Pandya Store 24th April 2021 Written Episode Update: Gautam gives a warning to Janardhan

Pandya Store 24th April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gautam saying we don’t know who did this, we have enmity with no one. Suman says tell me when you find out, I will not leave the culprit, don’t know whose bad sight had caught us, we will go and do Kuldevi puja, we will go and stay in Kaka ji’s haveli, he lives in US, we can go there, inform Kanta. Dhara does aid to Raavi’s wounds and asks are you fine. Raavi cries. Rishita makes a list. She asks Dev about the haveli. He says it belongs to Dada ji’s friend, his family stays abroad, our family manages it, we will go there for puja. She says we will have our honeymoon. He says we are going for puja, Suman is sending us there for welfare, your dad got Shiva and Raavi kidnapped, he didn’t do right.

Shiva gets angry on Janardhan. Gautam and Dhara stop him. Shiva says Raavi and I came along, what if next time… someone else gets kidnapped. Gautam says I will come along. Dhara says you also want to go. Gautam says he is taking our silence as weakness. She says I m not saying that, we can’t answer him the same way, else Rishita will go away from us. Shiva says we can tell Janardhan what we have his recording. Gautam asks do you have the recording. Shiva says no, he doesn’t know it. Gautam smiles and calls Janardhan to threaten about the recording. He says Shiva has made the recording, I have the evidence against you, stay away from my family else you and your sister will be gone. Janardhan is shocked. He thinks to keep calm for some time. Gautam asks Shiva to come. Rishita defends her dad. Dev says he has done this, you break all ties with your dad. She says but Dev…

He says this is your family, choose between your dad and me. She says I broke all relations and came here for you, I can’t believe that dad kidnapped them. Dev says truth won’t change. She says fine, forget it, why are we arguing now, its our first trip, promise me, you will spend time with me. He says we are going on family trip, we can’t spend time there. She asks can’t we spend time in the palace. He says we will spend alone time together, don’t get angry now, we will enjoy, we will do packing, come.

Shiva sees Raavi sleeping and thinks how will we spend entire life. He lifts her and makes her sleep well. She wakes up. He says I didn’t come to fight, take rest. She says you always hate me, I hate you too. Everyone boards the bus. Gautam asks Dhara to stop worrying now. Rishita asks Dev to smile, she will take selfies. Krish asks them to come in the front seat. Rishita says no, corner seat is perfect. Krish jokes.

Shiv and Raavi sit away. Dhara asks them why are they sitting away, they should sit together, they are going for puja. She asks Raavi to sit with Shiva. Shiva and Raavi argue again. Everyone looks on. Raavi turns and smiles. Shiva says you are lying right, get up. Gautam asks what will happen of them. Dhara says we have to do something. She reminds old things to Raavi. She says whatever Shiva does, you always stand by him right. Shiva says I don’t need anyone’s help, I can handle it alone. Raavi says he left me alone with the goons, coward. Shiva asks are you Jhansi ki rani. Dhara asks him to sit. Raavi says you always take his side, he is fighting with me. Shiva says I have no interest to talk to her. Dhara asks him to sit back. She says don’t know what will happen of them.

Krish asks them to sing. Shiva sings. Dev interrupts. Shiva argues with Dev about Raavi’s issue.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. In all this mess I really feel bad for dev he is getting stuck between his family n rishita.

  2. Rishita is a nice girl..any girl would want to spend some time with her husband

    1. I agree she is a nice girl but just a little bit of immature she doesn’t know correct time to do things.she is getting hate which she doesn’t deserve.. I don’t understand why people hate rishita n dev they r correct in there place.

  3. I wonder and say but Rishita in what world does she live? Does that really make you naïve or don’t you know what kind of family was born? She left a message accusing her father of preventing her from marrying, but if anyone accuses him now, she defends him!!! In Italy there is a proverb that says “Love is not beautiful if it is not quarrelsome” very good for Shiva and Raavi!

    1. Liz

      Totally agree with ur comment….. Rishita is so selfish.., not realizing Dev’s love for his family…. If u love someone, u have to accept the person with their flaws ( as Rishita thinks Dev’s love for his bhabhi & others r one)
      & yes, she can accuse her father but can’t listen to others saying truth about him 🙄😠

      Just love 💕 ShivAavi

  4. I just started watching this show for Shiva and Raavi, and I have to say that I miss this type of jodi in Indian television. Shiva and Raavi give fitting replies to each other, and the romance between the two => 😍. I can’t wait for more romantic scenes between the two.

    Another thing I liked about this show is the unique relationship between Dhara and Gautam’s mom (Suman). I don’t think I have seen this type of saas-bahu relationship.

    1. Liz

      O yeah!!!! Just ❤️ the pair….. & the actors playing those characters r just awesome 👏🏼… Shiva looks angry young man , very tough & Gud at heart
      Raavi looks sooo 😇 Innocent, sweet & chulbuli…. casting Directors have done a commendable job 💗…..
      In yesterday’ Episode loved the scene where Gautam, Dhara & Shiva r planning against Janardhan 😀😃😃 Touchwood!!! No evil eyes on their unity …..
      & loved 💕 the scene btwn Shiva & Raavi …. I felt Shiva was hurt when Raavi said that she hates him…. did any of u notice that???? & I also felt he was angry when Raavi didn’t make tea for him the next day of the marriage……
      Now last but not the least…. the relationship btwn Suman & Dhara …. of Revealing Hatred & Hidden Love 💗

  5. Yes i cant wait to see the next episode. Shiva and ravi is so nice. Sundays are a long wait

  6. There are spoilers on up coming tracks. However its hard to find those for pandya store. Any idea why?

    1. Liz

      I know Nia the wait is long till Monday 😀😃😃 But am sure the wait wud be worth waiting for ….. well, Shiva-Raavi ko humari nazar na lage 🧿
      Kya tashan wali love story hogi in dono ki ❤️💕💗

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