Papa By Chance 18th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kids want to support Yuvaan

Papa By Chance 18th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with the guys asking Yuvaan how to defeat Chotu. Yuvaan says I was on date with a pretty girl, you all got me here for this. The guys apologize. Amrit laughs. Yuvaan says so you did this. Kids trouble Harman. He goes for bath and gets blue water and red color on face. The kids laugh. He says I won’t leave you all. The kids rush out of the house to run. Yuvaan says I went on date after many months, you ruined it. Amrit says I don’t want to ruin it, that girl isn’t right for you. He says yes, she is perfect for me. Yuvaan’s friend Bantu sees the kids. Harman asks him to stop the kids. Bantu asks did you do anything.

Gungun asks Ullu to do something, else they will be caught. Ullu eats banana and throws the peel to make Harman fall. They hide. Harman falls down. Yuvaan

says principal is already troubling me, he wants all notes to be completed, oh no, we have to complete notes. He calls out kids. Harman says there are some thieves in the house. Bantu says there is no one. Harman says maybe Yuvaan did this, just he can do this. He slaps Bantu and says you are his friend. Bantu says I didn’t do anything, I don’t know where is he living, trust me.

Harman says Yuvaan did this to prove himself responsible, I will not let him get anything. He falls down. The kids stay hidden. Yuvaan says kids aren’t upstairs. The guys say we will find them to get training from you. Yuvaan asks really, then come to me. He tells them something. Amrit says what is he up to now. Ullu says we should punish Harman. Gungun says he is rich, if Yuvaan supports us, then it can help us, we can prove that Yuvaan is taking good care of us, he will win and Harman will go jail. Dhoni asks how will we help Yuvaan. She says its easy. She shows them a plan. She says we have to stay as a united family. Ullu says it means we have to make Yuvaan responsible. Gungun says so that he wins the case. They join hands. Yuvaan makes the guys write notes. Amrit says you aren’t doing right. The notes get completed. Yuvaan asks where are the kids. Kids come home. Yuvaan says I told you to come home. They say sorry and hug him.

Yuvaan gets surprised. The kids behave well. Yuvaan looks on. The kids praise him. Bela says washing machine has come. The guys help Yuvaan and keep the washing machine. Dhoni says we have washing machine now. Bela asks them to put the bad clothes in the machine. Yuvaan removes his kurta to put it. He asks the guys to come tomorrow for training. Amrit writes property of Yuvaan on washing machine. She says you have earned something by hard work for the first time. He says yes, its mine. He praises Genie. She says love can’t be explained, it just happens, when someone else gets hurt, you get hurt. She talks of love. He gives her a rose. He calls her boring. She says I m not boring. He laughs and goes. Its morning, Yuvaan shows the notes to principal. Principal checks it and says I knew this, the writing is different on every page, if kids know everything, I will take surprise test, if they fail, you will lose, kids will be out of the school. Yuvaan worries.

Principal asks Genie why didn’t she let the kids leave. Genie says Yuvaan has 900 crores, I will make Yuvaan dance on my fingers. Amrit says I won’t let you cheat Yuvaan. Genie locks her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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