Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd April 2021 Written Episode Update: Kartik surprises Sirat

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22nd April 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sirat saying I m so angry, why did he ask me to pack bags and come here, why. Nani is happy. Sirat asks why did Kartik get me here, I had boxing practice. Nani says he would have thought of something before bringing us here. Surekha asks why did we come here. Manish says ask Kartik, who got us here, I would have not come here it mum didn’t make me swear. Kids enjoy in the pool. Sirat comes and argues with Kartik. She asks why did you get me here, my match is ahead, I have boxing practice. Kartik shows the message. He signs her. She sees the banner, about the boxing practice. She asks did you change the engagement venue overnight for my boxing practice, don’t make many favors. He says no, I have tried to keep my promise, marriage doesn’t mean compromising your dreams, you will be Sirat the boxer in the ring and Sirat the bride on this stage. She praises him and goes to hug. He falls in the pool. She says sorry, I didn’t do that intentionally. He comes out and catches her. He throws her in the pool. She shouts save me, I can’t swim. Kairav asks Kartik to save her. Kartik goes to save her. She splashes water and teases him. Manish and Suwarna see them happy.

Suwarna says just think of Kartik and kids’ happiness, then you will know the profit and loss with Sirat’s presence. Kairav takes Sirat to the engagement hall. Sirat smiles seeing the place. She says you have made a temple hall. Kartik says yes, Dadi said Lord should be there where we do an auspicious thing. Kairav gives the invitation card. Everyone comes. Nani asks them to keep the first card in the temple. Sirat does the rituals and places the card. Rhea gets angry. Suwarna and Gayu start dancing. Kartik asks her to keep the card with her gloves. Sirat says no, I will keep it as a certificate of my friendship. He thinks be close to me, I will need you Naira. Sirat recalls her words to Sirat. Ranvir is leaving from his house. He asks the workers to wrap everything and come to his place. He hears a man talking to his daughter Sirat on call.

He gets sad. Chandu calls Ranvir and asks are you sad that you are leaving the city, you just miss Sirat, she is in Jaisalmer and we are in Udaipur. Ranvir says I just heard her name, and feel she is around. Chandu asks what will happen when she comes in front. Ranvir says I have sworn to never face her, I can’t guarantee to keep the promise if she comes in front, I have to leave for airport now. He ends call and leaves. Rhea gets a drink for Sirat. Sirat dances and teases Rhea. They argue. Sirat says I can call Kartik anything, I m getting related to him. Kartik comes and says she is right, she can call me anything. Sirat laughs. Rhea says see how she is behaving, maybe sugar rush. He says I think she is fine. Sirat says I call you G for Goenka. She holds his arm. She says she thinks we have so chemistry, she is stupid, we are getting married, why does she care, whatever we call each other. Rhea says yes.

Sirat asks her to go. Rhea goes. Sirat says sorry, did you feel bad of my words, did I trouble her a lot. He says its fine, she shouldn’t get between us. She asks what shall I call you now. He says Kartik, leave that G to that biscuit. She says fine, Kartik, I will always respect you. He says me too. She asks shall I call you Kittu. He asks shall I call you Dadi. He says no, Kartik is fine. He goes. They turn and see each other. Nani sees Kartik on his work call. Dadi talks to her on video call. She says I will complete this puja in the ashram and come soon. Nani asks Kartik to talk to Dadi. Kartik says you should have told me if there is some imp work. Dadi says its imp, I spoke at the boutique, take Sirat there, she will select new clothes. He says she already has many clothes. She says she has to get engagement dress, its her first engagement, she would like to buy new clothes. Kartik asks her to talk to Suwarna. Suwarna asks Sirat to come and talk to Dadi. Sirat greets Dadi. Dadi says I asked Kartik to buy new clothes for you. Sirat says no, I have many clothes. Dadi says their thinking match. Nani says its a relation of lifetime.

Ranvir sings Tere bin… Sirat scolds a kid. Ranvir gets shocked seeing her.

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