Qayamat Ki Raat 25th August 2018 Written Episode Update: Raj accepts the marriage

Qayamat Ki Raat 25th August 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Mahindra says its my daughter’s mistake. Raj has the right to decide what he wants for his life. Raj goes to Karuna and says I am sorry I don’t wanna hurt you. I wanted to marry you so that I can help you. But sometimes we need more reasons to marry someone. If you don’t have any problem. I want to keep this marriage. Karuna says you can. Maindra says thank you Karuna. Karuna says I am sorry Gauri. I didn’t see you love Raj. Thank you for fixing all this. Gauri you did right. Everyone congratulates Raj. Karuna says to Gauri you have risked the life of your whole family. You think you saved Raj? Now see what I do. Gauri is scared.
Dharam is in tears. The song khamoshiyan plays. he recalls his moments with Gauri. He drinks.

Gauri wonders where is Dharam. She says to ananiya why are you so scared? She says nothing. Gauri says have you seen dharam? She says no I haven’t. Gauri says are you in tension? She hugs Gauri and says no. Gauri calls Dharam but he cuts her call. Dharam is drunk.

Raj sees Gauri calling dharam. She says I was calling Dharam. He wasn’t here so.. He says its okay you can. Lets start this relationship with trust. Vikaas says lets go everyone and do the rituals. Everyone does greh parevesh of Gauri and Raj. Gauri enters the house. Kalasur sits between them. Gauri sees him and is scared. EVeryone says lets find the rings Raj and Gauri. Karuna says to Gauri no one can see him because he is very powerful. He will always be between you both. Gauri and raj look for the rings. Kalasur puts hand on Lakshmi but falls down. Gauri reaclls they wore the threads from temple. Kalasur can’t touch anyone. Both Raj and Gauri find rings one each and make each other wear it.
Gauri says to Karuna you said your kalasur was really powerful? He couldn’t harm anyone. He can’t even touch anyone because we are all wearing this thread. I will save everyone. I will always be a step ahead of you.

Karuna says to Kalasur you said you are very powerful and you will stop them. see Gauri is of Raj. I can’t do anything now and so can’t you. Only that woman can help you in the house.
Gauri is worried in room. Raj is coming towards the room. gauri goes out and looks around.
Karuna says to Raj you need to take license from your sister in laws.

Gauri comes to library. Gauri sees that the way to Kalasur’s place isn’t open.
Karuna says give us something special. He says what do you want? She says yourself. I mean ask yourself. Gauri sees them on the door and says how do I go in. Roma says don’t stop him let him go in. Gauri comes in from the window. Raj sees her. He says you were running? you said love me. You married. She says no no listen. He says what were you doing half inside and half outside. She says I knew Vikaas and my brothers would annoy me a lot so I wanted my clothes and was goin from here. He says its our wedding night. She says wedding night? He says yes you married me you don’t want wedding night? But I want. He hugs her and comes close to her. Kalasur says they wont be one. He sends a lizard towards them.
Precap-Gauri says to Karuna I will go to Sumergarh with Raj and expose the truth. Ananiya records Karuna talking to kalasur. Karuna cuts threads of everyone in the house one by one.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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