Pandya Store 20th October 2021 Written Episode Update: Ram Leela gets hit

Pandya Store 20th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhara asking Gautam to practice first. She wishes him all the best. Krish commences the Ram leela. He tells about the scene of Ram Milaap. Suman claps for her sons. Gautam, Dhara and Dev play the scene of Ram and Bharat’s meeting in the jungle. Everyone looks on and smiles. Shiva comes there as Bharat. Raavi smiles seeing him. Ram and Bharat hug in the scene. Shiva enacts well. Suman cries seeing the scene of Ram Milaap. Shiva as Bharat apologizes to Ram and Sita in the scene. Gautam and Dhara as Ram and Sita forgive him.

Shiva as Bharat regrets about his mother’s bad deeds, which led to his dad’s death. Prafulla makes a face seeing Shiva performing so well. Dev as Lakshman apologizes to Bharat for misunderstanding him. Gautam as Ram ask Bharat to go back to Ayodhya and handle the Kingdom and do his duty. Shiva as Bharat asks Ram to give his slippers to place on the throne in his absence. He says I will also live a Vanvasi life like you. He removes his crown and keeps in Gautam’s feet. He takes the slippers, keeping it on his head and leaving. Everyone chants Ram and Siya’s names. The people clap. Krish says we will see the next scene of Lakshmi and Urmila’s conversation when Bharat came to convince Ram to return. Raavi says you have performed so well.

Rishita says yes, Dev was also so good. She hugs Dev. Raavi says Shiva, you made me cry again. Shiva asks what did I do. Raavi says I cried seeing your great performance. Krish comes and hugs them. He says you all have performed so well, the audience was crying, we have to perform well, keep my respect. Rishita says I got the pressure on me after your perfect performance. Dhara says don’t worry, Dev will handle it. Gautam calls the doctor. He says the call isn’t connecting, I m in tension. Dhara asks her to come and rehearse his lines. He says sorry, call was coming from the shop. Krish says my belt broke. Gautam says I will fix it. Shiva goes and locks the belt. Gautam recalls the doctor’s words. He sees Dhara and worries.

Doctor asks Gautam to come to the clinic soon for a talk. He leaves. The man announces that Gautam is missing. Suman worries.

Update Credit to: Amena

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