Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 22nd October 2021 Written Episode Update: Milind gets arrested

Chikoo Ki Mummy Dur Ki 22nd October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Pintia saying I will talk to them. Chiku asks Nupur to dance. Chiku and Nupur dance on Radha kaise na jale…. Milind and family look on. Kamini says Nupur will earn money by dancing in functions, if anyone knows that she is Joshi family bahu, then we will lose our respect, this is happening because of Chiku, Nupur has sold her shame, Rashi never met Nupur, its good, so sorry Milind, we should have not come here. Nupur says we shouldn’t affect the dance. The guests say she is Nupur Joshi, why is she dancing in the party. Milind drinks. Kamini goes to Rashi and says these songs are sad and boring, it should be fire. Rashi says you enjoy, I will change the songs. She goes to the DJ and says play the best songs and set fire. DJ changes the song. Nupur and Chiku stop dancing. Nupur thinks how can we dance on this song. She calls out the DJ. She asks him to change the song. Chiku says I didn’t talk about this song. A man asks why did the dance stop, the party just started, don’t spoil the mood. Milind drinks. The man asks what happened, didn’t you like the song, what’s your name, Munni or Surayya, you have to complete the show. He shouts dance. He throws the bottle at Nupur.

Milind gets angry and breaks the glass in his hand. His hand bleeds. He shouts stop, I will show you. He goes and beats the man. Aai asks Milind to stop it. Milind scolds the man. He says she is my wife, Nupur Joshi, how dare you hit her with a bottle, I will not leave you. Everyone looks on. The man says you keep your wife at home, why did you get her here to dance. Milind beats him more. Everyone tries to stop Milind. Rashi asks what’s this drama, Kamini, you wanted Mandira to marry Milind, this Nupur is Milind’s would be ex, she is dancing here for money, you said there will be no drama, its a big drama. Rashi scolds Milind. She asks him to get out of her house. Milind shouts. The guards take him out. Milind is in the jail. The cell mates comment on him. Milind says we are not equal, I m the most destroyed. They laugh on him. Nupur asks Inspector how did you arrest Milind like this, he didn’t do anything. Inspector says Milind has beaten a guest. Nupur says listen to me why he did this, that guest was misbehaving with me, he had hurt me by throwing a bottle at me, Milind just saved me, he protected me from that cheap man, is it wrong to protect his wife’s respect, you tell me, who is the criminal, that man should be behind bars. Inspector says stop it, we got a complaint, if you worry for your husband, ask the lawyer to arrange the bail. Nupur says please leave Milind. Inspector says I can’t do anything. Nupur says I have no money, how shall I free Milind. Aai comes there with the lawyer. She sees Nupur and goes. The men ask Milind what happened, did anyone tease your item. They scold Milind. Milind gets angry. Inspector says Milind is fighting again. Milind says she isn’t any item, but my wife, control your dirty tongue else…. Milind leaves from the cell. Inspector says your lawyer submitted the bail papers, control your anger or your anger will control you, you can go. Aai scolds Nupur. Nupur cries and leaves with Chiku. Milind comes. He looks for Nupur. Aai hugs her and cries.

She asks are you fine. He nods. She says we will go home. She goes to call Subodh. She says Milind got freed, we are coming home. Nupur and Chiku hear this and smile. Inspector says you and your wife love each other a lot, your wife was fighting me for your sake, you were fighting the goons for her sake. He asks did Nupur come. She says yes, if you love each other, then why do you care what the world tells about you, its my advice, its your wish. He smiles and leaves. Aai thanks the lawyer. Milind comes to Aai and says I m sorry Aai. She hugs him. Nupur thinks I want to hug you, but I can’t do this. Milind turns to see. Nupur and Chiku hide. He cries. They also cry. Aai pacifies Milind. She says Nupur can’t make our life a drama. She thinks to decide for Milind’s life. Chiku takes care of Nupur’s wound. Nupur cries and says I couldn’t do anything well in my life, I failed. Chiku says you take care of everyone, I haven’t seen anyone like you.

Kamini says Nupur will ruin all of us. Nupur says no, I understand Aai’s pain, I just want to keep a puja for the Joshi family, then I will leave this house.

Update Credit to: Amena

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