Tu Aashiqui 4th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Vikram gets Randhir signs on property papers

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The Episode starts with Purva coming out of house and taking an auto. She sees Anita peeping out of the door for her. She gets in auto. Anita follows her in her car. Purva comes to Monty and tells him that Maa is following her and tells that she don’t know how to handle her. She tells that they have to keep Ahaan away from JD Mansion. Monty gives her water and says he will handle everything. Aparna tells Ahaan that the engagement date is fixed for 11th October. Ahaan says I…Pankti says I don’t want to marry Rangoli. Ahaan gets angry and asks Aparna to chose marriage date as well. Pankti asks Randhir until when they will let them stay here. Randhir says just 10 more days. Pankti says after 10 days check mate. Monty calls Ahaan and tells that there is a concert in Pune. Ahaan says ok and tells Aparna

to make all arrangements of marriage. Aparna asks her not to worry. Purva returns home. Anita asks where did you go? Purva says she went to hair salon and says you will say if you don’t get a good price. Vikram meets Rangoli and asks her to make Randhir signs on the papers, and says we will change the papers. Rangoli thinks he wants Randhir to transfer his property on her name. Rangoli says he is smart. She goes. Vikram takes out third documents and says Randhir will sign on this.

Rangoli invites Randhir for having food. Rangoli says you forgot me after getting Rakhi and asks him to give her gift. Randhir asks her to come to point. Randhir asks her to make her face of JMD. Randhir laughs and asks if I am mad? Rangoli says if I become face of JMD then everything will be sorted. Randhir laughs and says I am coming on page 3 and you are coming on small column. Pankti asks him to make her face of JMD and says she is not interested in becoming face of JMD as she has him with her. Vikram asks a model to go and divert him. Rangoli asks him to sign fast. She drops the pen. Randhir bends down to pick it. Rangoli changes the papers. Model enters there. Randhir gets happy and calls her baby doll. Lawyer or Secretary changes the third set of papers. Randhir signs it hurriedly and goes with the model.

Rangoli is about to check it, but Vikram comes and takes the papers, says according to the deal, I will keep it. Pankti comes to Aparna and shows the ring. Aparna says I can understand what are you going through and says everything will be fine and we will not remember this day, good days will come soon. Vikram shows the papers and says we got our everything from Randhir. Pankti checks the papers and says it is on…Vikram says on your name. He says I have lost everything and says nobody can handle mom’s wealth better than you. He asks her to come and says lets go and throw Randhir and Rangoli out. Pankti says not now, first we need to get that video footage. Rangoli gets happy and thinks everything is on her name now. She thinks if Ahana refused for marriage then I have solution for that. She takes out pendrive and laughs.

Ahaan performs on the stage and sings song….Dhoondun tujhe kitni martaba….Pankti watches his performance on the tab and thinks of rejecting Ahaan and chosing Randhir. She recalls hurting Ahaan and thinks just some more wait, then we will be together for forever. Rangoli calls Ahaan and says congrats for the concert. She says we had announced fake engagement, but your family is taking it seriously and planning our marriage in 3-4 days. Ahaan says I will come there and sort out the marriage matter. Rangoli gets upset and thinks this marriage will not be cancelled. She calls Vikram and asks him to do something as Ahaan is refusing for marriage. Vikram says marriage will happen and asks her to win family’s trust.

Randhir is with the model. Vikram comes there and says congrats. Randhir asks what did I do? Vikram says you have taken a smart move by making Rangoli as face of JMD. Randhir is happy. Vikram asks him to take contract papers from Rangoli and take NOC from Pankti. He asks him not to trust Pankti more and says your position will be safe. Next day, Pankti signs on NOC and says you would have asked me yesterday. Randhir says he wants contract papers from Rangoli. Rangoli says it is safe with me. Randhir says what is the matter, and asks her to give papers. Pankti says I gave him NOC as it is needed and asks her to give him contract papers. Aparna comes and asks why are you troubling my bahu? Pankti says we gave her gift and asking for receipt, but she is refusing. Kaira asks what kind of receipt? Pankti says we made her face of JMD.

Pankti tells that Randhir gave her 12 hours time to give papers. Vikram shows poison bottle and asks her to give to Randhir and Pankti. Later Randhir catches Rangoli and confronts her for trying to give poison to him. He says I am your father. Manav says so you are her father.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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