Papa By Chance 25th August 2018 Written Episode Update: The kids get ill-treated

Papa By Chance 25th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the girl laughing seeing her mum. Her mum says your interview will go well, your first salary will come, and we will fix this roof, I m sure that you will get a good job. The girl says don’t take his name, dad used to swear about his friendship with Chopra, did Chopra remember anything. Her mum says forget it now, why are you children arguing, I know Yuvaan, he is good hearted. The girl asks her to read about Yuvaan.

Yuvaan donates some moments to children’s aunt. He asks where are the kids. She says they went for ashes immersion ritual. Uncle comes and says we got rid of the problems. Yuvaan asks what problem. He gets angry on the man. The kids are in an orphanage. They get ill treated and get poor food. Gungun says I m scared of cockroach. She cheers Dhoni that they will go disneyland. The lady doesn’t let them eat anything. Gungun argues with her. The lady scolds her and drags her. Ullu says leave my sister. The men catch him. Dhoni says don’t worry, I m here. He throws the cockroach on the lady. The kids ruin the mess area and asks the children to support them too. The lady and men catch all the kids. She gets them locked and asks the guard not to give them any food. Dhoni cries and asks someone to send an angel for them. Harman is at home. He eats food. He asks manager to do his work. Suchi comes. Harman acts to cry.

Harman tells him that he has lost all his belief now, as his cheque got rejected. He says Yuvaan is trying to get the funds by forging your signs, he insulted me in front of the people in court. Suchi says Yuvaan thinks my love is my weakness, I will see him. Harman gets happy. Dhoni cries and says I will not become any game monitor, I want an angel who will come and free us. Yuvaan comes to the orphanage and sees some kids playing. Aashvi insists him to get in and take the kids. She blackmails him about his property. He agrees to go in. Dhoni shows his belief and asks Gungun and Ullu to pray with him. They pray for their angel to come and save them. Aashvi talks to Yuvaan on call and asks him to focus and go inside. He gets stuck in the light bulbs wires. He enters their room. They see him. Dhoni says angel….. Yuvaan sees the children.

Gungun asks why did you come here. Yuvaan says I m your dad’s friend, I have come to take you. The kids ask Aashvi who did their parents’ accident.

Update Credit to: Amena

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