone pain, you even…. But bela stop saying yuvi is lying.. She ask him to trust her and let me give one chance to explain. Mahir ask her to make yuvi tell truth and I shall beleive you.

Ajitaap confront all and try to kill🔫 vikrant and he turn into naag🐍 and ask vish to tell truth. Vish try to explain him that she is vishakha not ramona and turn into naagin 🐍and tell her truth. ACP tell his feelings to her and ask him to explain. Vikrant does his jokegiri about ACP and Vish pair. Vish was seen little emotional😢 but she kill🔪 ACP as per his words. Everyone goes.

ACP hold Vish leg and ask for her betrayal even after love❤ but vish stop his words saying that she never loved him but loved vikrant, and its golden rule whom you love, that person love someone else. ACP say but he doesn’t love❤ you. Vish ask him to remember happy memories and die. (I am feeling so sad about his death😢😢😢😢😢😢😢)

Mahir try to call ACP but in vain. Bela come and she slip, Mahir hold her. She tell him that you care for me, Mahir tell you are doing just drama. Bela back hurts and she say just ignore after all you don’t care and goes into kitchen. Mahir come and ask about pain. Bela ignore but he hold her. She in hurry say its due to belpatra🌿 i used against shaan and our skin is not like everyone, we get hurt by belpatra🌿. She cover up saying that she is allergic to it like you are allergic to almonds. And he say that like you stop talking and he was about to apply turmaric but yuvi intrupt them and hold her hand and take her away. Mahir throw bowl in anger😡.

Ajitabh say that vikrant will never loved ❤you, as I always loved you. I shall die soon without much saying.. Vish say you will die soon, how can you see killer face in last moments. ACP say now i hate you but can’t help this heart❤. Now see towards me, I shall not ask you to love me or say I love you but I shall not hate you. Listen now vikrant is really bad, and I wish you will get hurt same way I am hurted today, and you don’t have loved one near you to console you. Vish say you should listen my truth I love❤ Vikrant not only because he is bad, but because I want to become Naagrani👸🏻 and when vikrant will get naagman💎, he will become.naagraj and I shall become.his naagrani and bela will be dead.

Precap: Bela say to Vikrant that Mahir love is selfless. Sumitra open yuvi room door. Bela tell Mahir that she is… Mahir say Naagin🐍 anD i shall not forgive you, love is tooo far..

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  1. So sad ACP 😢😢😢

  2. I am feeling very sad for ajitab, i really liked vish and ajitab pair, so much disappointed episode. Why did you make vish as negative. I wish ajitab should be alive like vikrant(he came back after death)and should punish vish for betrayal

  3. Ajitabh ko kyon mari ??????
    Now i’m so much anger on vish and serial makers 😠😠😠😠😠
    Ajitabh bahut achhi acting kar rahe the ….
    Pls pls pls pls… use mat marne do n plsssss

  4. Bela plz come n save Ajitabh. Omg! Vish you also.. Shheee yaar! The story is on a new track. N now there is a new member in naagin family. Whose that blue Naagin? May be she’ll be Vikrant’s mother. Blue means Poisonous. So she is the exact villain like Yamini in Naagin 1.
    Yuvi is becoming an obstacle between Mahir n Bela. Please Bela.. Please dont disclose tgat u r a naagin to Mahir.
    Did Vikranth know about the love of Vish?

  5. Feeling very bad for ajitabh.. so vish is also in Villon GRP..

    Omg what is going to happen now.. my heart felt sad abt ACP..

    I think he will be back with a bang soon

    1. I hope what u said is true, I want him back, maybe he will get saved by another naagin (new entry) n they will be paired.

      But what I feel now is that it was better if ACP felt for annu in place of vish, at lest she would have not killed him this way.

      I don’t know anything I want Ajitabh back GOT THAT BRAINLESS WRITERS AND EKTA KAPOOR

      1. I agree with you samaira.. Very sad about ACP.. I hope some one help him.. I doubt these writers are going directionless now.. Just banging on new twists for TRP.. Please don’t make it a flop..

  6. ShraddhaSharma392

    Sorry for not posting detailed update as i was not well

    1. Lokesh

      It’s ok

    2. It’s ok.. Get well soon..

  7. Its fine Shraddha! Get well soon❤️

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Thanks for wishes…

  8. Today wish break my heart,,ACP really loved her,,,,Pta nhi log pyar usi se karte hai jo uske pyar ka value na smjhte hai 😞😟,,,,,Bela is such a stupid girl 🤔🤔HOPE SHE WILL FIND OUT EVIL SIDE OF VIKRANT & VISH

  9. Where should I start , why would you butcher a good character like this you guys wanted to kill ajitabh ok but why like this. There are not many indians tv shows that have a decent start and then the writers just kill the storyline , characters and everything. Never rooted for ajitabh and vish , the way he was asking and begging vish it looked really pathetic in my view his character was not that week . Kind of relieve that didn’t was the first 2 seasons . Still going see whole season for mahir and bela just don’t butcher their characters

  10. Anonymousaa

    Today’s epi just left me dumbstruck
    All my hopes for Vishtabh are over
    I wished Vish would just give Ajitabh a brief memory loss dose and I would be more than happy if this had really happened and Vish suddenly backs off from Vikrant’s side that she can never support wrong😐😐
    I feel sorry for Ajitabh today😥😥
    Even Behir seems so difficult
    Why isn’t Bela saying straight to Mahir that she has nothing to do with Yuvi?
    And about the precap- It seems too early, hope this turns out to be a dream sequence
    Lastly I feel the plot this season is a next Golmaal franchise in making. Everything is so mixed up that you never know what is going to happen or what just happened.

    1. Hope your wish comes true. We don’t wanna lose such a wonderful actor like Ajitabh.

  11. Anonymousaa

    And thanks shraddha for the update
    The use of emojis between cheered me up😀😀

  12. TODAY Vish break my heart😢ACP loved her a lot,,,Pta nhi log unhe chhod kyu dete hai jo unse saccha pyar karte hai
    BELA is such a stupid girl….Kuch bolti hi nahi hai😂Hope she will find the evil side of vish & vikrant😇.

  13. No! No! No. They can’t kill ajitabh, they can’t kill ajitabh. I though vish will be paired with him but no she only killed him. How? How could she kill him so easily.

    I was crying at the scene, she killed him without reason, the thing at which I cried d most was even after knowing she is naagin n betrayed him he was still on his words that he loves her n would stand with her. Till his last breathe he hoped she will be by him.

  14. OMG.. Yeh kya ho raha hai.? I didn’t get today’s episode.. Can anybody make it clear.. Did Vikrant killed anu in bela’s disguise.. I knew vikrant is villain.. But vish..? Yeh twist toh chadka maara.. Kya vish ko patha dha ki vik zinda hai.. Then her revenge is for what..? Ab shayad yeh pahle seasons ki tharaf hoga.. But please don’t kill behir.. If so,I’ll surely stop this series..IMMJ toh twist
    pe twist dhekhar bore hua.. It begin so interestingly and now became a blunder.. Not even getting the storyline..
    Well now naagin bhi getting confused and bored(I’m sad to say,but it’s true).. Raaz ke uper raaz.. Ithna stress math do ekthaji.. Hamra Syr phootaga.. Precap main kuch bhi samach nahi aaya..shaayad adi ne mahir ko woh video dikhaya hoga.. And I think it will be Adi who may say truth to bela about vik_vish(par kab hoga ye sab:-( ).. But ab toh dushman ki no. increasing.. kaun kaun idea at all..? Vik,vish,adi,his family.. May be some sehgals also.. Hm.. I want happy Behir.. Their smile and chemistry was soo cute.. I’m watching their old episodes now.. But I have a doubt..Can human be naagins jeevan saadhi..? I agree with bela..It’s not about no. of days of staying together,its minds connection that make two close to each other..100days may be valuable than 100yrs if the personality and feelings match each other.. Vish_vik apne personality/feelings ko aisa adamant hokker express kartha dha(vish_real bela incident/vik_hurting for convincing).. But Behir hamesha apna humbleness and class dhikhatha dha(same incidents,can’t bear other ones pain,jab ek ko laga doosare ko dard hoga).. Yeh hai personality difference..

  15. Which ajitabh had is called true love Not what mahir has is?

    Mahir ditched bela after knowing she is naagin,
    but ajitabh he thought for vish safety, he stood by her n even said if something wrong happened with u I will punish them n even was agree to keep her naagin truth secret BUT Vish I Will KILL U VISH FOR KILLING AJITABH what was his mistake nothing (his only mistake waa that he felt for u)

    I cried so much when he said mujhe farak nahi parta tumhare naam se ki tum kaun ho insaan ho naagin ho par tumse mai pyaar karta hoon (though he didn’t directly say I love u but) AJITABH please come back

    I really wished ajitabh n bela were a pair.

    1. Mahir became hurt when he heard that she came to take revenge on his beloved family and has already killed some including his brother…(from belas words) not because she was a naagin..(.i think so….this guys are so confusing sometimes).but still he loved bela was about to confess that then only yuvi came..he thought that bela and yuvi lovd at some place of their life and she love mahir only after yuvi went nd when yuvi is back she won’t luv mahir anymore becos yuvi is there and why becoming a 3rd wheel.and he was provd he was ri8 when bela confessed to yuvi.
      I really liked characters of anu and ajitabh bcos they were only the sincere and thinking people but they killed both…why this has to happen is there no other techniques of stopping them of finding other than killing.but as vish said the her truth to him i don’t he will come back.this is so annoying killing imp characters in the story lets just pray that bela don’t kill mahir on vik_s blabbering..i thought naagins were truthful other than mankind who cheat each other for imp positions.we humans are better😉. My interest in naagin 3 is draining out… the way thanks the update..😄☺😊😉

    2. Mahir became hurt when he heard that she came to take revenge on his beloved family and has already killed some including his brother…(from belas words) not because she was a naagin..(.i think so….this guys are so confusing sometimes).but still he loved bela was about to confess that then only yuvi came..he thought that bela and yuvi lovd at some place of their life and she love mahir only after yuvi went nd when yuvi is back she won’t luv mahir anymore becos yuvi is there and why becoming a 3rd wheel.and he was provd he was ri8 when bela confessed to yuvi.
      I really liked characters of anu and ajitabh bcos they were only the sincere and thinking people but they killed both…why this has to happen is there no other techniques of stopping them of finding other than killing.but as vish said the her truth to him i don’t he will come back.this is so annoying killing imp characters in the story lets just pray that bela don’t kill mahir on vik_s blabbering..i thought naagins were truthful other than mankind who cheat each other for imp positions.we humans are better😉. My interest in naagin 3 is draining out… the way thanks the update..😄☺😊😉

  16. Lokesh

    So Rajat tokkas is charging a high price, so makers killed Anu and Ajitabh(😢😢😭😭), feeling sorry for him a funny character with brain also.
    So , Ajitabh loves visakha,
    Vishakha loves Vikrant,
    Vikrant loves Bela and
    Bela loves mahir.
    Mahir also loves Bela, so hatao yaar behir pe focus karte hai.
    Vish said correct today pyaar me Aisa Ho hota hai.
    The 4 th naag came, and he is male, as Vikrant said.kon hai wo, Aghori baba or arwind, or some one else. Pata nahi.
    Precap me mahir nahi Vikrant hoga in form of mahir, or Bela must be dreaming. Sumitra is upto something. Something very wrong as in her other shows.waiting for next.

    1. U right. But I guess what’s the need to bring vikrant (rajat’s) character back that too in negative form, they could have shown bela getting to know that vikrant was with her as he loved her but also behind naagmani. Then everything would have been OK

      Already their r so many neg characters n if ekta was finding less neg characters then she could have made neg characters from present character like polomi, suhani etc.


      They could have shown bela taking revenge mahir first angry then helping her, a big battle acp n vish helping n their pair.


      N now I got why they killed acp n made vish neg as VISHTABH PAIR WAS OVERPOWERING BEHIR PAIR. people liked them more.
      N ekta couldn’t tolerate this n in hurry writers decides to kill ajitabh character, but this made her take a very foolish decision as all disappointed by the dead of his character.

      1. Lokesh

        Yup , the second lead pair are always best in ektas show, like purab and bulbul in kkb , Sameer and shristi in knb, Misha and Kabir in pkyek.but she use to kill that pair like she did in other, same happened here.
        And yup for Ekta only trp matters, so when se get to know , trp falls due to acp death , she will bring him back, as some commentor wrote today ( missed the name of commentor) that Ekta have direct connection with yamraj . So she will take them back.if Vikrant wouldn’t return they don’t have anything to show as 4 villans were dead, only adi and rj alive , and 4 were innocent i.e mahir Anu bultu, and Pratham.
        I seriously want paulomi having super powers it will be fun to watch her. Waiting for new naag.

  17. Aaah…the emojis in between irritated me..*no offence* just personal opinion… Epi was all mysterious…many things u cleared…

    1. Lokesh

      Actually Shraddha sis is not any employee in telly updates, she is also like us a regular commentor, sometimes she do btw I enjoyed them with emoji, and she is not well so update is little short.

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      Its ok sia… Some people like simple update…. I didn’t feel bad..

      1. ShraddhaSharma392

        But i like to express my feelings with emojis as people may understand feelings also… Sorry if you didn’t like…
        Lokesh its fine, everyone has right to share their thoughts…

    3. I enjoyed the update especially with emojis. Simplicity n clarity leads to good design. So its okay for the short update. Hope you’ll be better soon.
      May today’s episode give something for relax, like Bela saving Ajitabh… Doubting Vish n Vikrant etc.

  18. Ajitabh I will miss his dialogues, his smile, his antics, I will miss him. I fell in love with ajitabh.

    Vishakha n Vikrant I WILL KILL U BOTH

    I watched naagin only for ajitabh n now he is only dead I won’t even watch the promo now.

    Ekta u have connection with yamraj right u can make dead people alive so please make ajitabh also alive……….. U even bought the character yuvi back U Will Have To Bring Ajitabh Back

    U can show that Ajitabh got saved by another naagin (new entry) and them as a pair……..

    Please ekta bring Ajitabh back. Otherwise I will never watch any of your serials………. How Could U Kill The Chatacter Ajitabh.

    U have made the whole serial rubbish now, in season 2 when anshuman n rudra died I didn’t felt so bad, BUT HOW COULD U KILL AJITABH CHARACTER, PLEASE BRING HIS CHARACTER BACK

    U r the most idiot producer I ever saw on earth. Today u lost a loyal viewer by killing ajitabh.

  19. ShraddhaSharma392

    I was sooo sad and even my eyes filled with water😢😢😢😭😭😭😭.. I was hoping to see ACP and Vish pair… But now i want vish to get ditched by vikrant so badly that she has nothing else to do expect cry and painful death and bela use your powers and save acp plzzz before its too late..

    1. Lokesh

      Yup like acp said apko bhi koi dhokha dega, and Karma is a witch .so vish bhi maregi tadap tadap ke. Now I want someone from Bela side too .give some powers too mahir .

  20. As like most of us here I really wish Ajitabh to be back soon,,, I felt very bad for his death,, we will really miss his one liners and his screen presence was a relief in the show,, hope makers notices viewers wish and bring him back in someway

  21. 😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣
    *It’s not fair 😭😭😭😭
    *Starting I expected this twist but due to the relationship between Vish and ajithab
    And strong bond ( friendship) I removed this
    thought from mind
    *Because such friendship is shown in Bela and Vish……. it’s not like Shivanya and Ruchika.
    Here she acted as Bela her friend it’s completly reddicilous .
    *In previous episodes we saw such respect and care about their nagrani …….
    In absence of Bela she don’t have need to do acting but she did it’s really funny how the director’s misleads the viewers 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤😤
    *This sudden change in Vish is really upsets to this series.
    *I don’t want this season like S2
    here lots of people r against Bela even her lover also 😣😣😭😭😭😭😭
    *Bela is completely help less situation (Vikrant, Vish,, New snake, Vikrant mom,any murderer….etc.. )
    *Even mahir is not there with bela 😤😫
    I can’t see behir pain always pain pain…..😣
    No beautiful moments even Bela is not confess her love
    It’s like one side war.
    *I think Vikrant is very dangerous but it’s only Vish who is cheater meaning less overacting 😤
    *I read that Vikrant and Vish Will try to make a plan inorder to kill mahir by Bela
    *I think in precap mahir is Vikrant or Vish who wants to create barrier and makes Bela kill mahir but it’s not happen……
    Soon Bela and mahir Will realise their love and fight against all negative power s😍😍😍😍😍😍
    Please end this show before falling trp rating I wish this season must be at no.1 position only
    If they repeat this missunderstandings and
    This bad twist trp Will decrease. So hope to have more screen space for behir ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️
    *More strong bond between Bela and mahir
    Like rivanya 😍😍😍😍😍
    Bela is looking to good
    And Vikrant overacting 😣😣😣
    Vish’s cheating are made me hatred feeling 😭😭
    *Hope Bela will not take any wrong step 😘😘

  22. Today I felt very bad for Ajitabh. How can vish kill such a good person. vish doesn’t deserve Ajitabh at all. Behir scene is very nice. It would be nice if Ajitabh would be alive. The serial lost one good character. Please atleast now don’t separate Behir and please see that vish and vikranth gets punishment. Please don’t separate Behir Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee.

  23. It’s ok.. Get well soon..

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Thank u for ur wishes

  24. Feeling bad for ACP he loved vish whole heartedly but what he got! But I still have a hope that vish will realise her mistake n will save him, their hate-love moment n finally acp accepting vish.

    If this happens then surely trip will increase but if acp is really dead then go to hell writers, already makers have created a lot of mistakes. Its not interesting anymore especially after vish turning villain n acp dead

    1. I hope what u said happens. N if this happens then viewers will be more then happy. I will be the happiest, AJITABH PLEASE COME BACK.

      N yes this can happen, by seeing ajitabh’s love she will unwantedly save him then give him memory loss bite, Ajitabh will be back in his form n flirt, vish will too fall for him with time n on finally day ajitabh will remember everything their emotional conversation n fight n then union.


  25. I knew vish was irritated with bela when she says remember that apni nagrani se baat karthi hai.. But they always cared each other as sisters.. If vish is neg..Then wat was the need of her concern for bela in previous episodes.. She was soo concerned about belas safety.. all that was an acting..?
    Bela saved her life and she is giving this in return.. Ise behthar woh ruchika dhi.. I really want someone for bela.. She’s alone..not even mahir is there for her to help and care.. I thought before,that bela saved vish from shaan,so vish will help and save bela from vikrant.. Per yeh kya hua.. Even Ajitabh cared bela,he called her sis.,Understood her weakness in replying against yuvi in anu’s case.. I hoped he and vish clear behirs misunderstandings.. But this idiot writers made everything flop.. Please don’t make your best show a rubbish ekta.. Ek baat aur,Is rajat ko ithna exaggerated muscle body ki saroorat kya hai..It’s weird.. Itna bada sharir or koi train pakadne jaanevaale speed ki baathe.. He was very good in chandrenandini.. Ektaji aap usse iss main ithna stupid bana.. He was better in that nevle form in S1. Bus uska dialogs ki speed kam karo.. Iss mahir gussa him as bhi is tharf silence kyoon hai.. Bela ko nahi keh saktha,par mahir ko keh saktha dha ki voh uski wife hai,jab uske saat hai yuvi uspar zhabardhasti nahi Kar saktha.. But it seems to be like that yuvis wife bela staying with mahir.. Kya mahir bhool gaya ki bela divorce/their life me baare main kya kaha.. Atleast last accident se ithna samach gaya hoga ki voh uske bina nahi jee saktha.. Then what clarity he needs now about belas feelings..

  26. I agree with you samaira.. Very sad about ACP.. I hope some one help him.. I doubt these writers are going directionless now.. Just banging on new twists for TRP.. Please don’t make it a flop..

    1. They can show a new naagin saving him and their jodi, n they can show that the new naagin too has enemity with vish/vikrant. That would spice up the story. They can bring Ada khan back with this character (as I loved her as sesha) or anyone would work. But EKTA BRING AJITABH, U WILL HAVE TO BRING HIM BACK. BRING HIM BACK N I WONT SEE TODAY’S EPISODES

      ajitabh please come back

  27. I was so disappointed that i didnt even want to comment today. I seriously used to wait when Ajitabh would come on screen. his dialogue delivery, his funny take on all things supernatural… It was so fresh in the middle of everyone scheming and fighting… But they killed Ajitabh. And it was VISH who killed him. Seriously? Why?? After Shan, i was so happy that Vish wont turn negative like previous seasons. That she will remain a true friend to Bela till the end. Vish had been so grateful for saving from Shan, she had even accepted Bela as Naagrani. Now suddenly Vish wants to be Naagrani? If Vikrant even becomes Naagraj, he would be naagraj of his own clan. If Bela dies, then Vikrant would chose someone from his own clan. In fact, is it necessary to have naagrani? Bela is naagrani, but no is asking her to chose a naagraj. Then why Vish assumes that Vikrant will definitely choose a rani? It seems vikrant really loves Bela. And Vish killed ACP? KILLED? i first thought she gave him a memory loss bite, like she had once done with Adi… but no! I thought once Vikrant leaves, she will save Ajitabh. But again no! she was merciless! damn! Ajitabh accepted her so easily, he was ready to defend her, to protect her… But Vish could see none of it. Does she even love Vikrant or wants to be with him just for Naagrani designation?
    Did we need these many villains? Now, except for Mahir, everyone seems suspicious and against Bela. Come on! why not keep Vish positive, supporter and in love with Ajitabh?
    To tell the truth, i am not that interested in Behir. Since start either Bela would be rude to Mahir or push him away. And now also they are fighting all the time. There are so few scenes where they talk to each other with open heart or have light moments. Even now, their fight is ridiculous. Bela never says anything to Mahir clearly. Just tell him you love him and Mahir will be happy. But no! Bela doesnt communicate anything. Where is the trust and strong bond between them? Mahir also keeps doubting Bela out of his insecurity in their love and Bela’s behavior. Sigh!
    The naagin writers did it once with Rhivanya. That couple had incredible bonding and trust from start. Both Rithhik and Shivanya’s love for each other, their trust, their pain at arguments, everything was so beautiful. Why can’t the writer do it again? They copy ridiculous plotlines like the second naagin turning villain, or the hero always being adopted… but they cant give strong lovable couples?
    P.s. thanx shraddha for the update even when you are not well. I hope you get well soon 🙂 🙂
    p.p.s. Plz plz bring back ajitabh. he is the character i loved most. Dead people always come back to life. let him be back too!

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      I totally agree with you… But want to make one point, that ruhi mom told ruhi that if naagmani goes into vikrant clan naag they will end ruhi clan naag naagin and their after effect will be harsh… And Vish is glamours but is brainwashed by vikrant.. Since bela introduction as naagin, secenes with vikrant, vish words that i too lost my love and now every thing states that it was Vish and Vikrant plan…
      Thank u for wishes so that i recover soon…

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      Even I don’t like Bela Mahir pair much as much as I liked ACP anD Vish pair… In 3rd season for the first time I felt couple spark on both which was only on shivanya and ritik and even rockey (after he turn naag ) and shivangi…
      But My motive to bear this show is to know why ritik asked rockey to kill shivangi, just for ending story or reason is big (only if they reveal) otherwise this season is just waste of time more now…

  28. I think mahir new bela nag🐍Bcs of 🍃Belpatra

  29. I’m finally seeing action. Thank god!! Won’t it be funny if Mahir turned out to be evil? Now that will be a twist. As is I think he is rather annoying.

  30. 1)Totally dissapointed episode vish kill ajitabh seriously very sad scene even know the truth vish is naagin ajitabh ready to support her but she kill him really disappointed with makers they kill ajitabh and they destroy maahir character .
    2) Why the hell maahir not listen bela why she is not try her best to explain him.
    3)vish is negative why you make her negative.
    4)Behir care for each other my babies look so cute that time.
    5)I only trust maahir he is only bela well wisher.
    6)shraddha get well soon.
    7)ye vikrant hamshaw behir k beech aa jata hai I just hate him
    8)writers and makers plzz reunite my behir
    9)hey guys if someone hurts with my comment srry for that.
    10) Dhara di good to see you here again

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Thank for your wishes

  31. Kavya Chinnari

    What makes a series worth to watch may be some good characters in the show..obviously no one likes bad people but for a series to run there should be both of them…then if only bad people dominate more there will be lot of negativity all over…may be there are 3 chatacters who are good bela mahir and ajitab…remaining all are bad and now one down..pity on us

    Next point every one knows bela is a nagin except mahir and he says big big dialoiges i can read her eyes…he dosent even have patience to listen what she is saying…when she said nothing happened between her and yuvi he is asking to prove…when he dosent know her he trusted her and now he says prove urself…height of stupidity..and dumb nagarani why cant she shout and say that she loves him she says listen to me rather then that she can say i love u but no…

    Almost old cast is gone n daily new entrant…new snakes also…when adi was about to say that bela is nagin some lady pulled him back and nagamani is stolen by her that imp story is left halfway and now some other story…

    I think mahir should use his brains

  32. 1] What to say I am so heartbroken n disappointed with d episode, I never thought ACP will die that too vish will……….. That too vish will kill him.

    2] Mahir is just so irritating n dumb, he only knows to say big big dialogue n inspite knowing what a womanizer yuvi is he is asking for prove from bela. I hated him from pregnancy track she kept saying she isn’t pregnant but he was not ready to listen.

    3] I am happy anu got killed, thought not happy that this way, but still she was also very cruel in a side as when ruhi was getting molested by the gang she was busy clicking photos, she once even didn’t utter anything

    4] I really wish Ajitabh gets saved he was the only character who managed the whole episodes, rest all r beyond………..

    5] Someone save Ajitabh he doesn’t deserve to die this way, and don’t end his character.



  33. i think that sumitra has some connection with yamini even i think that pulaomi is also evil and next i m thinking that sesha will be back as takshika vikrant ‘s mother that new snake is sesha that new snake is not naag that is naagin because when vikrant first time met her he told tum ya kar rahi ho tumne mara kya anu ko it means that is not naag it is naagin and also he told to adi mere maa k baare mein tumhe jaane ki jarurat nahi i think sesha hi vikrant ki maa hai kuch had tak dekha jaye to vikrant ki harkatein bhi sesha jaise hai jaise s1 mein sesha shivanya banke ritik aur shivanya mein misunderstanding paida karte the aur s2 mein ruchika shivangi banke rocky aur shivangi mein misunderstanding paida karte the wese hi vikrant bhi mahir banke bella aur mahir mein misunderstanding paida kar raha tha aur abhi bhi kahin na kahin un dono mein misunderstandings paida kar raha hai this clearly shows the simmilarity between sesha and vikrant and also one another simmilarity that vikrant wants powers so he wants naagmani and also ruhi it just like sesha wanted ritik and naagmani powers in s1 and ruchika wanted rocky and naagmani powers in s2 simmilarly vikrant want naagmani and bella(ruhi) both

  34. It was so sad to see Ajitabh to die. He is needed in this serial. Pl dnt allow him to die. His confused face when he is confronted by the true was so heart breaking to see his belief in her. Reminded me of Akshay kumar in the movie Khakee.And Bela …pl.dnt hurt Mahir anymore by revealing your true identity. Thank you Color tv..Naagin 3 is becoming interesting again.

  35. Rathaiah Kamma

    Waste directers

  36. Hii

    1. Lokesh


  37. Hi everyone iam new here. My view is the women who stopped adi while he was abt to tell belas truth is vikranths mom. It might be sumithra or paulomi becoz it seems she is a known person to adi but he doesn’t know she is the mother of vikranth nd also a naagin. Very sad tat vish killed ajithab cruelly but hope he s alive.

  38. Please bring ACP Ajitaap back

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