Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 4th December 2021 Written Episode Update: Pritam gets saved

Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 4th December 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with everyone asking Nimmo what is happening. Nimmo and Guneet lie again. Vishaka calls Kabir and asks him to send his good pictures, she has to set his look. Kabir says I will send it soon. He asks Angad to click his pics for the ad look. Vishaka says I hate Pritam, but I love his look, I will give his look to Kabir in this ad, where are you Pritam. Pritam and Amrita come to some hotel. She asks him to find affordable rooms because she will pay for her room. Pritam goes to reception and talks to the man. He asks for two rooms. Kabir calls Amrita. She says we didn’t reach yet, the car broke down, we can go in the morning now. Pritam gets the IDs and gives to the man. Guneet talks to Amrita. She says we have come to the hotel to take rooms, we will leave in the morning. Pritam gives Karan’s ID. Amrita asks everyone not to worry. She asks Pritam to talk. Pritam goes to talk. Angad asks how did the car break down. Pritam says it broke down, Amrita was driving. Guneet asks did you make her drive. Pritam says no, don’t worry, car will get fixed, I will make her have breakfast in Ludhiana. Amrita says I will call you later. Everyone worries.

Nimmo says you should have gone to drop them. Dadi says Pritam will handle. The man gives the keys. Ansh cries. Pritam says go to your room, he is hungry, they will get the bags. She says that red bag has my jewellery. He says fine, I will get fine. The man gets the ID in the register. He calls Pritam as Karan Sakhuja and asks him to take his ID. Amrita looks on. Pritam thinks how can I be so careless. Amrita asks why are you calling him Karan Sakhuja. Pritam says she is Amrita Sakhuja, her husband is Karan Sakhuja. The man says your ID is of Karan Sakhuja. Pritam says no. She asks what’s happening, even the inspector called you the same. Pritam says its such mentality, he is saying because of your ID. Pritam takes the ID and says check the ID well. The man says you have given Karan’s driving license, we asked for two rooms, we are not husband and wife. The man asks Amrita to see Pritam’s ID. Amrita says show me your ID, no arguments, if you are proved wrong, then I will slap you. Pritam gives the ID. She sees Pritam’s ID. He steps on the wrong ID. He worries. She asks the man to see the ID, where is Karan Sakhuja written here.

She scolds the man. Pritam says we are not husband and wife. The man says Karan Sakhuja was written in ID. Pritam asks Amrita to go to her room. Amrita scolds the man and goes. The man says sorry. Pritam picks the Id and says I got saved, sorry Karan, I had to step on your name, I respect you a lot, sorry, love you.

Guneet sits upset. Angad asks what happened. Guneet says I had fixed this tree in my childhood, I m afraid that it will fall down. Angad asks what’s the matter, Soni said that mum has hurt herself. Guneet says nothing, problems always come after Karan left. Angad says I can’t become Karan, but will take care of you all, I have a job now, everything is going fine. Guneet says Nimmo searches Karan in everyone, I don’t, you are my Angad, I love you as equally as I loved Karan, I trust you and also Kabir, he is naughty, he will become the most responsible one day. Angad smiles. They see Kabir there. Kabir hugs Guneet. Kabir says don’t expect much, I will change after my marriage. Guneet says I trust my upbringing. Kabir says this time, I won’t do anything wrong. They smile. Angad says we have a strong soil, it won’t cheat.

Pritam asks Amrita to take care of Ansh. He says I m sorry. She asks why, its not your mistake. He says sorry that I couldn’t drop you by evening. She says its okay, car might break down anytime, I m sorry to overreact. He asks her to get freshen up and come for dinner. He goes.

Amrita sings a song. A guy misbehaves. She beats him a lot. Pritam also beats the guys. The guys attack Pritam and shoot at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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