Pandya Store 4th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Dhara gets inconsolable

Pandya Store 4th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhara asking Gautam can he return her baby back. She scolds Dev for not stopping Gautam. She scolds Shiva and asks why did you not protect my baby. They all cry. She goes to Krish and scolds him for not valuing her motherly love. She asks didn’t you think of me when my baby was getting killed, didn’t you stop Gautam. Krish says really sorry, forgive me. She cries and pushes him away. She goes to Suman and asks didn’t you stop Gautam, no one goes against your word. Suman recalls her words. Dhara asks her to tell Gautam to return her baby. Suman hugs her. They cry. Suman says calm down, you are our courage, accept this as Lord’s wish and be strong. Dhara says no, it was Gautam’s wish.

Dhara shouts I will not forgive you all, I hate Gautam. She goes to her room. Suman says I told you not to do this, you didn’t listen, this had to happen, a woman can get her husband’s life from Yamraj, a mum would have taken care of her baby, a woman has much strength, when she becomes a mum, that power increases by 100 times, she would have saved her baby by her belief. She goes. Rishita gets her boss’ call. She says contractor said the wall will be constructed in 3-4 days. He says just 3 days. She worries and says I can’t talk to Dev. Gautam goes out and sits upset. He asks why aren’t you understanding me Dhara, give me any punishment, don’t hate me.

Shiva helps Raavi in her work. She says I have no courage to go to Dhara, Gautam isn’t at home, I called her, he isn’t answering. He says Gautam is also hurt, he can’t stay away from Dhara for long. She says I will see what to give to Dhara. He asks can you give her something that lessens her pain, I feel Dhara and Gautam are getting separated, if this happens, then I will die. He cries. Anita sees Gautam on the roadside. She goes to him and asks what happened, why are you sitting alone here. He gets up to go. She stops him and asks him to tell her what happened. Gautam says nothing. She says I understand you, what happened, tell me. He says Dhara hates me, she thinks I have killed my baby, how shall I explain that I had no option there. She says Dhara isn’t wrong, she was the baby’s mum, her anger would be justified, you handle yourself. He says I feel good talking to you, talk to Dhara also please. She says I m your friend, I will talk to her. He thanks her and goes.

Shiva asks Raavi to do something to unite Dhara and Gautam. She says I m thinking what to do to fix things between them, the wound is deep. Shiva thinks I also feel like stopping from coming close to you, after what all I did with you. She says Gautam has to apologize to Dhara, he did that to save Dhara, but we have to understand the situation, Dhara is the most hurt, the baby was in her womb, we can’t understand her pain, Gautam should apologize, maybe their relation gets better. He says sorry. She says I will ask Gautam to say sorry. He says I m telling this to you, sorry for fighting with you always and insulting you, sorry for divorcing you. He folds hands and cries. Raavi cries seeing him. He says if possible, forgive me.

Gautam tries to talk to Dhara. Suman says we will go to another doctor and find some way.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Now we will see Surrogacy and no doubt who will be surrogate mother. Pandya Store has became too predictable. I knew that Dhara will not get her pregnancy successful as Shiney Doshi never accepted to do a mother’s role. I just hope they don’t come up with surrogacy and make Anita Surrogate Mother 😭😫.
    I don’t know why she (Anita) always do such irritating character that I hate her as an actress now🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

    1. Actually @Vidha Actress portraying the role of Anita is isn’t bad. I had seen her doin lead role in “Aaj phir jeene ki tamanna hai” it was actually aired on Doordarshan that’s why most of the people don’t know about that but it was actually a really good serial to watch.

      Serials on Doordarshan are isn’t that bad;?those are actually better than these new serials.

  2. Muriël Habib

    Are the people still so backward in India, despite being educated. Gone is the past time you save an unborn baby or the mother, of course you save the mother. What happened to Dhara, the doctors and Gompy made good decisions. If a fetus is not growing properly and it is a danger to the woman, then the decision is very, very easy. Only the retarded thing about this is that the gynecologist initially says that Dhara should be stress-free and should not be aware of this. In Western Europe there is more communication with the patient or both partners. At the last hospitalization, Dhara was unable to make a decision. Because she was unconscious. Gompie had to make the decision, he saved his wife. How Dhara behaves is inhumane towards her dear husband and brothers-in-law. You have looked after the 3 boys like your own children. I disapprove of Dhara’s behavior (also had 2 miscarriages of which the doctors said urgently remove the fetus otherwise she will die, the choice was easy, otherwise I would have died or I would have a severely handicapped child). She says to Gompie give back my child, you are a murderer, how stupid can you be, or did the father of Jesus come to her and then she got pregnant, so Gompie set you free. Why are Indian movies/series always filmed so dramatically and not reality. In my opinion, a film/series of today should be an education, that society has not stuck and that it has progressed further. In this way, India maintains its profile as a country that lags behind in the world. For me, Pandya Store Dhara was especially a good example, because she had made a conscious choice to take care of her brothers-in-law. And now it comes across that she was forced to do just that. She may also come to accept that my choice was to take care of my brothers-in-law and God doesn’t want me to have my own child. And their children will also become my child or grandchildren, really dramatically. I won’t look at Pandya store anymore because it is too unreal and unfair to her in-laws.

    1. Duh! This is a serial where TRPs rule, not reality.

      Indian people is not a cutout where everyone thinks the same. Besides, loosing a much hoped for child IS painful. When mothers miscarry, they often blame themselves even when they fully undertand it is the nature not their nurture.

  3. I agree with Muriel it’s true this is reality ,
    Goutam had to choose had to save Dhara .
    They can try again ok surrogacy it should be from family I Theink Ravi not Anita all she wants is Dhara out .
    I hope they remove Anita and get het married to someone else that NRI .

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