Pandya Store 22nd October 2021 Written Episode Update: Pandyas make a blunder

Pandya Store 22nd October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Janardhan scolding Suman. He says we have come to see Ram Leela, not to hear your lecture, tell us that your eldest son has run away. Suman says its not good to get angry where Ram leela is happening, it will start soon. He says she is misleading us. The manager asks her to go down the stage. Krish asks where is Gautam, find him. Dhara says we will keep Rishita and Raavi’s dance performance and get some time. The manager says its not a dance show, we can keep Bharat and Mandvi’s conversation scene. Anita comes and argues asking for her scene. He says my show is ruined. Prafulla comes on stage and taunts Pandya family. Suman gets angry. Raavi puts Prafulla in some net and scolds her. The manager says you and Shiva will have a dance performance. Raavi says I won’t dance with Shiva. Dhara says you don’t refuse now. The manager says I beg you, please, is it fine. Krish comes on stage and tells about the next scene.

Anita asks when will Ram come, I m waiting to go and propose him for marriage, I have become Surpnakha, that’s why. Shiva comes on stage. Raavi also comes. Everyone claps. Shiva and Raavi dance. Suman says they are entertaining everyone to just timepass, Gautam isn’t here. Dhara says let Gautam come, I will take his class, he got a girl’s call and disappeared. She sees her voice echoing on the loud speaker. The people hear this and laugh. Janardhan smiles. He asks how can Ram leela happen now, Gautam has run away with a girl. Suman asks Kanta to take her to Dhara. The manager says Krish, you will become Ram. Krish asks how can I become Ram. The manager says you can become Ram, Gautam isn’t here, please come. Krish says no. Suman scolds Dhara. Dhara says sorry. Dev says I m always on Dhara’s side. Suman says you are getting me insulted, complete it well. The manager asks her to go. He says other Ram will come on the stage. Suman says fine. Manager says you will become Krish. Krish says no, I can’t become Ram. Manager pushes him on the stage. Dev and Dhara look at him. Dev colds Krish. Dhara laughs. She says its Gautam’s mistake, let him come, I will break his head. The man says Pandya leela started between Ram leela. Suman thinks what’s this drama, where did Gautam go.

Anita asks where did Gautam go. Shiva says you think we will tell you. Anita goes. Gautam cries and recalls Dhara’s words. He prays for Dhara. He says she didn’t have her own children just to give love to my brothers, when they are getting a big happiness after many years, you are snatching it. The people ask what’s happening. Dhara and Dev try to manage. Dev says I will go and find Ram in the jungle. She asks him not to go, Shatrughan lost his mental balance that Ram disappeared, so he is calling himself Ram. Krish says sorry, forgive me, I remember it now. The manager/director ask him to say Ram’s lines. The people laugh a lot. Suman looks on. Shiva says Gautam wasn’t irresponsible. He stops Anita and argues. Anita says I will go and find my Ram. Shiva says you aren’t Sita, you are Surpnakha. Raavi asks her not to do any drama. Anita goes. Shiva says you want to say that you are in Dhara’s team. He goes. Raavi says I want to stay in your team today. Dhara apologizes to everyone. She asks them to have patience, Gautam is missing. She says we will present the next scene soon, sorry. She goes. The people get angry. Dev says sorry. Dhara says I m going to find Gautam. The manager begs Raavi to become Sita. Gautam says snatch my happiness, but don’t snatch Dhara’s happiness, she will die. He cries.

Dhara sees Gautam and says he is with some girl. Gautam asks Dhara to smile. She asks who was that girl. He asks shall I give Agnipariksha for you. She asks can you give it for me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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