Papa By Chance 31st October 2018 Written Episode Update: Yuvaan wins the case

Papa By Chance 31st October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Yuvaan saying none should know about this letter, kids shouldn’t get this letter. Inspector asks what, you can win this case and also kids’ trust by this letter, did you go mad, you can go jail, you will lose all the property if you don’t use this letter. He says I don’t care. Amrit says Yuvaan has changed, he is ready for punishment, he can’t break the hearts of kids, he may lose case today, I m sure when Suchi knows about his sacrifice, she will respect him a lot, like I love Yuvaan and respect him too, he won’t agree. She goes.

Inspector says strange, Yuvaan is refusing everything for those orphan kids, I will present this letter in court and do my duty. Ullu looks on. Inspector goes to judge and says I have to present a letter. Yuvaan stops him. Inspector says let me do my duty. He doesn’t get letter. Judge is about to give verdict. Ullu comes and stops the judge. He says I want to tell you something. Judge says I have taken the decision. Ullu says no, you can’t take decision, I know we told that Yuvaan isn’t suitable to take our responsibilities, but we were wrong, we all do mistakes. He cries and says Harman has ousted Yuvaan from home, its wrong, and you asked us about Yuvaan, you didn’t ask Amrit and Bela, its wrong you didn’t ask her, my parents were wrong, everyone does mistakes, how can you punish Yuvaan. He speaks good about their angel Yuvaan.

He says Yuvaan didn’t kill our parents, he asked them to move away as his car brakes were failed, they didn’t move, I got to know the truth. Gungun and Dhoni look on. Ullu says truth is parents were committing suicide by coming in front of the car. He nods to gungun and shows the letter. Ullu recalls changing the letter and reading it. He learns about his parents’ decision to commit suicide because of loans. He says Yuvaan didn’t use this letter to win the case, he cared for us. Gungun explains Dhoni that they are wrong, Yuvaan is their angel. Kids hug Yuvaan. Kashvi asks judge to do justice with kids. The judge says Yuvaan has become a responsible person now, the kids have proved this, he can take up responsibility of property and business, we can do formalities when Suchi returns. Harman gets shocked. Kids say angel has won. Genie says he had to win as I have come to support. Yuvaan hugs Ullu.

Dhoni asks what else was written in letter. Gungun says mum has written that they went to Lord by their own wish. Dhoni asks didn’t they love us. Yuvaan says they loved you a lot, they made a mistake, we all make mistakes, forgive them, don’t cry. Kids promise him. He also promises that they will stay as happy family. He goes out and meets judge. Judge asks what will you do of kids now. Kashvi looks on. Yuvaan says I will raise them. Judge says kids deserve a lot. Yuvaan says I know, I will try to give them all happiness. She says a mum and a dad can raise kids well, a single dad can’t raise then, you have two days to be with them, kids have to go to proper family. He goes. Harman thanks judge. She says I did what is legally right, how will you get money now. He says Yuvaan loves the kids, I will use this love to get victory into failure. Yuvaan hides matter from kids. He asks them to leave everything, they have won the case, they will go and buy sweets for Diwali. Kids agree.

Yuvaan says judge will snatch kids. Amrit says prove to judge that you can give love to kids. Genie tries to hurt Dhoni.

Update Credit to: Amena

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