Naagin Season 3 15th September 2018 Written Episode Update: Shahnawaz Hypnotizes Bela/Mahir and Vish Reach Shahnawaz’s Cave

Naagin Season 3 15th September 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mahir continues searches Bela at home. Vish becomes snake and crawls out of house behind Mahir. She stands on door thinking she has to save Bela somehow. Mahir sees her and asks what is she doing here. Vish says Shaan took away her. Shaan/Shahnawaz reaches outside his cave and says they have reached their destiny. Sumitra, Paulo, Anu, Kuhu, etc. happily dance. Shahnawaz asks Bela to come out holding his hand, that is the only way she can get out of this palanquin. Bela comes out holding his hand thinking she will escape. Shahnawaz says their wedding will begin soon and she has to chant holy verses and marry him. Bela runs away silently. Shahnawaz smiles. Bela reaches cliff end. Sumitra and Anu come there and ask what is she doing here and forcefully take her back. Bela continues pleading

to leave her, they are all hypnotized by Shahnawaz. Shahnawaz says she is right, they are all so happy dancing and there is no hate here. Bela warns to let her go. He gives knives to Sumitra and Paulomi and asks them to behead each other. They head towards each other. Bela tries to stop them and asks Shahnawaz to stop them. Shahnawaz orders them to stop.

Mahir continues asking Vish where is Bela. Vish uses her powers and finds out how Shahnawaz kidnapped Bela and she trying to escape, etc. Mahir says he just needs his family back, what is she doing. She asks to follow him and asks him to drive car. She thanks Bholenath for returning her powers and finds out Shahnawaz’s cave. Shahnawaz notices that and thinks Vish cannot find out the world he has created, she will not know where this cave is, nobody can go out from here alive. He creates protective barrier around cave. ACP sees Ramona/Vish with Mahir and thinks she told she is going to another city for job, then what is she doing with Mahir. He follows them. Shahnawaz walks into his place inside cave and sees his servants dancing. He asks Bela to go and get ready. Sumitra takes Bela to a room. Bela says she and everyone are hypnotized by Shaan and asks her to break it with her will power. Sumitra says Bela. Bela says yes, she is Bela, her bahu. Sumitra says she is not yet married to Shaan. Bela gives up and asks her to get juice for her. Sumitra leaves asking her not to complain boss/aaqa Shahnawaz.

Vish with Mahir reaches outside cave and tells Mahir this is the cave Shaan brought Bela into. Mahir says what rubbish, but then hears sound from other side of stone wall. Vish asks him to break the wall. He pulls out stone and peeps in, but gets stuck. Vish asks him to use his full power and get his head out. He says he cannot, she should on the other side and find way in. Inside cave, Shahnawaz’s puppets dance around him and bring out Bela forcefully. Bela shouts to don’t touch her. He says he will marry her first and then touch. Vish becomes nagin and breaks cave stone and then returns as human. Mahir gets up and asks how did she break stones. She says it is a mountain and landslides happen, good he escaped somehow, let us go in. They walk in saying if someone is there. Shahnawaz hears that and says unwanted guests have come. ACP enters but finds stone wall. He finds Ramona/Vish’s ring and thinks she must be somewhere around, but does nnot find way. Bela becomes snake. Sumitra and others get afraid. Shahnawaz asks them not to worry until he is there and plays been/snake flute to hypnotize her. Bela says it will not affect her. He picks another been and says with this sound, she will herself eagerly hug him. He plays been. She dances around him on music. Shahnawaz goes away with his puppets.

Mahir runs in with Vish and seeing Bela hugs her and asks what is she doing here, he was worried for her. She pushes him and asks not to touch her, she does not like strangers touching her. Vish asks what happened to her. Bela asks who is he, she is marrying her true luve Shahnawaz in sometime and walks away. Mahir fumes. Vish controls him saying Shaan is Shahnawaz and has hypnotized Bela. Pupppets walk behind Shahnawaz. Vish makes him wear lady’s dress with mask on his face and joins puppets. Mahir reacts, but Vish stops her. Shahnawaz says he is marrying Bela. Anu sees Mahir’s shoes and shouts this is man. Vish stops her diverting her attention towards bride Bela and takes Mahir away. Shahnawaz asks Qazi to start nikah/marriage. Qazi draws curtain in front of Bela. Mahir shouts it is enough now, he wll not let Shahnawaz harm Bela and walks in front. Shahnawaz catches him and warns to go away, Bela is his love..

Precap: Shahnawaz trashes Mahir and says Bela loves him. Mahir shouts Bela is married to him. Bela says she had married him, signs divorce papers and says she is free now.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Thanks for the quick update…want BeHir scenes more and I think there must be an end to these stupid enemies and movie promotions and the makers have to concentrate on behir and the truth about maahir being innocent has to be revealed
    I stopped commenting after these tracks as I was hell irritated by that
    Nice episode… Surbhi is working really hard and we all appreciate her… Not only she but all are trying their level best… It’s high time writers u have to focus on behir and the actual revenge… Dunno y but I strongly believe the mystery of shivangi is somehow connectied to behir…they didn’t reveal the main villain yet
    I think they are running out of new ideas

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    Interesting twist… After long time something is really interesting has come in show…
    I hope Mahir, Acp And Vish help everyone, but i think may be bela is acting to save everyone.

  3. Mona146

    i dont know how someone manages to be normal after reading this plot. writer must be truly insane. this really follows the steps of chandrakants on colors in the terms of baseless plot, meaning less direction.

  4. Episode is really very horrible. I am unable to see Mahir in such a position. Please let Bela recognise Mahir and please show love track between Behir. We want to see more scenes between Behir.

  5. I think writers are testing audience patience… History is repeating again as many shows even naagin 3 started with an interesting story line but slowly they lost their charm…. I hope this end soon and they concentrate on revenge
    I’m not bashing them nor I didn’t want to hurt anyone but writers gone mad since naagin 2
    Naagin series was the best the story was not dragged like this…want some progress in these shows…

  6. in this serial villains are coming and going randomly, while neither the main revenge plot nor the romance is progressing. I always felt the first Naagin was such an hit because it had the perfect combination of romance, revenge and mystery with new lores of Seshvansh naagins, and only suryavanshis being able to pick up naagmani and give it to naagins. the tricks of Yamini being the fifth killer and Rittiks real father being someone else and alive was also done really well
    but in this season nothing is going properly. Bela is too rude to Mahir. she hurts his feelings continuously and ignores him whenever she wishes. the revenge arc is also mess. Bela is supposed to kill Anu but suddenly, with Shan’s entry, Bela is now worried for Anu’s well-being. Then why did she come to take revenge for Vikrant’s murder? The Churail track was completely meaningless. No one realised the girl was a churail or that Rehaan is dead. Only Adi realized Bela is a naagin but he is keeping quiet for some reason. Even in this current track, where are the rest of the males of the family? Only Mahir has come…
    Besides, i dont understand one thing, Bela is the queen of the seshvansh naagins. is this the same seshvansh that Shivanya and Sesha belonged to? Shivangi was the last Suryavanshi who could have picked up naagmani (according to season 1 and 2) So how come Bela and some thief are playing hide and seek with Naagmani? Suryavanshi’s are not required anymore? Seshnaag used to come to Shivanya/Shivangi’s help when she was in danger. But here seshnaag isn’t mentioned.
    this season might seem okay to new fans. But for those who have followed season 1 and 2, this one is hell of confusing and boring.

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      Agreed as season 1 had proper chemistry b/w couples and story was interesting, this show is slowly becoming interesting but still far, and more over its direction less more.. But i am enjoying vish and acp chemistry..

  7. what was the song on which bela was dancing

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