Pandya Store 22nd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Gautam threatens Janardhan

Pandya Store 22nd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Raavi crying. Shiva asks her not to cry, else a flood will occur. He closes eyes and reaches her. She looks at him. He tries to lift her pallu. Raabta….plays… He looks at her and closes eyes. He holds her pallu by his teeth and makes it proper. They have an eyelock. Dhara, Rishita and Krish come home. Prafulla asks where is Raavi, tell me Dhara, did Shiva do anything wrong with her, did he kill her. Suman asks Dhara where are Shiva and Raavi. Dhara cries. Suman asks her to say the truth. Dhara says they didn’t reach the temple, Shiva’s bike was found at the road side, someone kidnapped them. They get shocked.

Gautam and Dev come to Janardhan’s house. Dev catches Janardhan. Gautam asks where is my brother. Janardhan asks what. Gautam says Shiva and Raavi got kidnapped, you have done this, you should have just blessed your daughter, instead doing all this. Janardhan says your shop runs because of my business, I will get your shop locked, I will get the family on road. Gautam says shop isn’t imp than my brother, who are you to give me anything, Lord gives it, I will not leave you if anything happens to Shiva. Bua comes and says leave me. Dev says Janardhan will die if you act smart. Gautam says I can go to any extent for my brothers, I know you, you are decent, how did you become a good. Gautam says you shouldn’t play with my decency. Bua asks why would we kidnap Shiva, if we wanted, we would have kidnapped Dev, leave my brother. Gautam says I will file a police complaint. She says fine, I will see whom police believes. Gautam leaves Janardhan and says we both know the truth, I just came to talk, if Shiva and Raavi don’t come home by evening, I will come with kerosene oil, I will burn you and your entire house, I swear. Gautam and Dev leave.

Suman asks what. Krish says my friend had seen their kidnapping. Prafulla cries and says I told you not to get Raavi married to Shiva, go and find her. Suman says shut up, why would anyone kidnap Shiva. Dhara says calm down, Dev and Gautam have gone to find them. Suman say call Gautam. Krish says he isn’t answering. Jagat consoles Prafulla. Krish asks them to calm down. Rishita asks Krish to give his phone, she has to talk to Dev. Krish calls Dev and says its not reachable. She prays for Dev.
Janardhan asks who did you threaten, is it easy to burn my house. Bua says you got Shiva kidnapped instead Dev. Janardhan says I will rectify my mistake. Bua says calm down, kidnapping matter is serious, I will handle it now. Dev says we should go to police station. Gautam says no, we have no proof against them. Dev says I m sure Janardhan did this. Gautam says yes. Dev asks what shall we do. Gautam says Shiva and Raavi are imp, Bua is MLA, we can’t file complaint without evidence, we have to keep an eye on Janardhan, he will make us reach them, I have a plan to make him leave the house, you keep an eye on him. Rishita asks shall I talk to family. Dhara says they are already upset, it won’t be right to talk to them. Suman says I m worried. Dhara says Gautam and Dev had gone to find them. Prafulla says I will file a complaint at the police station. Suman throws a stick at her. Dhara comes in front. Suman asks who asked you to come in between. She says my daughter got hurt because of Prafulla. Dhara cries and thinks I can’t tell you who is behind this kidnapping, else Rishita will fall in your sight.

Shiva says I got an idea, you open my hand ropes by your teeth, come on try. She says I will not open the rope. He says if you want to stay alive, then open the rope. They argue. She tries to open the rope. Suman warns Prafulla. Jagat asks Prafulla to understand. Shiva looks at Raavi.

Krish says what a plan, amazing, Gautam has sent me here. Dev asks what are you doing. Krish calls Janardhan. He says boss, the girl has run away. Janardhan asks what. Krish says girl has run away. Dev says the girl we kidnapped has run away. Janardhan gets worried. He says that girl has run away. Bua asks what. He says that girl has run away from there. Kalyani says now we will get trapped. Bua scolds her. She asks Janardhan about his goons, what were they doing, call them, find out. Janardhan calls the goons and gets number switched off. He says I will go and see. She says no, maybe they are trying to frame you. He says yes, I didn’t think so, maybe my men are following that girl, that girl shouldn’t reach Gautam, I have to find out, I will send Pappu. He asks Pappu to go to godown and make the goons talk to him. Shiva gets freed. Raavi smiles.

Shiva beats the goons and runs. Raavi falls there. Goon shoots at him. Dev comes there and beats the goon. Gautam, Krish also join. The brothers fight the goons.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. I haven’t watched initial episodes… What exactly is the relation between dhara & prafulla?

    1. Yeah can someone tell even though I watched from beginning I’m not sure 🙃

    2. Prafulla is maternal aunt or u can say maami of gautam and dhara is gautam’s wife …. so basically prafulla is maternal aunt in law or maami SaaS of dhara …. but prafulla doesn’t like dhara as her niece Anita was before getting married to Gautam and because the pandya store was mortgaged Anita didn’t married gautam and instead dhara married gautam … that’s why prafulla doesn’t like dhara .

    3. Ok thanks for explaining so there is actually no real relation between dhara & prafulla as I have saw some of the clips during anita & gautham marriage dhara was with them so I thought there might be some relationship between them

    4. Prafulla is Gautam’s Mami… She doesn’t have any direct relation with dhara… Prafulla is dhara’s husband’s Mami…

  2. Dhara s mother in law (suman) her brother s wife is prafulla

  3. Shaheera Khan

    i know why you were asking because i was confused as well when human through the stick towards prafula and dhara came in between and said my daughter got hurt ?

  4. Liz

    Loved the NOK JHOK btwn ShivaAvi 😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰 very cute couple….. always fighting like Tom & Jerry but unknowingly care for each other too 💗

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