Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 18th October 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal clears Mauli’s confusion

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 18th October 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

In a perfect date setting, Kunal was waiting for Nandini and was sure she will come. Mauli comes to hug him from behind with a wide smile. Kunal’s smile vanishes as he watch Mauli instead of Nandini.
At home, Nandini sat with the red saree recalling Mauli’s demand for Kunal. She thinks she can’t break her promise from Mauli. Kunal must return to Mauli, she is sorry about it.
Mauli says she has come, how she couldn’t be here after that beautiful recording. His words worked magic, her ego, her anger and everything vanished. After all he apologized for his mistake. Kunal looks away from Mauli. Mauli says she is ready to give them and their relation another chance. They won’t fail this time, leaving no chance for any mistake. They must turn their marriage as perfect

as it was in its initial days. Kunal has even begun with such a beautiful place. She cries and hugs Kunal assuring she needs nothing but him. Kunal regrets all this. Mauli vows to continue making their lives happy. Kunal says Mauli! Mauli says they can learn from their mistakes. Kunal says that video wasn’t for her, but for Nandini. He left that tape on the bed mistakenly. He is so sorry to hurt her again. He isn’t sure if she would ever be able to forgive him or Nandini, but they never meant to hurt her. Nandini was the one to prepare for all the arrangements of her birthday and loves her dearly. The moments he spent with Mauli were beautiful but Mauli was only a step in his life, not the goal. Mauli grabs the cloth on the flower ridden table. The lantern fell over and burns the cloth. She takes control of herself and runs away barefooted, almost losing her balance on the way.
Nandini packs her clothes thinking about Kunal’s video while holding the red saree. She holds Kunal’s photo and thinks she got enough love from Kunal that she can spend her life alone. If she continue to stay here, Kunal won’t stop but visiting her. She won’t be able to fulfil her promise to Mauli then.
Mauli reaches Nandini’s apartments. Nandini had left by the elevator while Mauli climbed the stairs. She rings the bell but no one answers. She calls Nandini from outside and cries there at the doorway. She throws the name plate she gifted to Nandini and leaves the apartment door.
Mauli asks the apartment guard about Nanidni, the resident of 902. The guard replies he didn’t see her. Nandini stood on the road to hire an auto, she thinks she fulfilled the promise of a friend. She wish Mauli remembers her in her good books. A van stops by Nandini and pulls her inside forcefully, clutching her mouth.

PRECAP: Kunal rings bell of Nandini’s apartment. He finds the broken name plate outside and calls Nandini’s number. At home, Kunal blames Mauli for going to deter Nandini, she left home. He would hold Mauli responsible if Nandini is harmed

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. worst show ever! worst writer i hate kunal and nandini!! desperate ppl!! writer should suicide for such bullshit story!!

  2. Silsila: Rajdeep to kidnap-torture Nandini… Nandini decides to leave from Kunal’s life. She leaves from the house. Rajdeep spots her and takes advantage of the situation. He kidnaps Nandini and takes her to a godown. He tells her that she has punished everyone around. He scolds her for punishing her husband, friend and lover too. He asks if she won’t get punished. He tells her that he will be punishing her. He tortures Nandini. He threatens of killing her. He gets the kerosene oil and pours around her. He tells her that he will ignite the fire and burn her alive. On the other hand, Mauli regrets for the misunderstanding that has turned her relation with Kunal much ugly. After the argument, Mauli goes to her room and angrily breaks the mirror.

    She recollects Kunal’s madness for Nandini. She feels much humiliated that Kunal is blaming her for Nandini’s sorrow. She feels he has nothing for her in his heart, he has rejected her again. Mauli feel sorry for herself. She sheds tears. Dida and Yamini console Mauli an ask her to tell Kunal about the pregnancy. They believe that Kunal will return for the sake of the child. Mauli gets blank. She doesn’t want to reveal her pregnancy to Kunal. She lets Kunal move on with Nandini. She wants to decide about the child alone.

  3. Disgusting serial I hv nvr seen like dis serial ever watching dis serial only for mauli know iam done with dis serial…
    How can u tell mauli like dat kunal she is ur wife everything finished chi how can u blame mauli when u r at fault, mauli b strong u should not run behind dis person…
    A cheater kunal deserve nahi karta mauli ko pehle to mai chahtin thi k kunal aur mauli ek hojaye ab nahi chahti ab aisa a cheater mauli ko deserve hi nahi karta go to hell kunal no words to explain my heartness towards u I hate u hate u 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  4. Make Mauli Strong and confident enough to face those two cheaters.
    I want her to look them in the eye and show no emotion.
    Writers, no one will support cheaters no matter how much you try to get sympathy votes.

  5. Did kunal really called mauli a step in his life?! So 7 years of married life is a phase before reaching the goal that is sleep with her bestie. Is there any more cruel and disrespectful way to reject someone. This step must only exist for pieces of crap like kunal. Mauli might be a step for kunal but they is no doubt kunal is a mistake of the nature, an error that should never live in society, a shame on men name, a big reason why men are somethime reffered as kutta and kamina. It is soon halloween, wouldn’t mind if Micheal Myers pay him a small visit 😈

    1. Well said…it’s better to kill this Kunal by his mother hands…

  6. I really want kunal to rot in hell for his behaviour towards mauli.He is such a spineless character

  7. Kunal is one of the shameless pathetic character seen so far. Ther have been so many serial with this sort of love triangle , but there’s a difference that other women would not be someone who cries and acts as a victim after breaking the home especially of the person who was claimed to be her best friend and also who taught her live life with dignity. And here she believes she is the one mahaan lady who is sacrificing her love for mauli.

  8. Seriously ? This show is becoming more dirtier day by day! How could Kunal blame Mauli? Aur ye Nandini! I mean seriously? Koi itni cheap hoo kaise sakti hai? Paraay mard ki itni shoukh? Abhi bhi laal saari leke drama? Koi iss kamini ko maat kyun nehi deta? Aur wo ganda Kunal!! Yr heartless log bhi shayeed kunal se better honge. Jo wo Mauli k sath kar raha hai bohot galat. Koi itni jaldi neyi neyi pyar k liye purani itni khubsuraat heavenly love ko nehi bhul sakte. Mujhe tw ye samajh nehi ata jo log Kunan support karte hai kitni gandi soch hai unka! Itni unfair rishte ko koi sapne mein bhi support nehi kar sakte. Show off air hoo jana chahiye.

  9. Hahaha 😂😂😂 7 years with mauli is step and 3 months of madness with nandini is goal ( as well his oxygen 😅). Such a Moron !!!!

  10. I didn’t like that mauli dressed up like nandini .. I mean what is the need to change yourself for that cheater.. After this mauli won’t be able to trust anyone in this world as she has shattered 2nd time.. Makers plz show us mauli’s Journey we are not interested in those cheaters.

  11. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. 901 turned 902 it was typing error or speaking as i haven’t watched episode…

    2. Writers showing Nandini as scarificer, Mouli as immature and Kunal as cheater… I mean nandini keeping her friendship for Mouli and Kunal baby and love, Mouli still blindly believing what Mumma and Dida trying to fill in her eyes (not using brain at all) and kunal said mouli was step, this means he can be shown cheating nandini as well in future….

    3. I don’t get why mouli is not punishing them..

  12. Ohh good…wt is this Kunal up to…how he can say such wrds to Mauli…shame on u Kunal….and this nandhini,if u really wanna sacrifice just speak to Kunal that to stay wth mauli instead of going out of his lyf without meeting him ND all…the way u r behaving like mahan is not good thing which u r dng…. Mauli shud be shown as strong nd she shudnt go wth dida ND mamma wrds…wt the hell…y they still want Kunal ND Mauli together….instead of Mauli they shud speak to Kunal ND they will understand wt there son is up to …such a guy won’t deserve happiness…here Mauli is suffering like this ND he is saying to Mauli that she will hold responsible if anything happens to nandhini…this much happens to Mauli …he doesn’t have dare to tell you himself ND nandhini that they r responsible of maulis Condition today…chiiiiiii…..7 yes if love is a bit…ND 3 months of so called love is goal….wah….wt a logical thing…..Mauli shud slap nandhini ND kunal at leas one tym…I wanna see that….

  13. What a disgusting storyline… Koi matlab hi nahi hai aise serial ka, Jo itni ghatiya soch darsha raha hai… Wo kunal Jo kabhi women ki respect karne ka aur bahut hi suljha aur achchi soxh wala dikhaya jaaraha tha, abhi suddenly nandini je liye itna change hogaya ke apne morale apni achchi soch sab bhulke sirf ghatiya aur selfish ke roop me dikh raha hai, Jo bas apne naye naye pyar (ya jimani infatuation) ke liye itna gir gaya hai ke apni patni Jo usse itna pyar karti hai jisse kabhi wo bhi beinteha pyar karta tha, abhi suddenly sab gayab hogaya… Ab kunal ko sirf nandini dikh rahi us ghatiya aur selfish b*t*h nandini ka dukh dikhraha hai, mauli ka dard nahi dikh raha….
    Like seriously kunal NE mauli ko EK STEP bola…? Kaisa STEP mauli ki bestie nandini ke saath sone ka step….?
    Aise mard par dikkaar hai… Aise mard to Rajdeep se bhi ghatiya hain…. Atleast Rajdeep aisa khule me karta hai, aur uske liye wo badnaam bhi hai… Par kunal achcha banne ka naatak karte Jo dard mauli ko de raha hai uska kya…
    Aur wo kamini ghatiya Nandini badi mahaan ban rahi hai, mauli ko uska pati lauta ke…
    Agar ab mahaan banna hi tha to pehle hi mauli ki life me darraard Na daali, uske pati par buri nazar Na daali, ab bada uski apni dost yaad aarahi hai, kamini ko waqt apni dost nahi yaad aayi jab wo mauli ke pati ke saath bistar share ki… Mauli ko nandini se apne pati ko lautane ki baat hi kyun karni thi….? Balki mauli ko to us kamini nandini ko dhoke dene ke liye dutkaarna chahiye tha….
    Disgusting shameless track….
    Makers just go to hell n stop this blo*dy show….

  14. OMG, please kill the writers. How come Kunal and Nandani are the victims here. Are these people in their senses or is this how they feel one should be treated when they cheat on their wives. Maybe the writer cheated on his/her partner and thinks if writing a story like this might make it possible for people to cheat and then make it looks like the innocent person is the the bad one….seriously get a life people. God, it makes you frustrated to think that people like Mauli should put up with crap like this, weather in reel or real life….sheesh

  15. Mauli leave that loser. I think the writer was a cheat that’s why he/she is writer show story to make the two loser cheater look like they are good people…they needed to put a stop from day one to their behavour so don’t understand why they are acting like teenagers. They are grown ass adults with responsibility.

  16. DannyComments

    Okay okay , now they might be going over board with this..I am in support of Kunal and Nandini’s love BUT I believe Mauli has suffered enough..this new story line isn’t can’t turn Mauli into a whiny crap after making her so independent that she wasn’t able to satisfy her husband’s needs..Nah! Give her a better story maybe she moves on or something and find a way to bring Kunal and Nandini back together properly without making Kunal look like a douche! He is a nice guy who is selfless..don’t ruin that for me..Okay fictitious writers??

  17. Writers, I want a new hero who will win Mauli’s heart and make Kunal looks loke a pathetic loser.

  18. How cum d writters make mauli negative character??? Unbelivable…… how stupids u writters r! Dnt make mauli mascarriage nd dnt let her turn negative guys….. (ufcourse bcz of nandini and kunal she lost every happiness of her life l, now if she losses her child too justbbcz of over pressure of kunal) so makers r planning to make mauli a vamp in d upcoming sequences as dida too vil accept nandini bcz of child reason.
    Didnt expected such a worst(negative winning over positive) series ever.

  19. If nandini really wants to unite mauli and kunal y don’t she make her character bad in front of kunal.y the need to behave this way like not picking his calls and not meeting him suddenly she should have done it in right time and give a lesson to kunal how cheating from loved ones affect a person’s life by executing a plan if she really understands mauli s pain but she will never gonna Do that.she should have asked him how long will he love her ,what’s the guarantee that he will love her for rest of the life.I could not understand y nandini questioned him this at least for could she trust him after witnessing how he cheated mauli though mauli is perfect in all aspects.I think nandini wants to make kunal hers only and wants him end all ties with mauli.nobody feels like nandini trying to unite maunal.

  20. A step. Mauli is a step. Wow. Where is the tar to blacken kunal’s face? Anyways am glad that now at least mauli will not listen to anyone and take a clean break from kunal. And if dida and mamma ask her to reconsider or manipulate her again, mauli should now break ties with them too. Spolier said dida and mamma will still insist that mauli should tell kunal about baby. I hope at that time mauli realisez no one in this family cares for her and she goes away and starts a new life.
    I wonder which game kunal is playing where first wife is step and second woman is goal. He should never get any happiness. A good person will have more care for a stranger than kunal has for his wife of seven years. I hope he leads a miserable life with weak nandini forever. The woman who is ready to abandon him without any explanation.
    As for nandini. I wonder how she doesnt get dehydration from all the crying she does. If she really wanted to return kunal, she should have tried to make him realise that his marriage is important or he still cares for mouli. But no. She will go away without any explanation knowing that kunal will keep running after her. And the whole time she will cry about being a good friend. No. Plz no.
    And now rajdeep and his torture again. The makers are trying every way to garner sympathy for nandini. Well if they wanted nandini to be well accepted, they should have made her stronger instead of a clueless bechari crybaby. Between nandini and mauli, everyone will prefer mauli in real life. Except for men like rajdeep who know they can get away with anything when this weak woman is concerned. Or lusty obsessive men like kunal.

  21. Just hating the show more more
    I have pity on viewers who watch this story on tv
    Show mauli as main lead and kunan in supporting role
    Only than your show can be on air
    Just a fun of a wife 7 years devotion and love
    If you are in mood of justify kunal nandini love,than change show title to silsila NAZAAIS rishton kaa

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