Papa By Chance 15th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Amrit helps the kids

Papa By Chance 15th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Bela and Yuvaan getting angry seeing Harman’s interview. Harman asks everyone to love Suman private Limited as they loved Shehnai. He thinks my work will be done if Yuvaan is watching this on tv, I want to know what is he doing to become good in judge’s eyes. Amrit thinks if Yuvaan knows this, he will be angry. Bela asks Yuvaan not to get angry. Yuvaan says I will not leave him. Gungun says I will go and get keys from Yuvaan. She doesn’t see anyone and shouts Yuvaan. She runs back to Ullu. Yuvaan comes to conference hall and ruins things.

Aashvi asks him to stop it. Harman comes there with his mean and angers Yuvaan more by taunting him and Samraj. He says I kept this conference so that you come out of the hideout. He asks Manjeet to get chillis. He feeds

chillis to Yuvaan. Aashvi says you can’t do this, I m his lawyer, I will call police. Harman asks shall I feed chilli to you. Yuvaan scolds him. Harman throws out Yuvaan from company. Amrit thinks I knew this will happen. Suchi sees Yuvaan and gets sad. Harman does a drama by injuring himself. Suchi leaves Yuvaan and runs to Harman. She asks what happened. She sees his wound and asks how did you get hurt. He says your son has punished me.

Gungun frees Ullu and Dhoni. They see Dhoni unconscious. They wonder who will help them now. They take Dhoni out. They find the door locked and worry. Amrit comes home. They see the door open and rush out. They try to take help. Amrit locks the house. She sees the kids needing help. She goes to help them. Yuvaan says I will not get quiet till I tackle Harman. Aashvi scolds him and asks him to at least think for her once. She says I will not lose this way, you value my efforts please. He gets angry on Harman. She says we have to win by smartness. Amrit calls him. Aashvi asks him to become responsible and support kids, nobody can snatch anything from him. He rejects the call.

Amrit says how did Aashvi leave her kids this way. She takes kids to hospital and feels sad for them. Doctor treats Dhoni. He gives her the bill and goes. Yuvaan and Aashvi come home. They see the door locked. Aashvi says we will go to restaurant and wait, you would have given food to kids. Yuvaan says kids don’t wait for food, I gave them punishment, oh no, I have tied Ullu to chair and shut Dhoni in cupboard. She asks what, he is a little boy, who does this, you are mad. He says I was punishing them for just ten mins, you called and I left from home. He breaks the lock and runs upstairs to check on kids. He doesn’t see anyone. She says kids aren’t here. They look for kids. He says Harman would have done this. She asks do you mean they are kidnapped.

Bela and Mohini get arrested and tortured. Amrit learns Yuvaan has filed kidnapping charges. Amrit slaps Yuvaan.

Update Credit to: Amena

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