Papa By Chance 4th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Ullu falls in trouble

Papa By Chance 4th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with kids apologizing. Yuvaan says don’t worry, I will get your admission done anywhere, you can study over internet. Amrit says no, kids learn many things at school, ask my mum, how she has struggled for my studies. Yuvaan jokes. Amrit asks him to get kids admission done. Bela asks him not to care for Amrit’s words. He says but she is right, right path doesn’t suit me, I have to go and do something. Yuvaan goes to buy books for Gungun. He talks to shop vendor and asks him to give books for the kids, describing their age. Harman calls Mohini. She talks to him. Kids hear her saying Chiku and think to stay back to know who is Chiku. Yuvaan asks for EMI option to buy books. The man says there is no such option. Yuvaan asks him to give simple bags. He asks for uniform.


comes home and says your admission is done. Amrit asks how did this happen. Yuvaan says I can melt even the stone. He asks them to be ready on time. Its morning, kids get ready for going to school. Yuvaan stops them and says you didn’t get the admission, I bribed the watchman, just go in and study, we have no option, else welfare officer will send you to orphanage. He asks them not to do any drama inside. Gungun asks till when shall we do this. He says for 4-5 days more, don’t take tension, I will be here till you guys come back. They agree and get inside the school. They hide from principal. Gungun says if principal sees us, we have to leave Yuvaan. She asks Ullu to go to his class. She says we will meet here after school hours. Some boys tease Ullu. Ullu gets angry and drinks water to control. Ullu goes to beat them.

Yuvaan calls Kashvi and says I got kids’ admission done, get Naina here to show. Yuvaan rests for some time. Kashvi gets happy. Ullu hides from principal. Gungun and Dhoni come out to Yuvaan. Principal sees Ullu and asks what are you hiding. Ullu pushes him and runs. Principal asks who is he, catch him. Yuvaan waits at gate. He hears about Ullu and runs inside school. He hides and sees principal. Ullu hides inside the lift. He gets stuck inside the lift and gets scared. Gungun says where is Ullu. Ullu screams and thinks to ring alarm. He shouts to Yuvaan. Yuvaan hears him and stops. Guard comes and says lift got stuck again. Yuvaan runs upstairs. Ullu faints. Yuvaan sees him and asks are you fine.

Yuvaan says I can’t see them in pain. Amrit and Gungun look on. Amrit hugs him. Yuvaan misses his mom. Gungun goes to Suchi to tell him how much he misses her. She sees Harman and thinks he is Yuvaan’s enemy.

Update Credit to: Amena

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